New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Dear Futurists,

The new Pitool is available in public beta, and you can download and install it now.

Below is the download link:

Here are the release notes:

Issue Fixed:

  1. Fix compatibility issues with Valve Index Controllers;

  2. Fix issues with Japanese translation;

  3. Fix the issue of invalidation of base station positioning options;

  4. Fix the issue of unstable use of the Nolo;

  5. Fixed the issue with some options being reset.

Improvements :

  1. Screen vertical offset adjustment function;

  2. RGB color adjustment function;

  3. Global Settings and Individual setting profile;

  4. Increase Korean translation;

  5. Optimize the smart smoothing display.

Kindly reminder : Please must download and install the latest Nvidia driver and the headset won’t connect.

Thank you

Pimax Team

The New beta Pitool with several new features for you June 27th, 2019
When open PiTool, the brightness always reset

Some backers can not download this new Pitool now, but this issue will be fixed in 30 minutes

Edit: the issue has been resolved.


Awesome news @Dallas.Hao :+1:


When is the God awful issue of base stations not being detected by the headset going to be fixed? Having to reset the service and my headset every time I try to use it is infuriating and I feel like a lot of people really won’t see the point and it’ll really put them off Pimax. Whenever I demo the headset to people the fact that it can take so long to get the thing to work makes it look like crap.


It’s quite incredible they haven’t fixed this yet. So many people have reported this problem and it can add 5 minutes to getting the thing up and running.

Instead of resetting the service, just hold the pimax up in front of a base-station facing it, then rotate it 180 degrees horizontally so the back points to the base station. Most of the time the tracking then starts. When you turn it back around make sure it stays in sight of the base-station.

This works for me and has been reported to work for others. It is such a stupid thing to have to do and make up an excuse like “just calibrating it’s angle” when demoing it. Please fix this Pimax. It has been a problem since the beginning and I’ve seen it reported many times and, as the other poster says, makes the pimax look like crap.


Fixed some options… Next time, please, fix ALL OPTIONS :smiley:

Setting are still randomly reset at startup, the most annoying bug, for me

The good part is that the knuckle fix seems work.


Are there game profiles in this version? I can’t install it until I get home from work


no, it’s worse than ever! Now render quality is reset to 1 at each startup, I have all the games configured to render quality 2

Pimax, what do you think about setting a private beta with some real users before releases?


Sorry to hear that @nickexp

The issue of base station can not be detected, will be recovered after click “restart service”.

But your situation is kind special, this problem shouldn’t be so regularly happened as you described, you need to contact our tech suppport team in helpdesk.

The link of helpdesk:


This issue is not universal, I have only 1 basestation and detection is like 2 seconds tops and then doesn’t drop out afterwards. Can play for hours no issue.


when you change something, you must click the save.


Are the vive trackers fixed?


Yeah, I’ve very very recently found on the newest update (not the beta one this post is about) that I can restart the service from the Pimax settings and that seems to fix it, but what seems odd is the service isn’t meant to start when I boot my PC so I don’t get why I have to restart it when I plug in my headset if I didn’t even have it on before I plugged in the headset.


Are there any complications for those of us who used the previous index controller fix or can we just install this new pitool without anything conflicting?


Yeah, i’m waiting for the same thing.


Just uninstall and delete the old folder, also seems it work better, I played the same game (CyubeVR) before and after, before the fingers were not always perfect, after better than ever


Installed new PiTool. At an absolute loss as how to pair the index controllers to the Pimax. They work when plugged into USB, but that’s it.

FWIW, I never performed the fix. This is my first try. Do you need a bluetooth connection to pair the controllers?

EDIT: nvm, figured it out.


Vive trackers are still broken because of this stupid message: image

Pairing a tracker at this point without a controller pair it to the headset’s adapter and ignore the dongles apparently.
I can only pair my number of trackers minus one because of this. Please fix this quickly this is stupid and a huge problem, it’s not possible to use trackers properly.

If i try binding a controller after binding a tracker it keeps repeating it paired without doing.

And before someone tells me to pair them thru steamvr without heaset: it never worked for me and it still doesnt (it asks for a headset to be plugged to let me pair stuffs)


Oh and on a sidenote: It’s perfectly possible to use more than 2 controllers, so that message is even stupider and should be removed with haste.


Vive trackers is broken in Steam to some extent. I believe ot was said to pair trackers in Steam not pitool. @Genesis @CMM @TheExistedHim I think posted tracker pairing.

Some Vive users also reported tracker issues after update.