New Pimax 8K not tracking




If you examine the permissions of the “lighthouse” folder, you will see it’s Full Control for the user that installed it, but Read Only for other “Users”. Just change the permissions for Users to have full control and you can now switch users without deleting or restarting anything and it works.

Pimax: Please make this standard in new builds so we don’t have to solve this each time.

@SweViver @Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


Nice find @CodeGrue:+1::wink:


Hi, backer 42 here,

I am pleased to share an update: I received a functioning 8K pimax and so far it has been working wonderfully for the past few weeks. My first impressions are excellent with the wide field of view and the high resolution being quite impressive.

I am quite delighted: thank you to pimax and everyone on the forum that helped. There was some hurdles and delays in the customer support but this is a young company and I’m happy that I got a working product in the end.

Cheers !


@Doman.Chen I see that you have been very successful in resolving the base station tracking issues… I recently received my base station and everything looks like its working but my headset shows not tracked no matter what I delete or reset as posted in this thread. Perhaps you can assist me please?


send me a private message please.