New HP 4K HMD $599



And twice the graphics card most can afford if it exists.




Sebastian, why not just use the ROV FOV test in the Reverb and any new headset review to dispel the diatribe on the fov once and for all, and give way to other reviews, even made by more popular sources, to have a consistent reason to object ?

All this just saying “the fov looks to me like something xxxxx” from the various sources, looks pointless and clearly subjective and has no use at all, while an accurate measurement would help.


Hi Lillo, of course I use the testing environment from ROV for my FOV measurements. :slight_smile: Thanks for mentioning that here. The result is so obvious, the Reverb hardly makes it to the Rift mark in that environment. My IPD is 64 mm and I got as close to lenses as possible.

Unfortunately I must say that the 114° FOV were a lie. Just like those eggs:

Sincerely, Sebastian


Can you mention the measured Reverb fov ?


It’s clear he didn’t use the measuring software lol, else he would’ve shown it in the review video. I’m just waiting for @SweViver’s full review talking about EVERYTHING (measuring FOV, seeing if cable can be extended or not, using revive, playing 180/360 videos and seeing if mura gets bothersome there or not, and whether or not he’ll be using it for seated sims over the pimax or not, etc…)


It was about on par with Rift. Giving an exact number is tough, cuz it does depend on lens distance etc.

However, the ‘114° FOV’ suggests a higher FOV as compared to the headsets that would state a 110° FOV, and that is without a doubt misleading, cuz it is not true. (I have them all as you know)

Bye, Sebastian


I really wonder what that ‘small issue’ that ‘most won’t even have noticed’ was … Either way, really happy to see that they’re planning to start shipping within a week. So we’ll know soon enough if the mura was that ‘small issue’


Sebastisn as you know Oscar said it gives a rough idea +2° per side is quite neglible.

A user here a dev if memory serves that competed in the contest has a pic that will give a more presise H & V measure. Did you see his review?


One guy in that reddit thread has a very interesting comment, he thinks that indeed the HMD’s were recalled to fix the mura issue with a firmware update. It’s possible to scan each panel for mura and then simply create a mura correction matrix specific for that panel, he linked to this example of such tool to do that:

So instead of needing different panels, things most likely can be mitigated like this. Let’s hope he’s right, but I must say it makes a lot of sense, because it would be quite a low cost solution and relatively easy/quick to fix (or at least dramatically improve) the situation, compared to replacing the panels


Very nice find. @dallas.hao @doman.chen the team if not already using something like this might be interested even if only to pass on to their panel suppliers.


Tested Review. They mention Pimax!


Nice, they actually seem quite happy with the Reverb


Except the controllers and then possibly the narrow sweet spot, the small FOV, light blacks, and inside out tracking. Plus they have not addressed at all the software IPD. Actually, apart from the displays it does not seem to offer much.


The Reverb won’t even be close to perfection, I think everybody knows that by now. Yet the display does seem to impress pretty much everybody who reviewed it (apart from the mura, which HOPEFULLY will be solved). And I did get the impression that the Tested reviewers really enjoyed it. Also MRTV really seemed to like it.

If I was tight on money I’d probably wait for the Acer Ojo. But I think I’ll just end up buying both :wink:


You just need some manequin heads on the wall for your headsets. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


By the way, they also showed interesting comparisons with Rifts.
We must consider them in more detail :sunglasses:

With the usual Rift everything is clear.
But the Rift S looks pretty good on these photos. (although it should look a lot worse than HP Reverb, which is weird).

Maybe there is some bias in these photos?
(after all, HP has almost 2.5 times the pixels)

Well, it seems to me that the difference should be more noticeable in favor of HP than stated on these photos :thinking:
(perhaps some photo objects are quite specific, in which the difference is less noticeable, such as large fonts that do not make much sense to compare, maybe it is)


Excellent photos. :+1:
There’s a stark difference in the ED screenshots, the Reverb wins easily. Looks like they didn’t or couldn’t use better settings for RecRoom.


Yes, the difference in favor of HP certainly is.
But I expected a little more. (after all, even 5K + / 8K should look better than the Oculus GO, as far as we know (and the Oculus GO is equal to the Rift S for the quality of the panels, if I’m not mistaken.)
Therefore, it is interesting to see a direct comparison of HP with 5K + / 8K.
I hope someone will do it :roll_eyes:


Hmm I actually think that there’s a big difference in most of these photos. The Rift S looks fuzzy, unsharp while the Reverb looks very detailed and sharp (especially on the space ship photo). Personally I think this will add a lot to the feeling of immersion