New Pimax March 17th Announcements: Lighthouses in production!



If the eye tracking module is ready, better send it as soon as possible too, to start testing pitool versions that, taking advantage of it, could improve performance, image and correct the distortion.


If the lighthouses are available before controllers, then I’d definitely like to have them shipped early.


I prefer the bases as soon as possible.


I would like the bases asap also, if only to stop gyro drift (I must have something in my room upsetting the magnetic field/feng shui).


I also prefer to receive the lighthouse as soon as they are available, I think we are already late enough to continue waiting eternally.


Finally, I’ve been waiting for headlights and controllers since the day they brought the headset, that I can not play countless games because I do not have other headlights or controls.

Much encouragement PIMAX.


I want everything as soon as possible. If it is ready, send it. Part by part.


Send items as soon as they are ready, at least for kickstarter backers. I don’t want to wait a year to get all the accessories when they’ve become worthless because a new headset or third party accessory has been released that obsoletes them.


Yes please send me my lighthouse units as soon as possible please .


I didnt have a vive before, so i dont have basestations yet.
Would love for my basestations to be sent as soon as possible.
Also hasn’t the hand tracking module been complete for a while now? can you send those with the basestations for people that bought them both.


I need my Lighthouses ASAP plz! =]


I mean purchase, i would like to know the purchase preferance about base station and controllers.


Yeah, of course. 20 character


I’m planning to keep updating the status of R&D modules and listening the suggestions from backers


so some backers have demands to have base stations alone?


I need my Base Station asap please


Yes i think so, because otherwise they have to use their hmd without lighthouses for months.
Will there be an option to buy controllers only on the website?


Yes I believe that there are a lot of backers that would be happy to have their lighthouse units sent before you have the controllers finished .


I would like to be able to buy additional lighthouses separately.


It should be possible to purchase separately as replacements might be needed in future and then you don’t want to pay for the full set. But bundles should exist too (2 BS + 2 controllers).