New Pimax March 17th Announcements: Lighthouses in production!



Would assume either the company is now selling them or, as the Lighthouse 2 specification is an open one - Pimax went else where for manufacturing.

Great news non the less, on all counts.


I’d say wait until the whole package could be sent. (in one month? awesome sauce)
I think there will be very few cases where people don’t have lighthouses but do have controllers.
Even those who have both will not really benefit from having the 2.0 lighthouses.

Though I really have to wonder what it means that they are “in production”. I was under the assumption the basestations would just be re-sold from Valve? Does Pimax have the blueprints and license to create them now?


Being very, very optimistic, two weeks for the stations and one more month for the controllers.
I also believed that the stations were manufactured by a company that works for Valve; but I remember that LG made its own stations for their LG UltraGear prototype, as did the Russian company Deus for their Odin headset.


Judging by past actions, it is highly unlikely that the LHs and controllers will be delivered when suggested. This is not necessarily a bad thing but backers and customers would do well to learn the fine art of Expectation Management. Consequently, I would prefer each new product to be sent out as soon as its ready. It doesn’t require a lot of foresight to imagine the outrage when controllers are delayed (which they will be) while Pimax are still physically hanging on to your LHs because you wanted these all delivered together. Everyone will get twisted in knots changing their minds and begging Pimax to ship their LHs immediately because the controllers are taking too long. Remember that once they do “ship” it will likely take another month to reach you.


I had the same idea.

@ Pimax: Do you think that would be possible?


I’m really sceptical Pimax are making these themselves.

I suspect Valve have gone into full production mode centred on there own HMD ramp up and Pimax are along for the ride. Surely if Pimax we’re making their own they would need weeks of testing just as Valve tested theirs. Look how long it’s taken Pimax to produce the Headstrap which has limited electrical parts to see where I’m coming from.

Can @PimaxUSA confirm either way if Pimax are manufacturing these themselves?


Don’t get you hopes up they previously said they were contractually obligated by valve to only sell base stations in bundles.


I know, but worth asking. Let’s call it the KS bundle, I’ll just upgrade my pledge and remove a coupon :slight_smile:


Believe it or not the rigid audio headstrap is a difficult thing… Can’t get into depth on the road to the solution but the LH are indeed now being produced in quantity. Your speculation on why is way off though. The design is already well tested so no worries there.


If Pimax were building their own there would be no reason to deny it or avoid answering the question.


Are there any plans to produce semi-rigid, headphone-less headstrap, like CV1 headstrap? I understand it is probably very early for all of this, but I really hope oculus-like headstrap will be available one day for Pimax :slight_smile:

Also, even if V2 of bases are coming, hopefully quality tracking in V1 will still be a priority. I know a person who went back to gyro tracking after tracking loss in a race, reliability of tracking needs to be addressed.


Previously Pimax mentioned the headphones would be detachable. But that may have changed.


Question is how detachable? Will there be plastic sticking out of the strap, or will it be like CV1, where strap is flat where phones used to be? I do not like rigid headstraps, I only tried Odyssey though. Ideally I’d like current Pimax strap simply made of different material, like what CV1 uses, no knobs, no adjustments. But detachable headphones would be appreciated for sure in any case.


Can we get some confirmation that the new lighthouses will work with old Vive controllers? Because the lighthouse 2.0 standard says that the 2.0 lighthouses aren’t compatible with any 1.0 devices at all. So if the Pimax lighthouses do support old Vive controllers, that would mean they are some sort of hybrid device. If not, then getting the Pimax lighthouses will invalidate any existing Vive controllers we have, so waiting to get the Pimax controllers bundled with the lighthouses would be the better option.


So is there any idea of pricing? I mean you are producing lighthouses and planning on sending them out before knuckles. How will you handle the costs? What if the production is way more expensive than presumed? Someone could alredy have received LHs when the price comes out and say “never would have bought at this price… “ you know what I mean.


Base Stations 2.0 use sync on beam rather than flashing LEDs so I would say no Vive controllers will not be compatible with 2.0 otherwise you might as well use BS1.0.

The whole advantage of BS2.0 are less moving parts and lower cost.


I asked for clarification since the Pimax representative in the video said he thought they would be compatible. The first prototype Pimax lighthouse they showed was a hybrid, it had the extra LEDs needed to support 1.0 controllers.


I had 2 HMD none cracking and if you look at the picture of my package it shows they can take a beating. I would guess that the cracking might be due to bad production of the plastic housing. (Chemically or while bringing into form) - none the less the issue must be taken care of. Just saying the normal housing can be quite good if done right.


my vote is to send the lighthouses before the controllers. The onboard tracking gives me quite a bit of motion sickness. I can still play all the sims without controllers.


Actually no. Because for the steamvr room set-up (to calibrate the basestations) - you need controllers :slight_smile: