New HP 4K HMD $599



Nice to know, wonder if it has the same near sighted lens used in the originali 4K ?..


I think they are completely the same, except for the name (at least in appearance).
The risk price in this case - $ 60 is justified in my opinion.

I think @Heliosurge may know a little more :beers: :sunglasses:

There the seller went on vacation until July 8…
He only registered my track number, but did not send it. (I look forward to)


Was this due to lack of FOV or something else? I always feel that the LCD panels dont have as much 3D effect as the OLED panels


There is unboxing:

More about Aukey 4K:


It will be the same. It’s just rebranded. A simple mod with a 1.0 - 1.5mm spacer fixes the focal length. But needs a slightly longer screws.


Not sure, I didn’t have enough time to really determine that, could have just been the IPD.


as you have it opened glue there small radiator


I just saw this nice comparions between HMD’s, from @evertec:

He says the Reverb is the overal winner. Damn, if only they would have added IPD adjustment, we could all enjoy it. Damn you HP :slight_smile:

And what’s up with Acer? I really can find no news at all for the last few months. Just hoping the Ojo Concept D didn’t die already (like the Ojo 500 did, they never really released it apart from I think 2 asian countries)


Yeah I wish it had IPD adjustment but both it and the Rift S were surprisingly decent for my IPD (around 58mm). What is yours?


Mine is around 69, clearly too big for the Reverb unfortunately


Hmm, yeah, hopefully the Ojo or something with similar res will come out soon, or the Pimax 8K X turns out to be similar clarity, because that resolution is pretty amazing.


Rift S said to be decent if your ipd is not big


Don’t remember Lucky’s but nogo for him. But if mem serves 72?


“a hair under 70mm”


So I tried the Rift S today. It certainly matches the 5K in clarity. Everything just works super smooth but it suffers from LCD syndrome. That lack of presence where it feels like your looking through a large TV viewer. Man I hope LG and BOE get their sh*t together fast


Great idea man. Good luck. I keep thinking it would be great to see a company use a mirror to overlay one panel on top of another, like Varjo. Imagine the Pimax FOV with an HD zone in the middle of the FOV.


recieved mine today. Went through many updates on windows 10 pro. The mixed reality portal works but its a no go on steamVR. It doesnt recognize that an HMD is connected. Very little instructions come with this thing. Any support forums for it?


You need to install mixed reality for steam… search for it in the steam shop

You should also check out this:


and Boom. it works. Thankyou


Interesting, didn’t know they were shipping, all sites seem to still have them as ‘sold out’. Where did you order yours, directly from HP?