New Piplay


After seeing the description of the update, I am intrigued by point number 3.

3. Increase compatibility with Pimax 4K pro

What is Pimax 4K pro?
Is someone so kind to describe what product it is?


Good question. @PM_Sean @xunshu


Pimax 4k with fireball logo.
It is sold as a business model in Korea.
It has been sold under the name pimax 4k pro and has recently been changed to pimax pro.

MonsterVR - Space Top Vulcan VR


Interesting Res but more on par with Gen1 headsets (rift/Vive)

2160*1200 same res. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Then we could say that it is another different version of the pimax 4K.
Different from this version:

I have this version, Pimax B1a


Whats more important is if it’s better with the ghosting now! @Enopho
Asking the head Piplay/driver tester here :smiley:


I will be back home this Friday… Having a mid week ski break at Whakapapa New Zealand, the replacement clips pimax sent me arrived on Tuesday morning the day I was going up the mountain. So will test the piplay version on Friday night or Saturday afternoon, depends how knackered I am when I get home.

Cheers to @Pimax-Support for sending me replacement clips!

I will resume testing shortly



Hi @Pimax-Support, @xunshu

Feedback on the latest version install

when opening piplay and clicking on the ‘Check Update’ the new version was found and prompted to download. the download text was in Chinese with no English text. (this is purely the download at this stage)

when it finished downloading, the ‘Start Install’ prompt was behind the piplay splash screen, so without minimising the piplay splash screen i would not know to install, in fact on clicking the ‘check update’ button again it was prompting me to download the update a 2nd time… i obviously did not do this and minimised the splash screen to get to the install option.

ran the install and the url paths were in English (which is good), accepted the defaults… and i noticed they also picked up my previous installation paths as well… well done!

install went through pretty well, no errors (did not disable antivirus and had no virus warnings and it never killed any processes)

Note the final popup after installing says that there are 4 points that this update addresses… the last part of the 3rd point is missing - as shown below and the 4th point is missing altogether!

I will run some test on performance in my go to game (Elite Dangerous) and report findings. Note i am using the latest Nvidia Drivers now.



after spending a bit of time in ED i can say that there are some things that have improved and some that have not changed and 1 thing that has worsened.

1st the good points.

the overall clarity has improved, i will be trying to tweak my ipd next as sometime between versions the ipd needs to be changed, but the settings in ED have not changed, still running in ULTRA quality and the edges are cleaner and smoother and colours as well as general contrast seems better. the colours pop for me now… in fact i needed to turn them down a little.

the overall fps has not dipped nor has it gotten better, although each person may find individual differences based on your in game settings so may have a different experience.

the ghosting that has plagued the 4k is still there unfortunately. i was hoping that the combination of this piplay version and latest nvidia drivers would help improve it, sadly no.

now the bad…

there is only 1 worse thing i can see, the distortion when looking up/down ‘bends’ so for instance when docked in a station and sitting on a landing pad, and i glance up and down the stations structure seems to bend around my vision.

final thoughts.
improved brightness/colour - excellent in dark games and those people who struggle with the overall brightness of the hmd. hopefully tweaking the ipd may have some impact on the distortion profile on this version, i will test it tonight and let you know.

UPDATE: just redid my IPD, and it now has been reduced from the previous setting of 62 to 57.5, it has improved the distortion but has not got rid of it completely.



Awesome update Eno! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@JoseJ Pimax Pro has a 2.5K CLPL screen, and now we sell it in China not involve oversea temporarily.
Pimax Pro also has different screen material from B1A as you know @crony. But their ID is the same.
It is a lower pricing but better quality product.

Pimax Pro - CLPL Screen, released in Korea

Wow, Good news @PM_Sean.
Thank you.
I will buy if possible.:grin:


Thanks :+1: @PM_Sean
More information about price and its sale in Europe?


@PM_Sean when are we going to hear more on the blue controllers tracking system shown in @crony 's post & demo video on youtube?

Pricing & availability?


So, the pro is basically the same screen that they use in the 5k?


@crony Do you think the 8k would work with the lenses from your diy dual display prototype HMD? Those lenses look like they have a huge sweet spot.


Perhaps the magnification and focal length will be different, but will see through the lens and must expect that there will be barrel distortion.
However, I do not intend to make such an attempt.
I am planning to enjoy the pimax 8k made by pimax as it is.
It will be worth it. lol


Just asking hypothetically. You can modify the profile in Steam VR, so I was just curious, because those looked like nice lenses.


If you look at the phone screen through the lens, it will be a wonderful experience.
Just try it.
However, you should expect to see the difficulty of aligning the center and the diffraction of the light and the tint, because it is a way of stacking two lenses.


@JoseJ not on sale in Europe presently.

Tried to install PiTool latest version, getting OPENSSL error