New HP 4K HMD $599



The 120hz is going to be excellent. The PSVR is 120 and super smooth. If FOV is comparable to Pimax’s “Normal” FOV I might just have to demo it


Good news guys, Joanna Popper from HP just confirmed that the first Reverbs have started shipping

Online sales starting the 6th.


Will sure let you guys know, although it will take a while before I’ll have it in my hands (i’m in the caribbean, so that adds 10 days extra to the shipping).

I’m skipping the index. SDE for me is THE most important factor in VR at the moment, so I’m really not interested in the Index.


Hp website now says available May 6


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Just looked at the impressions of Sebastian from HP Reverb at GDC 2019 - it is very encouraging :+1:
He says that this is indeed a leap in high definition. The image is very clarity, high resolution screens + wide sweetspots do their job.

Here he talks about his impressions:

As I understand it, he says that SDE with this headset is in the past. But, he can try hard and see very small pixels. (as far as we remember, in Pimax 4K some people could also see pixels, but nevertheless, it did not make it worse).
That is, according to him, here only a slight memory is left of SDE, which doesn’t bother you at all and looks much nicer compared to other headsets.

Also mentioned is a large sweet spot in the lenses. He says that the lack of an IPD adjustment is not a problem with this headset, since you have a large, clean place on the lenses for viewing!

About FOV interesting.
He said that FOV is really wider than Vive, but that is not a huge difference. And he needs to test for more accurate results.
And this is just incredible! If here the FOV is even a little wider than the Vive, then this is generally very good. (especially bitter to remember my Lenovo Explorer with its muddy lenses, small FOV)

Overall, the HP Reverb looks very good. And he has the best resolution for now :boom:

I watched a few reviews at trade shows. Almost everyone was unanimous and praised HP Reverb, especially for high resolution and clarity … As well as the ease of fit, removable headphones, clean lenses, materials used, and so on.

The only nuances are tracking controllers. Everything is at the same level as in all WMR headsets.
Only HP, like the Odyssey +, has a built-in Bluetooth-adapter, and the controllers by default are already paired with a helmet, which is very convenient.
(In extreme cases, you can connect the index controllers to any headset via Steam-dongle.)

I have a great desire to purchase it, despite the fact that the Pimax 8K suits me in general, and the wide FOV is very good. But I really do not have enough high resolution in it in games such as car simulators. Because the Pimax 8K in terms of clarity and resolution is at the level of the Lenovo Explorer … (I compared it many times and am absolutely sure of that)

Recommendations for such a purchase more than enough, it must justify itself, if you require the highest resolution with the lowest SDE.


I cant seem to locate it on the website, can you put up a link? Thanks!

I did find this but it seems to be for the pro


In this review, the author also talks about a wider FOV.

So I still can not understand how they could achieve a higher width, if the panels of the same size of 2.89 inches (like the previous HP)?
Perhaps due to the lenses .

As I understand it, they reduced the FOV in one eye due to the shape of the lenses, but increased the binocular FOV in some way …

Additionally, HP adjusted the sweet spot of the displays. Ludwig admitted that in the first HP HMD, the sweet spot was a little small and got fuzzy near the edges. Your pupils had to align vertically with the lenses to get the best image. The goal with Reverb, Ludwig said, is to increase clarity, so you can see the resolution, while enlarging the sweet spot. The headset achieves some of this with its head strap, which is supposed to help center the eyes in the sweet spot better for longer use.

Further, the Reverb ditches the symmetrical circular lenses of its predecessor for asymmetrical lenses that are square-shaped with rounded edges, instead of circles, which Ludwig claims also enhances the FOV.

Ludwig noticed that with Fresnel lenses, HP found an inverse relationship between FOV and the lens clarity.

“We went to asymmetric because it allowed us to lower the per eye FOV, which boosts the clarity a bunch and increases the sweet spot about 33 percent. Then we combined both eyes.” Ludwig explained. “Our binocular FOV for both eyes has gone up from 110 to 114 degrees, but we managed to boost the clarity because we lowered the FOV per eye.”

HP Reverb in Action

I wore the Reverb for about 20 minutes and, as mentioned, it was surprisingly comfy. Most VR headsets push down on my nose and/or leave the area around my eyes hot and a touch moist. But my face still felt clean after wearing the Reverb, and the fabric face cushion didn’t stick to my face as I took it off. However, I wasn’t wearing glassing when I tried the Reverb, and the headset’s interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment is through software only.

So, what’s VR look like with 9.3 million pixels? Since HP designed the headset primarily with businesses in mind, I tried out an architecture interior design demo, where I examined different desk textures very closely and was able to see the gradient color and grain in the wood in detail.

In another demo, I played a nurse handing off different medical tools while watching a real-life video of a graphic surgery playing overhead. Again I was met with strong detail as I watched bright red blood ooze out tearing in the skin. It looked only slightly less realistic than if I were watching it on a PC monitor.

Text is also easy to read on the Reverb. In a safety training demo I identified safety hazards and selected their description and subsequent plan of action from a list of choices. The characters on a white background never seemed jittery or blurry. I could see myself reading an entire article on the headset without struggling.

I also tried some games, like The Labs , where the game’s warehouse filled enough of my peripheral where I wasn’t distracted. This is a welcome upgrade from HP’s previous HMD, which had a 100-degree FOV that felt restricted and even induced a sense of tunnel vision in our review.

Online sales will start tomorrow :eyes:


Another small review on HP Reverb from a user with IPD = 68:

I have tried the HP Reverb and it is Awesome!

Don’t believe the haters, I have just tried the HP Reverb and it’s the clearest best looking headset so far for me!

Have not tried any Pimax headset or Valve Index so can’t compare to them, but I have an IPD of 68 mm and it was just perfect.

Both Vive/Vive Pro, Oculus Rift or previous Mixed Reality headsets have been blurry for me even with their physical IPD adjustment.

That’s why I recommend people to try it themselves before making any conclusion.

The Sweetspot in this headset was finally so good that I didn’t think about it anymore! :slight_smile:

The FOV was for me equal to Vive Pro, but of course it doesn’t matter if you have the best FOV if it isn’t any clear FOV!

Maybe the Index is better, but it’s just really nice to see that Virtual Reality is definitely not dead and is just getting better and better! :slight_smile:


Do WMR have some Brainwarp or Motion Smoothing solution?


Yes, WMR headsets have motion reprojections.
But I remember that I didn’t like to include them for some reason, that it was not very smooth.
I do not know how this is the case now.


Bestbuy started listing them:
Amazon already did of course but it’s good to see it pop up now in other stores too.

I just hope it’s not for sale like 10 minutes tomorrow and then sold out again …


Is tomorrow the expected release date? BestBuy show sold out


Interesting Reddit hands on


Yeah, tomorrow official release date


Today I called HP germany sales, they got no information about the reverb yet :frowning:


Nope, it’s not available anywhere it seems. Bummer


Im hoping to order from HP website but its not up there to Buy yet.


Interesting article, while a bit confusing what he talks about the mura…


I can’t even bug them on their support :frowning:

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