[New Piplay] Beta version1.2.57 of Piplay is available for downloading


Piplay Beta version 1.2.57, updated on 07/04/2017
Downloading link: https://mega.nz/#!YdIHgArY!QnaLxdKDLTmo-NakFaeg6eCancgvARvuKkDEnsLptSE
Change logs:

  1. fixed a issue of file path could not select in some PCs.
  2. fixed a issue of messy code occured in installation or Piplay interface.
  3. added a function of loading Steam games to Piplay automatically.
  4. fixed a issue of Piplay server stopped when added local videos.

Firmware update:
a. fixed a issue of unsteable connection under situation of Oculus installed in PC.
b. other small bugs.

Notes: We’re continuously optimizing this Beta version, the further version will come soon.

Released version 1.2.53, updated on 15/03/2017
Downloading link: https://mega.nz/#!MFxkERKR!hVd1pdV6c_FE44GxAUMJQQXoHCUrpg_2pDAyxxZxtmA
Change logs:
a. add tips of closing anti-virus software in installation, avoiding Piplay files were killed.
b. add function of importing local games & videos and play function.
c. add “Recenter” function in interface of Piplay.
d. add function of selecting the default VR player in setting(MAXVR could not by supported at present).
e. build-in Panoramic Player changed to AutoplayVR.
f. add “Reset config” in setting.
g. add automatically load OC Home games.
h. temporarily turn off downloading of panorama, which could be opened by Player.
i. add feature of help tutorials in interface of Piplay.
j. optimize connection of Steam VR.
k. unify modes, cancel “Extend mode”, keep “Pimax mode”and “Video mode”.
l. repair disconnection issue of some configuration scenes.
m. optimize connection of laptop.
n. optimize performance of games.

Modes instruction
Pimax mode: support for playing games and panoramic videos.
-----------------games content: Piplay, Steam, OC Home & DK1 & DK2.
-----------------videos content: standard 2D, 3D videos; 180, 360 degrees panoramic videos.
Video mode: support KODI player only, for watching 2D, 3D videos.

Known issues at present
a. default resolution of Piplay is 2560*1440, it may occur gray-screen of Pimax in low graphics configuration scene when modes switched. Please replug HDMI cable of Pimax to resolve.
b. if the patch KB2670838 is not installed, which cause games could not be opened and panoramic games could not be used, please install it.
c. if PC installed many decoders, which may occur the decoder could not call by Autoplay and then result black screen issue, please change decoder setup to resolve.


a. add function of opening local content(videos&games) directly, Recenter and Help Tutorials in interface of Piplay.

b. add automatically load OC Home games and import local content. (OC Home is needed)

c. add “Reset config” and select panoramic players

Online automatic update
Normally Piplay itself would check update automatically when it’s opened, which would be influenced by local network.
Notes: Please run it as Administrator if Piplay has not updated for a long time.

Released version 1.2.33, updated on 24/01/2017

Hi Guys,

Along the way, we are grateful for your enthusiasm and support. In the new year, we plan to make a new revision of Piplay which would bring many comfortable and easy-to-use changes, meanwhile it may still have some bugs needed to be resolved then. We sincerely hope you guys could warmly discuss and speak out in this post : )

We both enclose mega sites of revision “PiSetup_1.2.33_x64” and previously released version “PiSetup_1.1.92”. In case, please rollback to 1.1.92 if Pimax occured irreversible issues of 1.2.33.

Released version 1.1.92: https://mega.nz/#!FJYgCYSS!aBSsl_GD3bQd9EPSx1VDma5LTDJ68P_q6JilarrkBhM

We are back from vacation! Please leave your feedback here or in Github: https://github.com/pimax-vr/piplay/issues

PiMAX Team

  1. Update logs
    a. Optimize rendering algorithm, improve smoothness and comfort of VR games.
    b. Support to run other Oculus games in Pimax mode.
    c. Combine previous extend mode and direct mode to Pimax mode only. Pimax mode as a default mode, remove selection of modes in Piplay interface .
    d. All PC configuration support SteamVR (not sure for partially operations environment).
    e. Default as 2K resolution(medium and low-end PC could switch to 1K if occurred pressure of 2K rendering).
    f. New function of recenter, push-button reset for SteamVR games.

