New HP 4K HMD $599



Just hope hp steps up their game on QA. Staples & Best Buy don’t ask questions when printers & pcs are returned of the HP brand.

My gf bought a $40 wifi hp printer that wasn’t working right tried hp support whom wanted her to pay $200 for support. :flushed::joy:

Which is unfortunate as they used to ne pretty good at one time.


need to hear your review on it soon as you get it, you will get it soon as it comes out right?


2 and half hours long flippin eck, anyone got a summary of his thoughts on the reverb :joy: ?


i put the bluetooth stick on a long extension cable(pc was interfering) and my tracking issues with the lenovo were gone. You have to try it if you can


Funny that noone compared it to the OD+ in terms of SDE,only to 8k. It is LCD, I’m out…
It’s still gonna be one of those compromises.
Wouldn’t worry about WMR tracking though, think of it like a headset that comes with inside out controllers and you’re free to add a LH system. If Vive pro (HMD only) comes at a pricetag of 800$ the HP will still be a bargain (for those that gonna like it)
So tracking is nothing I would include to any comparison, it’s just…not well calculated if people do, at this low price.
So seems that something is always lacking in the list of resolution, SDE, colors and blacks, clarity and bigger FOV of any existing and about to be released headset. As I said I don’t put tracking and comfort into the list since time showed that any headset can be upgraded with little hustle to ones liking. I really disliked any LCD display so far (I’m referrering to overall general use) yes of course there are applications where LCD works absolutely fine also where SDE is easy to for get about. My next HMD needs all of the things in that list checked. Until then I’m good with switching between OD+ and Pimax.


Ah thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a go :+1:


“…you’re free to add a LH system.”

Did I miss something? It’s possible to hook this up to lighthouses? Specifically the HP set? Wasn’t aware it was possible for WMR headsets to easily integrate with other tracking systems :thinking:

That said, I just found this, would have to see if it’s workable or not - anyone tried it?

"This is experimental software and may not work for your setup. It’s well-tested for the Rift with Vive trackers though, with a community of a few hundred users (Discord). It also seems to work for various HMDs (Windows MR, Rift) with Vive controllers and Knuckles prototypes. A quick video of how this works using an old version (~v0.3) is available at"


I’m gonna try that, it seems to be an even easier method than the one that I followed based on @SweViver video. Just in case give this method a shot as well.


Thanks I’ll take a look, have you got a link for that video?



Great thanks! :+1: 2020202020


I would have to buy base stations and wands just for this. lol

I wish Pimax could hack Oculus’ constellation tracking, so that you could use touch with it.


Trouble is the need for wired cams. Cams would be more expensive but what would be maybe neat is RaspberryPI constellation cams relaying tracking info via wireless network cable?

Wonder if Oculus Constelation sdk might help?


I mean, let’s face it…the old oculus tracking is a chapter of the past. LH was superior anyway and with inside out tracking evolving to a absolutely reasonable level there is no place for the old rift sensors anymore. I also doubt that there will be any further development. (Or people trying to use the parts in combination with somehow modded soft/hardware) Admittetly the touch controllers were awesome and probably still the best controllers out there. (But not for long anymore as finaly new competitors gonna hit the markt soon)


interesting hands on :

Its quite tempting to get it but I will stick to my Pimax becouse of tracking , fov and new software features ( saturation adjustment and Brainwarp ) and waiting for 8K - X…


The Reverb looks tempting, VR is steadily improving. :+1:

Summarizing the hands on:

  • approaching perceived resolution of a monitor (I suppose they mean HD)
  • sweet spot is ok but not exceptional
  • FOV on par with Vive
  • tracking of the controllers is limited
  • very comfortable to wear
  • requires minimum a 1070(down sampled) or 1080

I’d guess we won’t see something like Brainwarp or FFR with the Reverb.


Looks good, but FOV and controller tracking (no knuckles support) is the killer for me
Looking forward for more info on the valve index.
knuckels are next gen controllers


Worst thing for me personally is the lack of hardware IPD, I highly doubt my 69-70 IPD will work fine with it. But still, going to get this thing ASAP and see how it works. Maybe a hardware mod with a 3d printer is possible


I think Im in on this. I dont see how the resolution isnt an improvement over the 5k+?
The math says 9.3 million pixels vs the 5k+'s 7.3?
what am i missing?


I dont think your missing anything, also dont forget the 5K+ pixels are spread over a larger area for the bigger FOV, so the Reverb will be much better.