New HP 4K HMD $599




I am really exited about this headset… Got the Quest this week and the small FOV does not bother me, its fun to jump around with out cables. I almost smashed my TV and a table :smiley:


“Had a few questions on mura - I see none of it. Zero. I believe that the unit that reported that was a one-off as mine was from the same batch as that review unit. Colors are fantastic as are black levels - in fact I think they look better than the black levels in the Rift/Vive as while those are OLED they aren’t allowed to go “full black”, turning the pixels off like a traditional monitor. The reason is you’d get smearing when the pixel came back on and that close to your face you’d see it. So the reality is OLED in this application isn’t really any blacker than the LCD (I play a LOT of Elite Dangerous and black space looks amazing)”

wow sounds great


I hear you there it was the same joy when wireless game controllers evolved. Don’t recall how many times the dog dragged the gaming console off the shelf. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The recall I believe might have been due to mura & was pre released small batch of headsets. That being said the HP statement on the “recall” said most wouldn’t notice it. So it might be mainly those with a trained eye or sensitivity to it.


Another review of the HMD.


Reverb available to order from HP UK.
Delivered in 5-10 Working days.
Unfortunately, no shipping to other countries.


Italy also, we are getting closer :frowning:


with the code you get 10% off, 539,09 € Total



This is interesting. In Czechia, HP is advertising it as a “Professional Edition” with a lower price than in UK or Italy (no discount though). Available from 30.6, only local shipping.


There are 2 versions:
Consumer with soft face pad
Pro with changeable leather pad


I alone do not understand, but where is USA? Why don’t HP want to sell their Reverb in America in the first place? :thinking:
In general, they are strange. The American market is practically more accessible to all than other markets. Why do they behave so badly themselves and push Reverb on shelves in less accessible countries?
Germany - would also be a great option for a purchase, but there still isn’t there, as far as I understand.

Although … at Valve with the index is still worse in this regard :smirk: (but HP is present almost everywhere around the world, unlike Valve)


Looks like a controlled launch. Which could mean two things:

  • Manufacturing issues or simply not enough capacity to cover the launch on the bigger markets (USA, Germany, France, etc.)
  • Design issues and HP wants to first test them on smaller markets to see how the consumer will accept them.


So stupid. And I can’t believe Acer haven’t capitalized on this by announcing the their conceptD ojo headset with the same panels but with a hardware IPD instead…


In Poland, I do not see in any store yet.


Ordered one yesterday. Estimated delivery 11th June. Apparently they have had more orders than they anticipated.


They are so funny at HP
““Demand for the HP Reverb has greatly exceeded the estimates and greatly exceeded the supply.”


Why is that funny aside from any official statement and relying on a Reddit account to get the message out there which is pretty laid back approach imo? With so many HMDs releasing during the same period it would make sense to exercise some caution with regards to stock levels. As far as I am aware, the consumer version wasn’t their main focus and was made available because they knew “some” enthusiasts would want one. Obviously balancing out Enterprise demand with consumer demand has meant more supplies needed. I guess you could present the bullcrap card and suggest they are making drama as an attempt to encourage more sales. Who knows. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. Look at Oculus Quest, availability is pretty tight with this device also for perhaps the same reasons.


Ya maybe you are right… But this device has such a high resolution, they could have though that not only a few people want this…


Well, unless HP release some figures all we can do is speculate as to what numbers we’re looking at here. It could be 10s, 100s or 1000s. Either way, I ordered yesterday afternoon and they are still taking pre-orders aiming for a 5-10 working day delivery schedule. I guess when that delays further it’s a sign they depleted stock levels.