New HP 4K HMD $599



Hehe. I sent a message to that HP marketing woman who announced the release date. Also no answer of course


The canadian Amazon actually has one left in stock:

Delivery may 10-15. Seems to be some reseller who is actually quite expensive


Why do they all love to powder brains? :sweat_smile:


I’d say. Lol. Could get a pimax 5k for that price.


Once my 10 mil quid show up, I’ll even get it at this fire sale price. But looks a bit questionable.

I'm the money



Damn! That sounds like another few weeks delay, possibly even more. Not good


On reddit write about May 8th. (which I myself already doubt)


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I just chatted with their sales and they said it’s gonna be released on May 8th. But I feel they were not very sure about it from the way they told me…

Agent (Irish M): “As I’ve checked here the latest update that we have is that the product will be available for purchased on 5/8/2019.”

Me :“So the release date is delayed?”

Agent (Irish M): “What I can do now is to get the best email address so that I we can send you email notification once its available for purchase online.”


Ben’s AMA comment on mura. Doesn’t look to be a good choice for high contrast games like ED…

“From a pure resolution standpoint, Reverb is the clear winner. It offers the best text legibility, sharpest textures, and least aliasing. However, its clarity (the overall quality of the image through the lens) is held back by pretty noticeable mura which makes the things a bit ‘cloudy’. I’m still reserving judgement until I have an Index review unit and can run my own scenarios, but I expect that Index is going to be the top pick among the bunch in terms of clarity”


Sounds like what Ben had said about a couple issues not fixed yet.


Mura is an Oled thing not LCD I guess there are other problems with the headset…
Which could delay this one not only a few days.


Not true can be in both. Originally more lcd.


Yeah if this is a hardware problem that they need to fix, this could take a while …

Tomorrow another interesting day, Kopin is presenting their quarterly earnings and hosting a conference call. I’m sure they’ll touch on the subject regarding the new BOE factory with the 2k * 2k OLED RGB production line. Last time (2 months ago) they said that BOE was test running the production lines, I’m hoping to hear tomorrow that the tests have been successful and that they’re now mass producing those panels as we speak. That would mean we could expect them in new, to be announced, HMD’s in just a few months. I’m guessing/hoping that HTC is going to be the first one to use them, in their upcoming Cosmos HMD. They were the first of the big guys to move onto 1600p resolution with the Vive Pro, so they might be the first of the big guys to move onto 4k. Of course the price will stink though …


Do think Valve would offer a high end version of the Index down the line? I highly dobut it

I was wondering myself if HTC have somthing planned. It’s been radio silence on the cosmos specs and it could be HTC having those meetings with BOE


Yeah I doubt too that Valve is going to release a premium version any time soon. Really too bad, if those guys would have used those new panels, man, this would have been the killer HMD for quite a while …


What bothers me most is that investing in Index you would expect it to be good for three years use. How can they expect 1440p to be the standard in 2022?

HTC needs something to stay in the game. I hope it’s resolution!


Something that Road To VR hit on today was “There’s a considerable amount of chromatic aberration outside of the lenses’ sweet spot”

If thats not an immersion breaker then what is? I know that the PSVR used with the PS4(not Pro) had bad chromatic aberration around the edges on some games but if you stepped up to the PS4 Pro it seemed to mostly eliminate this anomaly. Hopefully most of the cons that Road To VR spoke of with the Reverb can be fixed with some software tweeks before release.


Where has it been officially posted that the HP Reverb launch is delayed because of the issues with the headsets from Ars Technica etc? A far as I have been reading the NA launch is May 8th. EMEA a few weeks time with no actual date yet.


@Century’s post 168 has a reddit saying now may 20th.


By the way, May 8th is the last known date for me :wink: