New HP 4K HMD $599




Amazon. The order went from “we dont know the shipping date” to “out for delivery” OVERNIGHT!


My review is its hot. Its not nearly as comfortable as the 5k+ with vive DAS, The field of view is dissappointing after getting used to the 5K+. Especially vertically. It will be on ebay soon. This seals the deal for me. Im selling it and a GEAR VR I had. Its pimax 5k+ for me and the next one I own will be an 8K and that will only be when the graphics card prices come way down.


Personally I don’t care too much about (extremely) wide FoV, I prefer higher resolution, however that being said I really did feel that the Reverb’s FoV was just a bit too small. It’s probably only just a few degrees smaller than my Odyssey+ but it made a lot of difference in how that felt to me. It’s like you’re continually being reminded that you’re wearing a ski mask, something I don’t feel with my odyssey+ (only when I focus on it).


Reverb appeared on Amazon for $ 599,99:


It’s gone now, I only see one second hand for $900


Wow. I bet HP’s head of VR is feeling like a dick right now :slight_smile:


Well, really no longer. quickly dismantled … In vain I did not make a screenshot :grin:


Received today Pimax 4K (Aukey) for $ 60 from ebay.
It really looks like a P4K! :sunglasses:

I just connected it to the PC and my PiTool picked it up easily, he worked with a half-kick! :clap:

I took some pictures through the lens to show the quality. It really fits the Pimax 4K. This is only $ 60. I will never buy Hp Reverb at 10 times the price … :roll_eyes:


Hehe, well the pimax 4k is ok for porn but for anything else I would never use it. Lack of controllers, the extreme ghosting, washed out colours, no hardware IPD (I always had to look cross eyed), nah.


Pimax HOME:

Steam VR Home:


Trie bit he can ise his vive wands for controllers. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Yes, I use it for video :beers:
But I hope that I can connect Vive-wands and stations to it, if I can find a way. (like where it was).

@Heliosurge, somewhere there was a way to do this, I would have to look at my leisure. maybe @SweViver has it :roll_eyes:


He is there after all, I found him! :joy:


Ah, great to see that they’re selling it again. I’m still hoping that the Reverb at least will give WMR a new impulse.


In my right eye on Aukey 4K, I noticed some kind of dash, similar to either a scratch of the screen or garbage.

I had to disassemble it.
It turned out that it was a speck.
I quickly snapped it and stuck the screen in place. Everything was fine).

Along the way, I received additional confirmation of identity with the Pimax 4K.

At the moment, Au-max 4K is fully operational :beers:

Soon I will make a comparison with the Pimax 8K in terms of SDE and clarity.

Immediately I can say that the Aukey 4K wins against the Pimax 8K in this regard, especially in car simulators.

If in Pimax 8K after 50-100 meters the moving away car turns into a clump of pixels, then in Aukey 4K there are quite recognizable outlines up to 200m, and all the inscriptions are read further, and indeed, the image is clearer.

The dashboard also reads better.

I have long forgotten what such an image means with minimal SDE (my 4K was broken by my crooked hands 1.5-2 years ago)
And now I understand very well the joy of meeting with HP Reverb all those who bought it for high resolution :star_struck:

Of course, SDE is still noticeable in the Pimax 4K in the form of such waves (if you really look for him). But for me personally, just this kind of SDE is already quite acceptable, with it you can comfortably play car simulators … This is the very minimum with which very beautiful VR starts, without paying attention to SDE.
I can imagine that this level has increased in Reverb. And it sounds very tempting again for me. (but I hardly agree on such costs, having an almost similar picture for $ 60)

But I will try while to use Pimax-Aukey 4K for simulators and video. (The video there is also great to watch, and this is better than the Pimax 8K)

Of course, the FOV is very small here. Almost 2 times smaller than a small FOV 8K / 5K +, figuratively … It looks like a donut hole, a door peephole or or a circle of thumb and index fingers folded together…

In this regard, 8K, of course, is far far ahead.

And, of course, all the cons PImax 4K in its place, namely: ghosting, splitting the picture when turning your head around, great evil …

Otherwise, it looks to me just as a small addition to my big Pimax 8K. I was surprised how easily I launched it under the same version of PiTool as the Pimax 8K. I did not have to install anything. It’s nice :gift:

A couple of shots through the lens in AC:


Rainbow RGB. Quite nice’s pixel layout vs the 5k+. It also demonstrates that QHD can be upscaled to be very nice.

You need longer screws but a 1.0 - 1.5mm washer can correct the myopia correction.


Nice image quality ! Looks like it is not having the same near sighted problem I was experiencing when I got it from Gearbest almost 2 years ago, can you confirm ?
For $60…heck…it’s a real bargain !


I have myopia at minus 3 approximately.
And in PImax 4K, everything looks very clear :sunglasses:
Apparently, because there is a close focal point…

Yes, for $ 60 is a crazy deal, definitely :gift:


They can make it better. RTX cards should finally be able to utilize its internal color compression tech to give us 2160p 60hz, or at the least, 1800p 60hz. I am so close to buying this thing @Century

@Dallas.Hao any idea if you guys will enable the 4K’s color compression with RTX cards for native 4k?