New Piplay


OK thanks for that… Was on my to do list when I got home from work :slight_smile:


thanks Ziher, the extra brightness worked a treat!



played my fav game ED using that new brightness setting (Thanks for that tip @ziher) and wow it made a huge difference, was seeing things in the game i never saw before!! wow

i was thinking about this brightness and something i’m going to try in that reg key. it seems that the min/max level are set so it wont increase above 4… fair enough… but what if the min level started at 2? will it get to 5 as a max for instance? or if the min level was 3… will the max go to 6?

might be worth checking, so thats my plan tonight when im home from work :slight_smile:


Thank you for pointing out image improvements in new Piplay version :slight_smile: , everything is sharper now with better colors compared to 2.0.7
Don’t think altering values will work, hardware probably has only 4 predefined levels.


so i tried starting min/max brightness in registry, no dice… looks like 4 is the max no matter what you start at… never mind


"post deleted issue solved’