New Pimax 5K+ & RTX 2080 Ti benchmarks vs 1080Ti & 1070


Hey guys, hope you are doing fine!

I have a new video up you might find interesting. In this video I’m trying out 12 VR games on Pimax 5K+, which are some of the most played and popular FPS games available for VR. I’m doing side-by-side VR benchmarks and comparisons in terms of frame rate and performance, including result charts after each benchmark, comparing the RTX 2080Ti with the GTX 1080Ti and GTX 1070.

More than 4 days spent on this one, I hope you will enjoy! :slight_smile:

00:00 Intro talk
01:15 VR and PC hardware specifications
03:10 Software used and settings
RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 1070 VR benchmark:
04:18 Zero Caliber VR
05:54 Gunheart VR
07:24 A-Tech Cybernetic
08:42 War Dust
09:58 Robo Recall
11:32 DOOM VFR
12:57 Pavlov VR
14:19 Onward
15:30 RAW DATA
16:54 Wanted Killer VR
18:02 Stand Out VR
19:09 Alpha Mike Foxtrot
20:21 End talk & info

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Hey, much thanks for the comparison video!

I notice you are using the Vive controllers? If so, are you taking advantage of the Steam Power Management by using the Vive Link Box. If so I was wondering how you properly connect the Link Box.

Do you connect the Pimax 8K/5K+ into the yellow connections on link box, then connect link box to PC via USB and HDMI


dont plug anything into the Yellow connections on link box and simply connect the link box to the PC with just the USB(or USB and HDMI).


EDIT. This has been answered for me. You simply connect the USB to your PC and connect power to the Link Box. This way the Link Box acts as the Bluetooth Dongle for Steam Power Management to work properly. Power Management will automatically turn off your Vive base stations when you close out Steam VR


Interesting that some games seem to run well on the 1070. Gives me some hope that, if some games work on a 1070 laptop, maybe some will be OK on my 980 PC, which is (GPU aside) quite a powerful beast.


Very Nice video.

If you are making one for sim games next, plz include iRacing and Assetto Corsa!


You connect the linkbox to your PC via USB and have it powered via the included DC adapter.

That way it acts as a Bluetooth dongle to manage the basestations.

The 5K+ is connected directly to the GPU via DP and to the motherboard via USB.


Ok very cool, thanks much for the info!


looks like rtx 2080 is optimal, giong to switch to that now instead of 2080ti.


For what purpose? The 2080 is just remotely better than the 1080Ti.


I meant over 2080ti, i prefer 2080 to 1080ti due to virtual link and lower power consumption, it’s essentially the same buy benchmarks wise.


Im not using the link box actually as my LH are on 24/7 :slight_smile: The power management works with the link box as far as I know (tested back in m1 beta) but its not working without it yet. Except for the controllers turning off after 3 minutes of inactivity…


The 2080Ti is better than 1080Ti in many cases but the performance increase is not really in proportion with the price difference unfortunately :thinking:


yeah you mentioned 2 games where the 2080ti is the best to enjoy it, but maybe lowering an in-game setting would make more sense, in some other games like doom VFR you said it was just as good with 1080ti.

seems like its more a gpu utilisation issue, I am happy to lower in game settings in some games and keep the 2080 over 2080ti.

basically people want to know if 2080 or 2080ti is the best option for the next 2 years, no one is going to buy a 2070 for the pimax 5K+. this is assumed the new GPU architecture is being bought once the 10xx stock has gone.


added to Reviews under your name. :blush:


see @Fresco has tested on 980ti & @Ludx tested 1060 6g with decent results


Like @SweViver I don’t use the vive linkbox for LH management. I have used for a couple years now a little dc on off switch at the light house and only turn them on when using them. Here is a link for the part.

$4.95 us from amazon


Another good job Swe. I love the way you squeeze so much info and details into your speed-read script!

It seems like you are focusing on the 5k+ which is understandable since that is the HMD you are recommending but please don’t forget about the 8k. You and others have me leaning heavily toward the 5k+ but I just can’t give up totally on the 8k. In fact if Pimax gives us the added FPS modes (72hz and 60hz) and I could get my system (i5 at 4.5Ghz, 1080ti Gaming X w/factory OC) to achieve 72hz then I might still get that one for better SDE and color. Problem is, my favorite sim (rF2) is an FPS killer… but 72 just might be possible.


can you benchmark a vive pro on the 1070 and keep the pimax 5K+ for the 2080, at least then we know how well you can run the game on those VR headsets, as it’s obvious by now no one is going to use a 1070 for the pimax.


Vive uses HDMI connectors everwhere, while Pimax uses Displayport. So no way to connect Pimax to Vive link box.


Hey @SweViver can you please do a vorpx demo for dark souls 3 and test the performance? there’s a first person mod for it here
if you can ask @mixedrealityTV if vorpx works with cybershoes and cover it in the video that would be good since I know that it has its own software, although i’m not sure if it plugs into steamvr or if it can run independent of it.


So, if you’re running a 2080ti, would you lean towards the 5k+ or 8k now?