New HP 4K HMD $599



Yes, it is normal :ok_hand:

5K + / 8K = wide FOV :heart_eyes:
Reverb = high resolution :star_struck:
Pimax 4K and all other headsets = you can get rid of them :sunglasses:


Delivery Thursday, June 6 - Wednesday, July 17” according to Amazon, and since Amazon itself is the seller here, this probably is the info that HP has given them.

Two business days left in April so HP might still be able to ‘release in April’ but I’m speculating that the problems that demo versions had weren’t as easy to solve as HP claimed and that this added some delay to the release date.


Yes, as it turned out, they do not have urgent deliveries. All postponed for 1-3 months.
Well, okay. I wonder what will happen next when the next competitor comes out :roll_eyes:


Yeah me too. We have Valve that’s going to introduce their new Index in 3 days, so that’s going to be very interesting, although I’m not expecting the resolution we all want, but who knows, we could be in for a surprise.

Then in 9 days we have Kopin with quarterly earnings and a conference call, where they’ll give us a business update. Last time they announced that BOE’s new gen OLED factory was finished and that they were test-running their mass production lines for their 2k*2k OLED RGB panels, it’s going to be very interesting to hear if those tests were succesful and if they’ve moved on to mass production and when they’ll start shipping. These panels are going to rock the VR scene, so that’s quite exciting.

And then I’m sure Acer isn’t sitting still with it’s OJO so HP is kind of dead meat if they’re really postponing this long …


Yes, Valve made mysterious with its “index”. I hope they do not disappoint. After all, it can take place so that they are just late already …
At the moment, we already have a wide FOV with the top resolution of all existing headsets today.

If they managed to assemble a headset with FOV 135 and with resolution at the HP Reverb level, this would be a tempting offer for everyone …

Otherwise, for FOV I have 8K, and for high resolution I will additionally buy Reverb / Acer / Kopin and so on (depending on the cost and characteristics).


Yes that is true. But we also have the fact we do need to tinker a lot to get it to work properly. also with each new update seems to bring issues with breaking games or other things (google earth not working. The Wizards controls not working etc) . Very annoying. I still can not get my ipd/focus as good as the vive, there are no prescription inserts released and I had to use the DAS from my vive to make it comfortable to use.

While I love the res and fov hard to recommend to any one but the most hard core VR enthusiast ready to take the time and additional hacks to get it to work good. Along with not being able to rely on support for help.

Sad that pimax keeps shooting them selves in the foot
Over a year and half since kickstarter and they still cant seem to get it together


Amazon has updated it’s shipping estimate. Maybe the Reverb won’t be released as soon as expected.



Yes, the new Pimax certainly requires more tweaking than any other VR headset.

But then we have a rich choice for customization. We can adjust the FOV, panel refresh rate, brightness and contrast, IPD. I call it all - rich features for customization that no other VR headset will give :sunglasses:

If you wish, you can select a specific FOV, a certain PiTool Rendering and do not touch anything else, and from time to time only SS in STeamVR can be adjusted, as is the case with other headsets.
(Of course, you will sometimes have to enable Parallel Projections, this is the most inconvenient of settings. But it is needed so that the image in some games does not double. Well, it’s better with her than without her. In WMR headsets, some games from SteamVR are double, they cannot be used … And the Pimax coped with this with the help of PP, which is good)

By the way, on the right in the window the more real terms of sending are shown:



Could also be that the first batch has been sold out.


According to this guy, it will be released within a week now:


I have been watching amazon everyday for this. I have to believe its just delayed. You cant even purchase it from HP yet.


I just noticed that Amazon changed the shipping indication from 2-3 months to ‘Temporarily out of stock’. I think it’s quite possible that that guy on reddit was right and that they’ll start shipping next week. Either way, I’ve just bought it on Amazon (I can always cancel it if it takes too long)


COOL! Cant wait for your review. I like your no nonsense approach to reviews. Are you going to get the Index. Im thinking it wont be much better than the Pimax except for IPD, and maybe better or no distortions.


Orders are backed up to September already


What Oleds??..


Im talking about the Index’s panels


You sure?? I thought that was just Amazon’s “guesstimated” shipping times…
I dont think I can wait that long !


That’s what he means index is not oled. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Oh I though they were similar to vive pro, Ill go back and delete that from my post so nobody reads bad info

Why would anybody pay 1K for low rez(compared to Pimax) LCD panels is beyond me. Maybe the FOV will mesmerize??


The hmd is 499 compared to the 5k+ 699 price.
Also there is a possibly that the ppd will be very close to pimax 5k+’s. They can run at 120hz and have a very low persistence (.330ms) these are not cheap panels