New HP 4K HMD $599



no problem at 60hz ,bit intermittent at 90hz using a cheap 2m 4k 60hz extension

For some reason the extension cable starts to fail at 90hz after the hmd has been working for about 20 minutes , something warming up I suppose


Cannot find any DP 1.4 extension cables anywhere so I bought a male-male dp 1.4 cable (32Gbit ) and a good quality coupler . Should work without any degradation


The more reviews I read of the reverb, the more I want to see Pimax achieve its high pixels per degree. I realize that its too difficult to change the lenses, but can we adjust the housing to move the lens itself further back to get a bit less FOV, and with that less FOV get higher ppd and panel usage?

Pimax has so much potential to be the 1st affordable high FOV, and high PPD HMD. @PimaxUSA how is the quest for more panel utilization and higher PPD going?


I agree totally , the reverb really does have a view like looking through a narrow letterbox
why couldn’t they use more magnification and bring the panels closer.

Just had this reverb running on an old amd fx 8150 with a gtx 970 , worked ok in cliff house at 90hz and steam ran it at 80% , then i switched to 60HZ and it was smoother.steam 100%
Didn’t test further because all the games insisted on updating

the fov from the center of the steam spiders web is about 2.3 segments when looking out to the horizon which is the same as the vive pro but there are 10 divisions there = 36 each = (2.3x36) about 82 degrees ??
but if i test in ROV test enviroment I get 100 degrees ???

Still this old pc can do for netflix or hdtv stuff


Not sure if it’s me or just the camera never focusing so well on the panel, but looks to me like the game is running scaled down to a lower res than the Reverb native res ? It’s almost like it’s running in an older WMR headset, big pixels clearly visible on cars, distant scenery…what SS have you used in the PC2 review @mixedrealityTV ??

DCS had way more detail.


It’s very difficult to shoot good vids, @mixedrealityTV succeeded with other vids but here the cam is out of focus and it’s hard to feel the same enthusiasm that Sebas feels himself while playing it. Can’t wait to try it myself though


Damn, you guys are right. I am thinking of pulling this video and try again with DSLR.


Assuming that the cable is 3.5m compared to the Rift (4m) the difference is about 15%.
This is not much.

In some specifications the cable length is 4m

So how is it?


You should do it.
Same with other Reverb movies done in the same way.
This is not consistent with reality, it should not be published

PS. Thanks for the great VR channel.


From the back of the hmd to the dv / usb3 plugs is 4m


So the cable has the same length as in Rift, Rift S…


You are welcome. Actually the other through the lens videos are better, but this one really is not good enough.


The reverb is growing on me
I will review it’s score and give the reverb 8 out of ten despite smallest fov out of the three
Stuff like realities photogrammetry is so realistic , look at the ice fields , really does feel convincing


Don’t know if this is of any interest but you can unpair the hp wmr controllers with the HP Reverb app and pair your odyssey ones or other wmr controllers if you need to .


Worth a mention is that my old vive vr-lens holders fit quite snug over the reverb lens for a decent grip so no need for new ones if you already have prescription vive lens etc
I took a few mm off the depth of the lens holder to use them with my 10mm face cushion , as the vive lens protrude more , I just did it with a stanley knife and flat sandpaper


Am I the only who finds the comfort of this thing ABYSMAL? I thought it had the new “twist the knob at the back of the HMD” design like the deluxe audio strap or like the valve index. But no, it has that old, garbage, OG vive and pimax type of strap. This is making it SO hard to find the sweet spot and keep the headset there without moving too much, cause it’s very hard to find to the sweet spot for me (also, I wear glasses). Like half the time I’m spending is me adjusting the headset. It’s really not comfortable…need to find a DAS mod like the pimax’s. It’s headphones are also crap and I can barely adjust how they sit on my ear.

Another thing I noticed is: it looks like it has a resolution limit? Like some games don’t get that sharp no matter if I put steamvr SS at 1.8 or 4.0!! I remember wmr headsets like the odyssey+ had some kind of limit on resolution like the pimax, and the fix was to change some numbers in a notepad somewhere in openvr’s folders. Anyone knows how to increase the max resolution for this headset?



I noticed that any games played in wmr look much sharper ,
I put that line into both the openvr steamvr.vrsettings and steamvr steamvr.vrsettings files and it didn’t seem to do anything ,
Try the Machu Picchu Holo tour from M’soft store , it looks really good in this headset


just tried changing this line to 2 in steamvr.vrsetting

“renderTargetMultiplier” : 2

also no noticable difference
i think it could be a game specific thing as my gpu can run at 95% with some games but not others


I guess it’s in game ss that limits the resolution…