New HP 4K HMD $599



MS disabled the rendertargetmultiplier commandline since January 2019 , it has no effect because it is enabled by default on any WMR headset and can not be changed.


I already did this while using the pimax, is that the one? Damn disappointing if so since I’m pretty sure it can get sharper than what I was seeing


So only way to make image sharper is by steamvr SS? No other way of increasing it even more?


Could buy games from windows store , try some freebies


I find it comfortable once I adjusted the side velcro to reduce the elastic pressure on the headstrap.


Don’t try this it doesn’t work , must be the connector

Just ordered an extension cable from Amazon Basics USA site to try out
will update if it works


As I assume that the Reverb uses the standard Steam renderer, you can do this: open up the compositor window in steamVR and there you can select to take a screenshot. It dump several images, including the final rendered image for the HMD. You can check the resolution of the image to make sure its at least 4k resolution.

EDIT I just saw that they now named it 'Display VR view" in SteamVR, so choose that and then in the menu ‘main’ you can dump all screenshots and then check to see if they have the right resolution


ahh thanks, what should the “right resolution” be? 4320 x 2160?

Also, i noticed in the display settings they have the options for Visual Quality, low/medium/high/very high quality settings, but literally none of them made any difference lol…does it require a restart maybe?


Just did it image was 4510 x 2209

edit just done it again I went back into steam home and then took off the hmd
and took one from the desktop 5152 x 2525 this time (300% ss )


No matter what i set steam vr ss at ie 150% 300% 500% the image of the screenshot is always

Sorry didn’t realise I had to refresh the window , the steam resolution does work but after 300% it seems to hit a maximum 5125x2525 and remains at that even if I select a higher setting


Interesting, not sure why that is …


Just used the steam app called fps-vr and ran nature treks , green meadow
(something about steam home that works differently so will only test with games from here on)

The global ss works fine all the way up to 500% when controlled from fps-vr
500% looks sharp but brings my 1080ti to it’s knees
a comfortable 80-90 fps is 300% or 2787 x 2730 resolution looks really good
250% for reasonably steady 90fps

Great program even tells you the controller battery state

Now that I can watch the fps with the reverb it’s apparent that I need to get a better graphics card if I want a steady 90fps in most games without dropping the resolution

windows mixed reality controller tracking system has improved a lot since I last used it ,even in archery games ,I’m impressed


There’s the Image quality in the Windows Mixed Reality Portal settings, but I’m not sure it works in a cumulative way with SteamVR , I just keep it at “Very High (beta)” , and you can notice the difference using WMR Cliff House.


SteamVR has a resolution limit capped at aroung 5K if I remember correctly, forcing higher SS numbers will have no effect, there is a line in a config file somewhere in the SteamVR settings where you can remove that limit and force higher resolutions, don’t remember what it was, perhaps some other user can direct you to more detailed info, it has been discussed in the forum.


Done that already ,I think it was steamvr home app that was fixed max resolution



Yup I’m having the same issue. Screen flickering (getting darker and brighter and darker). I f’ed up by buying this. Heavy as hell cable. Tiny sweet spot (I have to adjust the headset every minute to keep it in focus, my IPD is normal, 64/65). Can’t play revive games with the terrible controllers. Strap’s not comfortable.

F*CK. I should’ve waited for more reviews man, should’ve waited for the ConceptD Ojo…can’t even return it for the screen flickering issue cause I’m in UAE while I got it from the UK store :sleepy: if anyone wants to buy it for $300 message me lol


From what I read they (consumer) think it might be related to power delivery. Have you tried usb 3.1 port? Another option might be to use a split cable on a power bank like the use on some usb cd drives sometimes use dual usb plug.


I hope I cant test it soon it should arrive next week… fingers crossed…


I get my tomorrow (UK HP store).
We’ll see what it is …