New Pimax Amazon online store launches Today!



Hi, VR futurists in Australia,

We are happy to announce that our new Amazon store launches in Australia today and the first batch of 48 units of Pimax 5K Plus has arrived at Amazon warehouse already. The items will be fulfilled by Amazon and customers will enjoy professional and prompt shopping experience at

We have received great support from you guys and we really appreciate it. To express our gratitude, we would like to give a 10% discount off the first batch of Pimax 5K Plus VR Headset. And please also let us know your ideas or any other requirement you have, we will continue to improve the shopping experience on this store, thanks again.

Discount code: PIMAXVR2019
Qty: 48 units

Best regards,
Pimax VR E-commerce Team

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While im pretty annoyed its been months since any sort of update on accessories/modules (most headsets have been shipped for many months, surely some work has started on them). I am still happy you guys are expanding and setting up all the infrastructure needed to thrive as a business.

As an australian im pretty happy i backed. Because while it has certainly been a rocky road, this price for just the 5k headset is almost how much i paid for an 8K full package + hand tracking module (i think it was like $1230 at the time)


Good day, @Dallas.Hao
Can you please update a Hand motion module sales status?
I have to purchase one for my current project.


Hi, it’s AU$1169.99 actually, almost US$820 and then minus 10 percent discount is US$732 that is less than the amount of the order at pimax official store for Australian customers now. It seems that the original price is higher than official store, but if you considered the logistics fee, GST tax, 12% Amazon commission, FBA service, this price plus discount is a good deal for AU customers :wink:


Please let me know when I will get my 100 refund.


You now have a native American working for you @PimaxUSA, why didn’t you ask him to at least have a quick look at the text you’ve used for the ad? It’s quite bad in its current form.

FOV: Diagonal 200°

I do not think so (All the diagonal FOVs of Pimax 5k+).


Will there be an Amazon store for United States?


I think the Amazon store 5K+ specs have an error. It lists a proximity sensor, which has been dropped. It’s on the last line of the Product Specs.


Great news! …for anyone who orders one now. I pre-ordered on 27 Oct 2018 and am still waiting. Thanks for the kick in the guts Pimax :frowning:


Are you planning to sell on or Amazon Canada any soon?? I’ll be more then happy to be a 5k plus headset if the possibility presents!


you are not alone.
I ordered the same day 27 oct 2018 8k.


That calculation is completely f*cked up - horizontal and diagonal is almost the same which is nuts.
Just using plain old Pythagoras gives you 190 degrees on Large FOV.


How would you use Pythagoras?


The same way I’d use it to calculate the diagonal for a TV, given I know the base and the sides. It’s a rectangle, isn’t it?
horizontal^2 + vertical^2 = diagonal^2

Should be a pretty close approximation.


When you do calculation for the TV, you use the dimensions of the panel, not angles at which you observe the panel. Pythagorean theorem addresses the sides of the right triangle, i.e. the planar object. When dealing with FOV you are calculating angular dimensions in 3D. totally different thing.

If you do not understand the difference, imagine your TV. If it has for example 55" diagonal, and 16:9 panel, it would mean that its dimensions will be 47.9 x 27 inches. Does it mean that you see your TV at 55° diagonal FOV and 47.9° horizontal and 27° vertical FOV? I hope not. And if you get closer? I hope you see the disconnect in the thinking.