New HP 4K HMD $599



Oh man this doesn’t sound too good, all those people having issues, sounds like a cable problem.

Mine was delivered at my parents house today and since that is 7000 km away I can’t try I yet lol. Will be there next week to try it

Sometimes I think only a small newcomer like Pimax can screw up like this. Must be comforting to them that it even happens to a giant like hp


Well remember HTC had a bunch of serious issues with Vive Pro that ended up solvable by software but was an oops launch as well.

But is good to see big companies demonstrate problems (well maybe not good see).


Hanging out to see what other HMD’s the screens will appear in. I don’t believe Samsung will sit back and let HP take the lead in resolution. Also really keen to see If Samsung use the same stupid headstrap design for the next model :)The Ojo looks to be a nice unit but it’s still WMR! That leaves us with Cosmos


No technical issues with my reverb , headset is a bit tight ( my big bonce) and the thick heavy cable is a pain in the neck .
But the picture lol
Not really a replacement for wireless vive pro unfortunately so i will have to own several headsets for the time being


I tried using a powered usb hub, played for 1.5 hours and SO FAR no dimming/flickering. I’ll try again today and hopefully it stays like that


Yeah I agree I think this will be the best hmd released this year. But it won’t be cheap


Would be awesome if that solved it. Fingers crossed


Out of curiosity the connection plug (4m cable) looks the same as the one used on their old wmr headset , Not going to try it though


So what’s the verdict? You definitely fixed it by using that usb hub?


How are your experiences?


Not good.

No sound in the right speaker in the headphones. I solved the problem by tightening the speaker.

I can see the bottom edge of the display. I solved the problem by profiling the pad (I increased the distance on the forehead).

And the worst. I also have a flickering problem, black screen … Windows sometimes hangs (blue screen).
Today during 2h of use the problem occurred once (flickering a few seconds).

I will try a few things. Powered usb hub, etc.
If I can not solve the problem, I will return the HMD to HP.

I also confirm what others say:

  • very good image quality
  • uncomfortable cable


Sorry was busy yesterday, will use it today for some experiences and see what happens. Any recommendations to fully unlock its sharp display? I’m thinking the blu and nature treks will be nice for now

Oh and the headphones were 1-sh*t and 2-were making hissing noises whenever they moved slightly. So I just removed them…couldn’t be arsed dealing with that too


I saw on reddit that some people got this problem. Also the latest Windows update seems to cause problems…


I have 1803.
So I have problems with the earlier version.
I change to 1903 maybe it will fix something :roll_eyes:


yeah my right screen is a bit dimmer than my left one, permanently lol.

It suddenly happened. The brightness is less now. But at least it’s not flickering


Received my reverb yesterday and installed an tested it today.
The swetspot of this headset is so much bigger compared to my vive pro. Text are very sharp over the whole screen, this is how VR should look. No blurry text when not looking straight forward.
This is a game changer.
Could be that colours are little better in the vive.
No problem to wear glasses.
So far a very happy owner


how do you do this? if you have the reverb headset and controllers on, you cannot use or pair the vive controllers. I even have the vive trackers dongles connected to my pc, and still the vive controllers won’t connect/pair to steamvr


You have to disconnect the wmr headset and set up the old vive and pair it’s controllers , then you unplug the old vive’s hdmi lead but leave the headset powered on and it’s usb plugged in , now you can plug in your windows mixed reality headset and you will see vive controllers too

1/ set up controllers with old vive headset also do full room space setup
2/ shut down steamvr and unplug ONLY the vive hdmi cable
3/ plug in windows mixed reality and make room space
4/ start steam ( not in safe mode )
5 run this calibration tool

GitHub - pushrax/OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator: Use tracked VR devices from one company with any other.


Ahh thanks a lot mate


My Reverb has worked for two days and now the problem starts.
The headset restarts continius when mixed reality opens. I have tried different usb, ports powered hub.
Anyone have any suggestion ?