New Pitool is available now from Pimax



I would suggest that Pimax do the following:

  • Remove Oculus stuff from PiTool and leave that up to ReVive.
  • Do “passthrough” of all controllers/trackers i.e. let SteamVR handle it and get Your controllers supported in SteamVR OR only do whitelisted “passthrough” of everything ELSE than Pimax controllers (that seems easier than blacklisting).
  • Focus on the rendering pipeline and other features of PiTool.

EDIT: OK. I guess there are people not using SteamVR at all, but in that case at least do the passthrough for everything but Pimax controllers when not launching Oculus titles in “My games”… :wink:


I think we just need some folks to understand difference with Betas & so to speak stable releases. & that compatability sometimes requires a fix here & there to maintain. These are PCs. Steam themselves have broken their own stuff.

I had to for example had to do a lot of research to fix steam game installs. Wolfenstein had an audio driver issue that to fix had to disable all not in use Audio devices to get sound out of the selected device.

There is no blame in stating circumstsmces that resulted in issues. Like rushing a fix out prematurely that most are greatful for in spite of some side effects. The index fix has been stated that Valve & pimax discussed this and in theory no future breaks should happen as a result.


The Oculus games launched through Revive have had a huge delay in Pimax 8K. There, the image really lags far behind head turns. I always launch all Oculus games only through PiTool. Through Revive it is unplayable.


Some people are never happy, whatever pimax does. I suggest buy a shiny polished finished product and move on. ps. i don’t mean the ones doing usefull sugestions, but people with an aggressive tone, it’s very anoying.


True just be careful or you might get a polished HP Reverb.


for example :joy::…


It’s not really a must for me to remove the Oculus functionality as long as they just let us do passthrough of controllers/trackers.

Maybe just let it do passthrough by default and use their driver hack when launching Oculus games through “My games”.


I don’t vote for that, I like I don’t have to deal with a 3rd party software to play oculus games.


But we do have some that don’t want to install steam. Truth there oculus compat used to be in piplay long ago.

Kinks will be worked out. I have a buddy whom complains all the time about pc gaming being hard as he often runs into needing workarounds vs buying a game on a console that just works.

Og Witcher was so bad you had to on non steam version install a no cd fix just to play.


So you don’t use Revive as it is a 3rdparty hack. Rift S or og Rift?


Thank’s Martin for your effort , just for the record the trick dosn’t work on Iracing , still 51% of gpu utilization… ( 2080ti)


Do you think Pimax supports Oculus without using third-party software? It’s better to rely on the most popular and supported tool, is the most logical choice. We can definitely avoid emotional choices


My point was revive would not be anymore integrated like now.

I already have to deal with too much 3rd party softwares so I prefer to have the revive one integrated in pitool like now.


Indeed & Oculus support for the old p4k was around in 2016.


I think at times I forget some folks were not around or have forgotten the days of C=64 & DOS pcs or even W95 to Millenium Edition.

I remember having to tweak Config.sys & Autoexec.bat for enough base memory just to run programs like Doom. And the amount of knowledge needed to navigate commandline just to get around & launch a program.

Mac & Amiga back then were expensive & offered a more ease if use.

I even remember my introduction to Steam. Really sucked not having Internet with store policies of no returns on opened software.


Ah yes, I too remember the good old days of having to select the correct audio and music drivers otherwise you’ll need a new pair of ears.Even to this day, 8-bit Monkey Island theme still sounds as pleasing as it was in the early 1990s to me.

I think I came across a post by someone saying that those who actually do like to tinker don’t post much rant whereas self-entitled millennials rant like spoiled babies.


Look guys. I remember those days to, but that doesn’t mean it HAS to be like that… :wink:

Pimax has to ask themselves if they want to sell a premium product or something for the tinkerers… :wink:

There’s a place between wanting to spend hours getting nowhere when all You want to do is play Your favourite game and being a “self-entitled millennial”… In my opinion… :grinning:


Well I have a premium i7 4790 that looks great in a plastic sleeve because my msi z97 gaming itx mobo doesn’t support it. Cpu has been tested in another mobo & works fine. If I can find a cheep cpu might if bios has an update that supports it be able to use it in that build. (Discussed with another fellow with an Asus z97 hero that he can’t use the i7 4790 & Asus support couldn’t help)

My current r7 2700x setup the 3200hz ddr4 memory wouldn’t work. My computer store buddy needed to install a lower hz ddr4 memory stick to update bios to support the corsair memory.

No it shouldn’t be that way & is why we have appliance pcs like consoles for true ease of use.

PCs are simply not there yet. Even Usb 3.x chipsets don’t always play nice either. Lol



Whataboutism. 3.1415


Is that part of pi the unending? Without repeating(or has it found a pattern yet)? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Still an intetesting discovery by supposed primative early ppl. :hatching_chick::wink::+1::sparkles: