New Pimax March 17th Announcements: Lighthouses in production!



@Dallas.Hao We need Pimax to give us a schedule, where are you with each of the pieces ? or you could get 1000’s of individual requests. The prescription VR frame and additional face cushion appear to be less challenging to give a date on.


I think it’s Cristal clear that backers want the BS now and don’t want to wait until q3 or whenever the controllers are ready???



For when?

Because we want to know the expected shipping dates on the remaining components we still need to receive.

Headset, base stations, knuckle controls, eyed tracking, etc…

And above all to know the final design of the controls.

You can publish an update with all this, images, videos, etc …

Thank you


I would like more controllers. (I have one base station from Vive, bought last year, it works great with 8K).
But I can not play in anything with the controllers, but I really want to.
Vive controllers do not suit me in principle.

But, for the operation of the Pimax controllers, the same V2 stations are required, as far as I understand. Therefore - yes, we need everything at once, otherwise - there is not much point in getting controllers without V2 stations …

I also hope for the rest of the accessories of stretching goals.

And I would like to receive a 8K-X discount coupon for supporters when it comes out :sunglasses: :beers: :star_struck:


I think you can use V2 (Pimax) controllers with V1 basestation. The other way - V1 controller and V2 basestation doesn’t work.


For some reason I always thought that all controllers and different stations are not compatible. But in fact, it turns out that only V1 controllers are not compatible with V2 stations? And V2 controllers are compatible with all stations, it turns out.

Well then fine, I need controllers first and foremost, in that case :beers:


yes exactly, why in this late stage of the development more than a year after the kickstarter, can we not get a better idea as to when controllers and basestations will be available!! besides these vague predictions of “3rd quarter”.

Pimax, do you realise that you will lose customers to Valve because you are taking WAY WAY too long to finally release what you promised in October 2017 !! I am a full package backer and I will probably STILL get the valve controllers when released soon (if they are compatible). That’s the position Pimax has put us in…in order to get the VR immersive experience that Pimax always intended it to be.

@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA @Heliosurge


About the Shipment:
for me it depends on the time line …

if we are talking like 4-5 weeks between the base station and the Controllers I would rather have them shipped together - mainly to reduce the workload and problems separate shipments will impose.

If it takes longer like 8, 10 or more weeks I would prefer the base stations first since that is quite a time span and i might try to get some used vive ones or the like

so as stated before it would be great to have some infos to make a choice…

edit: in short it is the same as @Jam-gino also said before …


Agreed but in part Valve is the reason in part behind some of the delay. What sense would it be to release controllers without the lighthouses?

Only those with Vive LHes would be able to use them.

Now we at least know why Valve was screwing everyone over with Lighthouse V2.0 availability. To stockpile for their own headset & controller release. Just when Valve was getting 3rd parties to use their tracking system; they pulled the rug out. Likely to give themselves a boost at launch.

Now if pimax is smart & Valve not causing further delays on pimax getting LHes they should aim to at least have a parallel release of controllers & LHes.

@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR


I understand your point, and yet at least those currently with at least one Vive LH would be having a much better gaming experience if Pimax controllers had been released earlier… I’m curious as to the percentage of Pimax users who currently have one or more LHes.


Yeah but as we have observed they are at least using the time to further refine the design. The delay has likely some benefits to ensure a better cross compatability since now knuckles are properly working in pitool.

But agreed they need to step up things. Especially the headstrap; which has been a center peice of main complaints in proffessional & regular user reviews. And of course easy face foams.


Don’t forget my 10 meter cable :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Due to the fact Pimax didn’t hold their promise I had to buy a used vive.

This is money (300€) I could have spent on upgrading my GPU instead, and I will now also have to bother reselling this vive again when pimax will “finally” send the 2 LH I have paid for a looooong time ago now…

But looking how slow this is going (1 month after mass production of v2 LH has been announced there is still not a single LH sent to backers…) I will certainly make use of that used vive (2 controllers & 2 LH) for a long time until pimax can finally send the v2 LH.

And if they are asking backers if they prefer the LH to be sent asap or wait for controllers, that means controllers will still take a looooong time before they enter in production and can be sent to backers too.


@Dallas.Hao bro when are the controllers coming


We can speculate a lot - and that is the problem - just some information on the status or process would be a lot to clear things!!
It might cause a thunderstorm here or there… but the air will be cleaner afterwards


yes but why would Pimax change now when consistently in the past they have either proped up their postion with pie in the sky estimates of delivery or …practised radio silence. It’s business as usual in Pimax land.




indeed, it’s now a month and counting.


The question is how many people can benefit from V2 LH’s with no controllers? Because these are V2 LH’s it diminishes the scenarios.


I don’t know how many users that would be but nonetheless users with Vive Pro controllers, Knuckle dev kits or racing/flight sim equipment would immediately benefit from V2 lighthouses. Valve Index controllers (knuckles) are due to ship in June which also benefit from V2 lighthouses.

With the timeframe that the Pimax lighthouse/controller bundle are likely going to ship out, it’s very likely that I’ll cancel my preorder and go for Valve Index Controllers and lighthouses from Valve.