  2. Testing environment
    a. Fulfilled tested environment: Win7, Win8.1, Win10 with Only NVIDIA card or only AMD card or only Integrated Graphics; Integrated Graphics + Discrete Graphics, Integrated Graphics + AMD card.
    b. Preliminary tested environment: laptop + Win10 + Integrated Graphics + NVIDIA card, laptop + Win10 + Integrated Graphics + AMD card, laptop + Win7 + Integrated Graphics.
    c. Untested environment: SLI / CROSSFIRE configure scenario, other scenarios.

  3. Known issues
    a. Bug exists in drivers of AMD cards(which feedback already sent to AMD, and next version would resolve it), games would be not run after some games quit. This issue could be resolved by reinsert USB cable of Pimax.
    b. For Integrated Graphics + Discrete Graphics, despite IG disabled or not, please do insert HDMI cable of Pimax to DG, else games performance would be bad and headset might not be displayed normally.
    c. For laptop, we have not various testing yet and could not sure whether it is completely right for running games.
    d. For SLI / CROSSFIRE, not sure at present.
    e. For using kodi to watch movies, modes could be switched at Status bar as below:

Feedback to: https://github.com/pimax-vr/piplay/issues

a. Export logs

b. Open https://github.com/pimax-vr/piplay/issues

c. Submit issues, and then our engineers will analyze them, thanks.


a. Export logs

b. Open https://github.com/pimax-vr/piplay/issues

c. Submit issues, and then our engineers will analyze them, thanks.

Firmware What's changed?
PiPlay 1.2.53 no Asynchronous reprojection (completely disappointed)
Pimax Detected as Generic PnP monitor
[Release]PiPlay Download

Great job PiMAX Team, thank you.
Have a great vacation!
gōnghè xīnxǐ



Much appreciate your support, have a nice day : )


Good update guys but where is native 4k resolution support??? This is the main feature we have been waiting for, anyways had fun.


Many of us shows worse resolution and looks more blurry, great workers Pimax …


Native 4k is not possible on the headset since it has HDMI 1.4, and not HDMI 2 or Displayport, so 1440p is the most it’s possible to have, they cannot change this with any software since its a hardware limitation, but that is still more than any other headset on the market


These are Pimax Team words

"And another good news arrive.

Native 4k resolution might been supported in the further.

We have got into contact with NVIDIA, and FAE told us that they have the soft encode technology to resolve it. And now we are applying for the relevant support from NVIDIA."

So we are expecting these.

Greetings h3rtz


After testing a while the new piplay version here they go my impressions:
1º Now everything looks bigger. Like a zoom is applied. Now the view looks like htc vive. I think this is an improvement. Now the immersion is better but everything seems to be so far even when it looks bigger.
2º The FOV has been reduced A LOT. I don’t know why but now the FOV is more or less like a google cardboard device. It is weird because it is like the screens inside the device draw a black border. I want to try different IPD but it moves to the next issue
3º I cannot change the IPD. I can show the form and change the textbox with the ipd but when i click in “Done” button or even in “Confirm” button in parent “Device” form it seems to do nothing. If i come back to IDP adjustment form it shows the previous IPD configuration. Nothing changed
4º Performance now is far far better. Performance now is great. I want to test different supersampling setups but now with a gtx1070 card and supersampling X1.5 it performs great. With previous version, even without supersampling the performance was horrible.
5ºThe most anoying thing: Drift yaw reamins in my device.
6º With the prevous version I was able to play DCS world nosteam version in VR mode. It was able to detect the pimax device. Now with new pimax version, DCS world nosteam doesn’t detect Pimax device and I cannot play DCS world in vr mode.


HI team,
Quote in toto Juanjoshare !
After DCS world and Beta 2 doesn’t knowing pimax, also Flyinside 1.71 that before works now sey the my revision is for HTC vive !!!
Note I use that in pimax config vith vive open, if switch to assetto corsa with rivive mode or steal project cars or aerofly 2 works fine.
If you want I must test something with X-plane 11 and flyinside.

Regards Pietro


Work Perfect , performance increase and better image . But pimax sont save IDP adjustment :’( . Just fix hit and will be perfect !

thx for all

Best regards


Please fix DCS and flyinside also tx




After installing “PiSetup_1.2.33_x64”, pimax is disconnecting ever since.
So I tried down-grading to PiSetup_1.1.92_beta_x64, badluck!, nothing works
ever again. I kept doing back and forth so many time now.


