New HP 4K HMD $599



Can anybody say what is the Ppd compared to the 5K+?


Yeah they do. But the Pimax 4k had awful ghosting and no tracking, very bad colours and brightness. I’m also not sure if it was full RGB (I’d guess so though), but SDE-wise it was actually quite good, better than the pimax 5k/8k.

Also the software IPD was really quite bad and forced people with higher IPD’s to look cross-eyed which caused me extreme eye strain. The HP also only has software IPD (bummer!) but maybe the wider sweet spot can solve that cross-eyed problem.


Pimax 4k native res 1280 times 1440 per eye.


Hehe well that’s what they later called “Pimax BE”. The first Pimax 4k had 4k screens.


The Rift S will almost certainly have a lower resolution - we should know in 30 minutes.

I am also quite excited about the Reverb, because as great as the huge FoV of the Pimax is, I always thought that I would have preferred a compromise with less increase in FoV and more ppi in the central area. Now keeping the traditional FoV isn’t ideal either, but there will be applications where you just don’t really need the larger FoV but would appreciate the increased level of detail (and even less SDE).

The biggest caveat for me is the old WMR tracking of the controllers, which they have not improved at all. That will probably rule it out for the more controller-intensive applications.

But at the end it would still offer a great use case specific value, virtual desktop irt readability of documents, websites; simulations where you want to see more details in the center (this will be quite a decision to make - are racing or flight sims better off with more FoV or more central ppi ?)


Rainbow RGB. But think the hp can do native 4k (vs upscaled) & has higher than 4k UHD (higher than True 4k)


1,280 × 1,440 per eye, LOL, that’s even worse than I expected.


Keep in mind that is 2560×1440 overal so pimax be & input res of p4k. :wink:


i’m realy excited to try this HP HMD, the SDE on this FOV must be realy nice


I guess in the valve headset does same res but 140 or 150 fov it will be killer! If they can make it almost as light as this HP headset, they will have a winner! This HP headset is exciting if they just made it larger FOV, but I understand the optical challenges go WAY up as you do that.


The rumor for the valve headset was 130ish. I must say the 120 low FOV of Pimax is enough. Valve’s site said they had their own custom lenses for 120…so that would be solid. However it’s very confusing when the reports don’t specify diagonal or horizontal.


VoodooDE did a short impression.
The SDE comparible with the 8k at first glance, i expected the ppi to be higher on the HP.


Interesting on the SDE on the HP vs 8k. Other than the known flaws on the p4k it would be interesting to hear a compare on sde compare.


I am hoping for the 8K-X but I am tempted to buy this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a release date? can’t wait to buy after that short review, as i expected.


Very soon, in april.


Yeah very curious about a comparison also. it should be a crazy pixeldensity that res. with 2,8 panels. The lenovo also has good sde and ppi with 1440x1440 and small panels and this is much higher


Very very interesting!


Frankly I do not get the wide spread moaning about WMR tracking, of course I do not need to change whatever opinion someone has since lots depends on preference. But consider this:

  1. With the right lighting the WMR is really usable and I do not have issues with it. It’s fact though that LH is more precise overall and I Iike it more but as I said I do not seriously miss LH when using WMR.

  2. If LH tracking is considered a must though, it’s not too much of a deal to use WMR in combination with LH. Also considering that WMR are quite cheap (compared to Vive Pro, Pimax) it’s a reasonable spent buck to get LH + controllers, trackerpuck (or just get a cheapo ebay used ol vive bundle)

@Heliosurge already hinted out that @SweViver video is a good watch on that topic.
Some even are ok with using 3dof which is, imho no VR, so just take this a chain of thoughts.
Also considering that there will be more and more HMDs on the market, with all their pros and cons, mixing stuff to individual liking (like cool 3rd party controllers) will be the future anyway. And again, if people are ok with paying 900$ ! for and HMD without the (necessary) accessories, it’s not a waste of money to buy eg. OD+ ~400$ (or even lower on sale) + ~300$ for an old vive bundle.
Or wait for (probably cheaper) LH2 to use with the new knuckles or eg. Pimax controllers.

Fortunately times like “OMG, I like the touch controllers best but now I have to stick to inferior oculus tracking (at least with 2 sensors only) instead of LH” are about to be far less relevant like they used to be . I think it’s a train worth jumping on.


What throws me off a little is indeed that he is comparing it to the 8k. I have not seen the 8k, yet :slight_smile: but soon, but I am already prepared to still see SDE (compared to OD+). If he can’t see any Pixels/SDE on the HP he’s either having eye issues or a big nice surprise hurray is waiting for me when I get the 8k.