New HP 4K HMD $599



Hmm doesn’t sound too good. I was at my parents but they don’t have a dp connector in their pc so can’t try it. The only thing I could try is the comfort. Which I liked a lot actually, fits my head very well with almost no light leakage, what a difference with the odyssey+.
I think I will just keep it and take it with me to my home in 2 weeks. If I have troubles like everybody else, so be it.


So after the display starting dimming, you left it on your desk for a while without shutting off mixed reality portal and without shutting off the headset? And then after leaving it for a while and then trying again…it worked? How long did you leave it for


99% of all the people who bought the Reverb are experiencing the same problems in less than a week use, some even within a couple of hours, the panels are just badly engineered and get faulty because of the high temperatures, plus the connector on the back is just a total joke.

This headset was clearly engineered in a rush and not tested well enough, send it back guys, then wait for a replacement rev. 2 , HP is already working on it.


Half an hour maybe , The display was flickering , I think there is something gets too warm , as it must have cooled down maybe a static displayed image creates less heat in the suspect chip/lcd
some ventilation holes would possibly cure the issue , it feels as though there is a heat sink at the top in the middle , just not enough cooling possibly or a faulty component
I’m returning my headset


I hope they do the mark 2 right , the high res it very nice indeed


> HP will refund. No replacement available as they have no date for ‘new’ stock! Mmmmmmm… I think this says it all!


I also got reply from HP saying that devices will be available at the beginning of September…


September? haha :smile: By that time the new Samsung headsets will be available


I doubt Samsung will bring out higher resolution…


I doubt Samsung will bring some bigger FOV headset, anytime soon, too… :slight_smile:


So I’m finally home, with my HP Reverb :slight_smile: At first glance the unit seems to work fine, so far I haven’t noticed anything weird. However as I expected this HMD is NOT suitable for people with big IPD (mine is somewhere 68.5-69). It’s blurry for me. However when I close one eye and get everything sharp in the other eye, I can clearly see what Sebas is talking about, simply WOW … It makes me kind of angry that Valve, HTC and everybody is releasing lower res panel HMD’s, because THIS is what we want. SDE is mostly a thing of the past with this resolution. I can see it but have to try even much harder than with the pimax 4k. It’s not an issue at all anymore for me with this resolution. I’d say it’s on par with the Odyssey+ (but of course the Reverb is MUCH sharper). It’s really really nice to see everything so clearly (well with one eye, LOL)

I did find the FoV a bit disappointing though, seems lower than my Odyssey+. Anyway I think I’ll try to open up the HMD this weekend and see if it’s possible to move the screens apart.


My IPD low, Hope its serves you well and doesnt have any hiccups. Damn already tearing into it, you must like the hi res! Good luck with your DIY, you da man


LOL yeah within 24 hours of first trying, that was quick :slight_smile: But it’s not that I had much alternatives, either send it back (I don’t want to go back to my Odyssey+/pimax 5k), use it like it was (not really possible with my IPD), or just open it up :slight_smile:

It was a bit harder than I had hoped, since one screw is located under the mainboard. And detaching the mainboard is quite difficult in it self because you need to disconnect the 2 cams and that seemed a challenge in itself. Instead, I just opted to burn away the plastic around the screw from the other side (which you can see in the pics above)

Now because of the flat ribbon cables between mainboard and the panels there’s not a lot of wiggle room. However I only need to move each panel to the outside by 2-3 mm, which would result in 4-6 mm higher IPD which should be enough. I think the best way to go is to just cut the plastic between the 2 lenses, so split the whole unit (lens + holder + panel) in 2 parts. This way the lenses will stay perfectly aligned with the panels…

Will try this soon :slight_smile:

Ah, btw here’s a photo from the other side, the mainboard:


Awesome as always. Though I suspect headset makers may try & blacklist you on purchases lol

Superman needs to maintain his secret identity :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Unfortunately I managed to damage my HMD :frowning: Cutting the plastic in between the lenses was succesful but when trying to move the panels each 2-3 mm outside I had to apply more pressure than was healthy for the panel’s flat ribbon cable, so one broke off … So that was a VERY short life of my Reverb. Either way it most likely would have started malfunctioning (flickering problem everybody seems to have after a while) and I couldn’t use it anyway because of my IPD… Then again, man it would have been awesome to be able to use this HMD with correctly set IPD.

Anyway this mod indeed seems impossible because the flat ribbon cables between panel and mainboard don’t leave much room for moving the panels to the side. So people with > 68 mm IPD are out of luck for now.

I guess we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s new HMD in september now, I’m pretty sure it will also feature 2k * 2k.


Maybe send it back as malfunction :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry to hear about that…


Remember diving into the guts on the Pimax 4K to remove those filters (ribbon cables, yuck), then like myself going back in to replace them after finding out that better brightness was traded off with extreme ghosting!

Anyhow is there any way to fabricate your own ribbon cable or is it “molded into the panel”? They can be really small and tedious to work on though, Im guessing a “skillbilly” repair is out of the question??. Hate to see a Reverb go to waste from just a bad ribbon cable.
I used to be a time lapse VCR technician back in the day and I dont remember ever having to repair those flat ribbon cables, I did make repairs on small gauged “wire type” ribbon cables though.
Wondering if you could scrape off the ribbon cables protective coating and solder jumper across the broken traces with small gauge wire or just a strand of wire, unless its SEVERAL traces broke?? Any pics??


@sjefdeklerk, In any case, this is a great work.
You made a sacrifice for the good of the community, thanks :+1:

@stixvr, By the way, I went crazy here and decided to buy the Pimax 4K again.
I will compare it through a lens with 8K. It will be very interesting to find out how much 8K lags behind 4K in SDE and clarity.

Interestingly, 4K is now sold under another brand Aukey Cortex 4K, for only $ 69 new on ebay. (I bought it for $ 60 just by making an offer).
Until now, I can not believe that inside will be Pimax 4K for the money. (but it’s really him)

In my opinion, this is a good price for a helmet with problems, without tracking and controllers, but with high resolution :sunglasses::+1:


Sorry to hear. Have you looked into replacement ribbons? Someone mentioned before you could source ribbon cables.


It’s really molded into the panel, I don’t think it’s possible to replace it. Also fixing is not possible since it’s broken off too far. I could try to source the JDI panel somewhere (which will come with the cable) but I think I will just leave it be. I couldn’t use it anyway because of my IPD. Also I wasn’t particularly impressed by the very narrow FoV of this thing, it seemed noticeably smaller than my Odyssey+. Also I missed the feeling of ‘presence’ with this HMD. All in all I wasn’t particularly impressed, although the sharpness/details were really really great.

Just hoping Acer and Samsung will hurry up with their new HMD’s. If the index was available right now I’d probably buy one and try that but it makes no sense to wait months for it to be restocked while hopefully better alternatives will be available by then.