New HP 4K HMD $599



Great, that sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:
That is, the SDE should still be slightly less noticeable at 8K than at Lenovo (especially considering its unusual order of the pixel structure). Well, it pleases. Thank you.
It remains only to wait for my 8K :upside_down_face: (as long as there is no tracking number)


it can’t be long anymore :slight_smile:


Sj have you considered ording the tech3(?) Anti sde film to try on your 5k+?


tell me more about this ?


MRTV just posted this:

So hyped!
It will come in April … very soon.

HP Reverb will definitely be the best option in terms of resolution+sde while Pimax will be best for FOV.


Also pimax will have better tracking


Yes, the Reverb weak point will be its WMR tracking

Valve HMD still no news … oculus rift s doesn’t really compete at high end … so HP Reverb and Pimax will be the top choices for enthusiasts in next few months at least.

I wonder if Samsung will come out with an Odyssey 2

All WMR also really need to improve their tracking


Man that cable looks thick and that connector next to the HMD is huge. I’m guessing this is a prototype?


Not too much info at the moment, apart that BOE has just completed their fab and is now test running their production lines. On their website they mention a 3.5" 2k*2k panel

Also Kopin, who partly owns the BOE fab, has been talking about 2k*2k for VR. You can read their conference call from last week, including the questions, there’s quite a bit of interesting info here:

They seem to speculate that the VR world will see those panels quite soon:

"So I think the world of AR/VR will be different in about – in the next – certainly, in – by the second half of this year, everybody will be very surprised what’s happening to the world. So first of all, the AR/VR basically limited, as I talked about it, they don’t have any constant supply of display, of low-cost, high-performance display. I think this [indiscernible] going to be opened in the second half of this year."

And remember that this is ‘only’ just BOE (with Kopin). I’m sure Samsung isn’t sitting still neither.


Cant find info that those panels are OLED’s


The new (just completed) fab is OLED only. Google: boe Kunming fab. Lots of info like: and

It’s a joint venture between BOE, the Chinese government, Kopin and Olightek. And they’ve just finished it and are now test running the production lines (see the Kopin conference call transcript I’ve posted before)


The res of the HP is impressive. And for seated apps like Elite and sims, it will be amazing no doubt. But from my experience with the Lenovo Explorer when moving on to FPS games, WMR tracking quite frankly sucks balls. I heard the O+ has a better implementation, can’t say for sure.

It seems the one positive thing of the Rift S is the improved 5 camera tracking solution, so if WMR manufacturers will adopt / improve this too in future, then great.

Until then, I’m looking forward to getting the 5k+ and the release of Pimax controllers / Knuckles with lighthouses, so I can enjoy FPS / Skyrim without maddening constant tracking failures - and I’m not really talking so much about a temporary glitch. That’s annoying, sure. I’m talking about complete loss of one of the controllers (losing menu / movement / weapon in the process) and takes 10 minutes of turning the controller on and off, which can solve it, or otherwise having to quit the game entirely and reload.

This makes multiplayer impossible, and Skyrim impossible to enjoy for more than 15 minutes at a time. I have NiZn batteries for the 1.6V needed, enough but not too much light, an external BT dongle, no 2.4Ghz wifi, and so on…


Maybe the integrated bluetooth makes a diffrence now, and they said something about improved algorithm. Will give you a feedback as soon as the HMD arrives.


Hehe yeah I am getting this baby too ASAP. Getting quite excited about it


The 4k we waited on. Maybe a vive tracker & wands can make it what the vive pro should have been. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Do you guys suspect this will be a good HMD for watching movies?


WMR head tracking is fine, and you can combine that with light houses and vive wands or Knuckles to get perfect tracking of controllers. Might be the best of both worlds (with out the fov of course)


It will be the best one, only complain is the LCD display. But most people are used to lcd tvs so it wont annoy so much


MRTV live now on Reverb and others


I‘d be grateful for any time stamps for the relevant summary of his impressions on the HP Reverb. I tried to watch it but it‘s frankly like watching paint dry, it‘s just a bit too tedious for me to labour my way through 2,5 h if I just want to hear a 5 minute summary…