These are how they looked like. I don’t think they were like these before. Helping please!


What I meant was 4k at 60 fps is not possible no matter what anyone says if it’s HDMI 1.4. But 4k at 24fps is, but it is unplayable because of the low framerate, so they will have to duplicated frames or something like that to make it 60 fps since it is not supported natively


I just started the upgrade, the headset dissapear from piplay and start blinking , nothing else happens. I check the website and see that they publish an update and that from today on they wont be on the office due to new years eve.
I don’t think that release a beta and then just close for more than a week is a good idea(to be honest, is the worst release date I can think)


I don’t know why the Mode indicator was removed for the Main Piplay screen and Kodi put there.
Kodi is a terrible player that doesn’t seem to support head tracking so it is a button that I will never use.

Please put an indicator on the Piplay screen showing the current Pimax mode.
Terrible idea to remove it.

Also, now the blue led is on in both Extended Mode and Pimax Mode meaning that the Pimax Logo is on most of the time because the face sensor doesn’t always work.

Other than that the update seems to work ok, but I haven’t noticed and improvement in display quality, but this is probably because I have to use two sets of lenses to get a usable focus.
Pimax, please make available another set of lenses for long sited people (those who need to wear reading glasses).



Hi, Luke.
I am happy with this update.
About mode indicator, I think that mode integration is a good decision and that the notification tray icon is enough for modal switching in terms of being able to reduce user mistakes and the correct operation of Pimax.
Aout Kodi, I think it is good for novice users in terms of providing a basic movie player.
About display quality, this has already been improved through previous update. We had already applied by checking the 2K option. Due to this update, Pimax’s default operating resolution has only changed from 1K to 2K. In the end, it is natural that we feel no difference in picture quality.
About sensor, I work well when I touch the sensor.
However, the desire for more usable improvements is like you.


I have noticed it us a lot more stable. Seems to load up steamvr perfectly every time. Previously I had to boot, unplug, do a little dance, plug back.
Now it seems to work every time.

I would like the recentre button on main page (great idea to gave recentre button).

I used direct mode for a couple of things but they seem to run happily in pimax mode.

All in all good update guys, another step in the right direction. Thanks for continued support of the product.

Still waiting on the dead pixel solution if anyone has one. I have one right in middle of left eye.bit of an immersion in a dark game.


Hi crony,
I’m certainly happy with the 2K default setting. It makes sense to have it that way. However as far as Kodi is concerned, in my opinion why would I use a HMD to view anything without head tracking?
I didn’t buy the HMD to watch 2D movies.
I would be more comfortable watching it on my 65" home TV rather than a HMD that is not even focused properly.

Also, a novice needs to be able to see and change modes in a clear and obvious way.
Displaying the current mode on the main Piplay screen is much easier for a novice than having to go looking for it, somewhere.
How would a novice know to look in the tray? Even by right clicking on the tiny icon in the tray you still can’t tell what mode Pimax is in. Both are displayed in the same way.

It’s good that the face sensor works well on your unit, but it doesn’t on mine.
I have to turn my unit off if I wan’t to protect the screen from having the Pimax logo permanently burned into the display. The sensor is not reliable.

For me, I don’t see any valuable addition or change in this software version.
If Pimax want to keep me on side they had better start fixing some of the serious problems with the unit rather than playing around changing things that don’t need fixing.

Hey Pimax engineers. How about spending time making Pimax more compatible with Oculus and Vive and fixing the focus and fixing the gyro drift and having 4K and room sensing and a hand controller and other important things rather than wasting time putting Kodi button on the scfeen.

Pimax, you need to fix the 4K unit if you want to be a permanent player in VR and stop wasting time developing an 8K unit.
Nobody will trust you to make an 8K unit work properly if you can’t make the 4K unit work properly.

I haven’t read a simgle good review of the 8K unit. All reviews see it as interesting but no more.

Fix the 4K Pimax first and then people will trust you to produce an 8K unit.

I certainly wouldn’t buy an 8K Pimax if it had the same problems as the current 4K.

I will stick with Pimax for a few more months. If the main problems are not fixed by then, I will get a Vive or an Oculus and put Pimax in the cupboard.

I’m getting tired of wasting my time waiting for some real improvement to Pimax.