New Pimax March 17th Announcements: Lighthouses in production!



I really hope they are. Quite a lot of us have problem with audio jack so we will probably need to use external headphones.


Well @PimaxUSA I hope Pimax isn’t just (illegally) copying the V2.0 lighthouses.
That could make Gabe a sad boi.


Why illegaly? It’s opened since 2016.


This is My First HMD™, and as such I have no controllers, nor lighthouses. I would personally prefer if the lighthouses could be sent when ready, as my game of choice for VR at the moment is Elite Dangerous; whilst this is a cockpit game, being able to move my point of view will allow so much more to be seen, particularly reading the ‘message received’ panel, and galaxy map panels.

As I see it, for backers there is no loss associated with sending lighthouses first, then controllers when ready, but potential gain - especially if there are issues with controllers that cause delays. Not all games require controllers but would benefit from lighthouses - even if it is just to counter gyro drift.


Is it? I didn’t know that. So anyone can manufacture the lighthouses no questions asked?


Have no idea about lighthouses specifically, but SteamVR tech is open for free for all hardware developers.


Yeah ok well I was just a bit worried because Kevin seemed to be quite secretive about the lighthouses.


Perhaps because of even Vive itself has some situation with whole Tracking 2.0. It’s released but almost not available.


As far as I know, Valve produces any lighthouse product itself. Meaning that they are the reason for the delay.


I am thoroughly nonplussed that Pimax is considering asking us whether we might want the lighthouses shipped first or bundled with the controllers. Because I know how it will play out in the end. They’ll put out a survey, lose the results and wind up doing whatever they feel like despite anything we might have to say. So they might as well just make the decision themselves and save everybody a lot of grief and forum drama.


What I wanna know is how they improved upon them/added tech.


Will the rigid audio headstrap and thicker face foam be introduced to new orders of original Pimax 5K plus and 8K or at least come as upgrade accessories?


Engineering samples of SteamVR Tracking 2.0 compatible base stations are available now upon request. You may make your request via email. The early engineering samples (EV2 and EV3) have a blinker for backwards compatibility and can be tested with the Vive and any other tracked objects.

i also remember a comment in a video that the final design still contains this option and a OEM could use it if wanted - but cant remember where and when this was


I think that information is slightly out of date.


it tells that you can’t get a lighthouse 2.0 unit with that backward compatibility atm as the units from valve coming with vive pro’s don’t have “blikers” but its possible to incorporate that if a company produces lighthouse 2.0 units this way, at least its not impossible for a lighthouse 2.0 unit, its only no one is that much interested in that feature for now (and maybe never will)


So… has there been any news on the when and so of the Base Stations and Controllers? I thought the GDC would bring us that…


some backers told us that they prefer purchase base station or controllers separately.

What would you prefer?


Do you mean purchase or ship?

I backed full package (with lighthouse and controllers). Even through controller is not ready, I would still prefer to get light house ASAP.


The bases are important, as they improve immersion and prevent dizziness, even if you only have the headset.
It’s also important that the module for prescription glasses be sent ASAP too, but please, make it compatible with the eye tracking module.


The ideal would be together… To have a total experience.

Send it together if the wait of time is not excessive.

I prefer to wait 15 more days and receive everything together.

A different thing would be to have to wait another 2 months to receive it together.

Then it is better to send the headlights now and wait to receive the controllers later.

It all depends on how long it is.

Can you tell us about the shipping schedule?

Option 1: all together. Estimated date

Option 2: Separate estimated dates.

Without forgetting an update regarding the rest of the components… Headset, eyed tracking, etc…

Thank you @Dallas.Hao