New HP 4K HMD $599



Maybe the short cable at the back of the headset is not properly connected to the extension.
A reverb owner suggested using cable ties and electrical tape to prevent connection loss and he hasn’t encountered any problems since then.


Thanks for the information.
I have tried different things with the cable with no succes.


This device is trash.

I also did not solve the problems (flickering, disconnecting, windows crash) with my HP Reverb. The refund procedure is currently in progress.

This is unbelievable. HP released the faulty hardware.
I wonder how much HMD is damaged?


This is indeed a glorious start :rofl:


This is very strange. Contacted the local support and the person I talked was a totally nube. He have had some basic training on the headset and did not know anything. It is impossible to set up a case on their support page because the system do not find the product. If it was a new started company i could maybe understand this. They even delayed the headset a month and have had a lot of time to fix this.
Now they will send me a repacement headset.
I really hope this work more than two days.


HP support? If so not surprising.


you got yours yet? @sjefdeklerk


He is busy with the headset…


My Reverb got delayed by one week, I am sure its due to the recent problems…


Not yet I am on a holiday, travelling. But it did arrive at my parents in the Netherlands and judging by the comments it most likely is trash. Amazing, this is even worse than pimax. I mean a small Chinese company I give them some slack, but hp… Just amazing


Maybe I’ve been lucky but no problems so far


Got mail from HP where they write I will get my replace unit end of Juli.
On the HP store it is in stock for delivery in 48 hour.
The weird explanation to this is that you actually deal with not just 1 but 2 companies that dont even communicate with each other.
HP sales and HP tecnical support(third part company)
After several calls between these two parts it ended up with final return of the headset.
In the end they have sent me a headset that broke down after two days and I have to spend hours of my time on this. This is not how it should work.


In which HP store is available?
I hope that they will send you a device without problems …


@Skoczek so do I , Sweden 10 units in stock today


Just been comparing 5K+ to reverb in X-Plane
I have a 1080ti
Pimax 5k+ with (small fov)smoothing enabled is great and I can adjust super sampling/ performance to my hearts content
Reverb has only got the two possibilities which are located in the Mixed Reality Portal / settings Hmd
and are " best 4320 x 2160 resolution" or " Automatic upscaling for best performance " there is no other way to adjust the super sampling as far as I can see , the steam vr or in game ss is bypassed .

I get a nice smooth flight with no judder etc from the Reverb with Automatic upscaling enabled and it looks good but not that much better than the 5K+
I get better image flying in the Reverb when it’s set to 4320 x 2160 but a noticeable judder from the controllers at times ,
Does anyone know where to hack the WMR resolution/supersampling ??
most reviews seem to think the steam ss does something lol


On my O+:




Well after deciding to keep the reverb I played a longish session with it and got a strobe/flashing effect in the right display , great !!
and after another half an hour the flashing has stopped ??


Try to cool it with a ventilator after the flashing appears. Flashing can occur due to overheating.


Didn’t help , just need to leave it a while


Interesting it seems that overheating is only a part of the problem…