New HP 4K HMD $599



software only goes up to 6.7


And its already sold out in germany …


Hi all,

I made some through-the-lens videos of Project Cars 2! This one is really really nice, haver never played the game like THIS! Yep, that is the headset for sim fans. Confirmed! Premiere of the video is coming up:

Bye, Sebastian


This doesn’t sound promising:


Spent hours in aerofly today with the Reverb , it feels like I imagine a real simulator would feel .

Just that big cable , maybe they can make a thinner one down the line , the short cable from the headset to the main cable socket is only thin .
The reduced vertical fov is a little bit of a retrograde step
Both minor gripes though given the clarity
Now I have a bespoke face cushion sorted out , setting my eyes just close enough for max fov and larger sweetspot , I declare this to be my favorite headset (at the moment) , my 68 ipd is very much on the limits of a comfortable experience with the reverb imo as the periphery get’s blurry very quickly and it’s back to turning my head to look around .
For skin tones in stuff like VR Paradise this headset is blimey !!!

Wireless vive pro with gear lens and pimax 5k+ both excel in other ways though
the pro gear lens for it’s massive clear sweetspot and pimax wide fov both with better vertical fov and ipd adjustment .


This guy’s 60 ipd is as far off as me so he needs to get his eyes right in there to increase the effective sweet spot , guess he just doesn’t know how to set it up well either.
Thinking about it people with much narrower ipd’s may have a worse experience as we spend a lot of time focusing on near objects which will be blurry to them .


Couldn’t the exact same thing be said about all those people who can’t seem to get their Pimax “set up well”?


hopefully 8k X will blend reverb clarity with the wide FOV. I’m not sure I can get a WMR headset because I eventually want to get a motion simulator and I’m not sure how you can do motion cancellation with inside out tracking as there is no reference.


Yeah HP support has declined considerably.


My point is that maybe some VR gear just isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and that’s why peoples experiences are so different.

For some the Reverb will be an awesome device, and for others it won’t. Exactly like the Pimax 5K+/8K… :wink:

I do think for sim racing/flight it’s probably really awesome if You haven’t tried a wider FOV device, but I think I would have a really hard time giving up SteamVR tracking for room-scale stuff.


VR goggles are like a girl, you can not read them well before the end of two weeks;) You must use it in every possible configuration to be able to say what you think about it ;p


Two weeks? :open_mouth:

But… I have a full-time job too… There’s no way I could try every possible configuration in that timeframe…

Maybe if it was on a holiday?

I’m talking about a VR headset of course… :nerd_face:


Room scale is not easy for the reverb , the short heavy cable see’s to that
guess I’ll be trying various dp4 extension cables


Two weeks for a normal working person: D Not for someone who will test it 24/7 - then probably two days or even less. But accommodation of the eye takes some time.


Is it me or what am I doing wrong this video is a blurry mess for me…


It is you! :slight_smile:

But jokes aside, of course it is because I had a hard time to focus through the lens. It is just perfectly sharp if you see it in the HP Reverb.


Seb with your extensions used on pimax were you able to extend cable length on Reverb ok?


Ok I trust you :slight_smile: Alte Granate :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope I will get it soon they promised 21 Jun…
Wonder if this gets me into VR again, loosing my interest in VR with the 5K+ lately…


I have not extended the cables yet. I have heard though that due to the high resolution, it is not so easy to extend the cables.


Some peeps on reddit say “it just works” without any active cable…