New HP 4K HMD $599



Reverb Pro appeared on the official website of the United States :beers:

Ships by 6/18/19


Just ordered one (and cancelled on Amazon). Too bad I won’t receive it before my 4 week holiday this summer. But oh well, still looking forward to it


Well, we will wait for your review :beers: :grinning:

And I have not yet decided until the end what to do with the Pimax 8K.
And I also have hopes for the same Acer headset with IPD adjustment. I hope he will not stay long on the way to the shop windows after Reverb.

And still holding me back from buying Reverb is the 8K-X output this year with native
4K panels. This is my dream, because 8K in general suits me, pleases with wide FOV every day, but I don’t have enough high resolution …

(although maybe I can not stand it and take Reverb in the near future, let’s see :laughing: )

In the meantime, it will be interesting to listen to the review.

It seems I don’t want HP Reverb and any other headset except 8K-X anymore :sweat_smile:


I ordered to Poland from:



This is from the uk hp store if you’re wondering


Getting mine too , hope the sweet spot is as wide as they say to accommodate my 67.5mm ipd


Just have ED209 accept delivery. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Nice! Really interested in your first impressions


Now to make every one who is getting the reverb upset:


Not really, 600$, compared to 6000$ + 1000$ yearly fee. Excluding taxes. And this is only the VR-1 model, you can imagine the xr price.


Yeah better to grab an Xtal. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Quick note on the Reverb , I’ve played a few hours with it
ipd / the horizontal sweet spot is large enough to give me (67.5 ipd) a clear centered image but it blurs within a mm or so of movement if I move the position of either lens towards the center so I think it’s a stretch to imagine that these will be suitable for much larger than 79 ipd’s
SDE well it’s just apparent at times if you look for it like looking close to a 1080p tv screen ( from a meter or so ),
Resolution for reading text and fine detail it’s a noticeable improvement over all the previous headsets that I have used but not such a big deal for games etc.where it’s just noticeably better/clearer
FOV I measured it in the steam environments realovirtual app and by my measuring positioning /eyes etc
vive pro = 100 fov
reverb = 100 fov
pimax small setting =120 fov
It was bright enough and the blacks looked ok to me , generally similar experience to the pimax 5k+ but a better resolution ( not as big a perceivable difference as it was from the vive to vive pro but noticeable )
The vertical height does appear a bit less .
The reverb needed no messing or re-positioning really because of the large sweetspot and comfortable headstrap
Sound was fine
Cable is clunky and short at 4m
My (4k 60hz ) dp extension cable kept losing signal but I believe some can work ok

I removed the face cushion and tried a 6mm vive face cushion , It did improve the fov by about 10% but I could see the edges of the panels etc and my nose was in the way , maybe find some other face cushion that allows me to get closer with some comfort

if I had to rate it against the other headsets that I have it would be as follows
overall experience not just resolution or fov etc

vive = 1
wmr=3 (not odyssey )
Vive gear lens =3
vive pro = 5
vive pro gear lens = 7 ( oled ,good contrast and colour , 100 fov )
pimax 5k+ =7 (good lcd image , minimal sde , wide fov)
hp reverb = 7 ( very good lcd image , no sde high resolution , 100 fov )

Just my point of view ,

I have the wireless vive pro gear / pimax and hp reverb now
and need to decide which two to sell on

All using a 1080ti with as much ss as I could get away with

Want a headset that incorporates all the best features of the above


Thanks for the hands on. Are you looking into the Index at all?


I put my name down on the steam reservation list but I’ve got enough headsets just now , 120hz is probably more important if you play for extended periods without breaks

I think the hardware is now ahead of the software as far as VR goes
not many games will shine on the reverb or use Index 120hz/144 hz
with the Quest most developers will be distracted now too


Isn’t that what ED is all about?


While lower res if you can get a psvr on cheap can be decent for 120hz


Hmm sounds a bit disappointing, I had expected that you’d at least prefer it over the 5k+, but you’re rating it similar. Anyway a lot can change after a few days of testing, my first experience with the Odyssey+ was bad, I only started loving it after some days of tweaking it, maybe the same goes for the Reverb.


BTW, what about mura? Did you notice any? And did you mod that SteamVR setting that limits rendering to 4k?


Yes he needs more time with it.
For the rating I think its reasonable, the HP has high res and the Pimax has wide FOV both things can be nice.
I hope I can order the HP soon


Well done nothing but play with the reverb this afternoon and will revise my previous post a bit
It’s has phenomenal clarity but we’re lacking the things to look at that can show it’s potential ,
I found anything close in most games like flight sims / car sims looks really good , but so far the best visual experience for me has been the Holo tours from microsoft store , the 360 video quality through this device is as though your really there in the balloon or on the mountain remarkable clarity , trouble is 360’s of this quality are few and far between .
The reverb’s resolution knocks spots off all other hmd’s that I have used for video stuff too

Haven’t noticed any mura at all so far

But for general steam games I thing the massive resolution bump is not so noticeable