New HP 4K HMD $599



Yes, HP looks better.
But the fourth and last photo is not so convincing (comparison of texts, symbols). Readability both there and there at a good level.

Just my opinion that in fact HP looks even better than represented in these photos. It has significantly more pixels and they are much smaller. And the difference should be like heaven and earth.
And they are Oculus fans, as far as I understand .

But in general, the photos are normal. But it was possible to better show the superiority of 4.6m pixels versus 1.8m pixels (by eye).

Now it will be interesting to see the comparison with the P8K (if someone does it.:roll_eyes:)


Remember that it’s hard to shoot good photo’s and some photo’s will always be better than others. Also some photo’s are just not very suitable to show the difference, like in that last text photo, not a lot is going on and the text already looks sharp on the Rift S.


This Tyriel through the lenses also shown that new Rift S is very strong HMD
IMHO looks better than O+


Gee it looks like different people stress different pros and cons in what they look for in their VR. What a surprise there. :smile:
While it would be nice if one company was to resolve every issue every person has with any given hmd, it is the competition that drives the tech forward as they strive for market share.
If we all agreed on the same thing there would be only that thing and advancement would slow dramatically and pricing would reflect the monopolistic environment.
If you like a product’s feature set-go for it. There is not wrong answer. Only the best solution for your individual needs in the moment.

I salute your diversity people.


I am taking the Tested photos with a massive grain of salt. Something seems off to me and what they show even worse is the HP Reverb jagged edges which aren’t apparent on the Rift and Rift S shots. The shots don’t seem to be at the same distance either. So not a like-for-like comparison.


Probably not enough SS on the reverb


Pretty positive review:

I think it indeed boils down to his conclusion (at least most reviewers seem to agree)

Despite a handful of issues in terms of visuals and design, the HP Reverb is still hands-down the best most impressive Windows Mixed Reality headset offered so far. The visual clarity alone makes this a smart purchase for any user who values a visually-impressive VR experience, and the excellent level of comfort offered by its effective ergonomic design will only keep you immersed longer.

However, if you’re someone who much prefers a seamless in-headset experience, this may not be the option for you. While an overall awesome piece of technology in terms of hardware, the device still operates on the Windows Mixed Reality platform and uses the standard Windows Mixed Reality controllers. That being said there are some workarounds for using Vive wand controllers with WMR headsets, an option I definitely recommend to anyone thinking about picking up a Reverb.


Yeah, cool :sunglasses:

Now the most interesting question remains - when is it already on sale? Something all died down …
I checked Amazon - there was no way to even book it. Simply - unavailable. It does not look good …


Yeah, that supposedly official HP guy said, exactly a week ago “you should start seeing things, as orders are fulfilled, within the coming week”, but Amazon now totally just has removed the button to order it … Doesn’t look too good indeed, damn


VERY re-assuring video from @mixedrealityTV regarding tracking:


Weeeeellll, Pimax comes at a price w/o controllers so I would give HP them that. XD


I thought you had good news regarding availability FFS :sob::sob::sob:


Sorry mate, availability doesn’t look too good with amazon having stopped the preorders. Then again I also can’t imagine that that hp guy was so dead wrong last week, so who knows…


Ok I have that today for you :slight_smile: It seems in the UK it’s available as of today!

Hopefully the other countries follow soon


I read this in the article, oh no…

“While some reviewers have remarked on mura in the display (where brightness and colour can vary across an image), a mouthpiece for HP assured us last week there was categorically no manufacturing issue with the display panels (emphasis ours) and shipping would “kick into high gear this week”.” so mura probably not fixed :frowning:


Where can I get more information, how can i use VIVE controllers ?


Yeah if you want one linke me, make sure you can return it :slight_smile:


Gonna give you some XPlane 11 Through-The-Lens videos tonight.


The framerate seems pretty solid. :+1:


So, we’re a bit in limbo now :slight_smile: According to that article in the enquirer it’s available in the UK but no reviews or confirmations from anybody … RoadToVR is calling them every week but HP refuses to give details. According to this guy HP told him it should be available end of next week in Sweden.