New Pimax March 17th Announcements: Lighthouses in production!



From Sebastian Ang’s (@mixedrealityTV) last interview with Kevin Anderson (@PimaxUSA):

Pimax says it will produce new ruggedized (RE) headset versions, dubbed Pimax “8K” RE, “5K” Plus RE and “5K” OLED RE, the latter of which is patterned after the Pimax “5K” XR (ex-“5K” BE).

The new line will offer numerous hardware ruggedization features intended for high-traffic venues such as location-based entertainment (LBE) facilities, and education/training institutions.

Ruggedization features include water resistance, a new foam insert, rigid headstrap, and thicker cabling.

But they are more expensive: about 500 dollars more. Already with the crown headstrap, etc…

Henderson additionally told Road to VR that the new RE line will feature greater shock tolerances, more robust components, metal buttons, higher lifespan switches, and accessories including a cover that can go over the front of the headset for greater protection in high-traffic environments.

They will release a new Pitool version with the Brainwarp 1.0 next week, with optimizations of different things… that will already be a first version that will replace the others.
Brainwarp will create “delta” frames, inserted when the fps go down: from 45 fps would go to 90 fps.
This pitool version has fixed foveated rendering for nVidia working, which would give 13% more frames.
This week Sebastian will test the crown headstrap?
A new program with developers to optimize the most popular games will start also this week.
The manufacture of Lighthouses 2.0 has begun! They could be here in two weeks!
Lighthouses would get here before the controls, because they do many control trial versions.
They don’t know whether to release the lighthouses or wait a month and send lighthouses and controllers. Something to discuss here, in the forum.
They won’t show the controllers on the GDC.

Summary at 25:40:

What about the updates on the other components?

Great news !

I for one hope for better Oculus support.


Blessed are those who wait.


@PimaxUSA will the rugged version supersede the normal cracking version and thus become the new normal version?


They said 3 weeks maybe for the light houses. backers & pre orders that already ordered them will get them first. Also said they will be taking a poll to see if these people want them before the controllers are done (3 months?)


What’s the US service center phone number again O_o


Another too optomistic view i think lol


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA What about different lens design with less cantered displays to remove eyestrain problems? Instead of 10 degrees angled try 5 degrees?

It’s not a neccessary tradeoff to have eyestrain on a Ultrawide fov headset because of the angled/cantered displays, have a look at StarVRone and XTAL, people haven’t reported getting eye strain with those headsets.


Meanwhile, backer 3550 is still waiting his headset :frowning:


Looks like another production direction with higher priority than backers list?


Not from me; view the summary.


i still await mines as well so your not alone


I already have 2 stations 1.0. And i have backed with my 5k+ one station.
Which advantages have the Station 2.0 ?
Only a bigger tracking zone?


i realise not from you but we know how optomistic pimax are and how they fall short all the time on dates


A much larger tracking area, which in the future can be expanded without limits by adding new stations. It is now limited to 100 square meters with four stations. But tracking is also more robust, each laser identifies the station from which it comes.


i wish our cases off the pimax where the RE Pimax HMD,so we dont have the cracking


Won’t Pimax just order a large quantity of 2.0 lighthouses from some vendor (Valve?) than try to manufacture by themselves so there should not be any delays for HMD manufacturing.


What’s the reason to help Pimax if Vive still does not sell lighthouses for their users?


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA If you had one lighthouse in the KS pledge can we use the $100 voucher from the 8k -> 5k+ change to add a second lighthouse in the survey?


The problem was, precisely, that Pimax did not manufacture them and the company that makes them did not sell them in the quantity and price they wanted.
I’d like to know how Pimax has solved this problem.