New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Let’s accept all the flaws and glitches and be fanboys.


I can’t find controller pairing button with newest PiTool. It’s been moved somwhere? Also mi Pimax doesn’t see base stations at all.


My base station has an annoying and potentially game breaking issue (feature?) of dropping out when I take my headset off and place it somewhere, still in view of the base station. It’s extremely frustrating because if I’m on the grid for a race, I cannot restart SteamVR or reboot the headset, it kicks me from the game. If I ever lose tracking on the grid, my race is done.

I can’t work out why it’s doing this. It’s a meter from the base station and directly in line of sight of it.


same here, tracking is lost when i lay the headset down within view of the basestations and the steamvr grid goes weird. The tracking is picking up again if i start a game.


“… So You’re saying this car starts every single time and is known for its stability… Not for me then. I like random stuff!” :exploding_head::crazy_face::+1::smiley:


I myself like to have a sense of pride and accomplishment once I finally get my piece of hardware functioning using community-sourced workarounds.


Well that’s good or I’d have to reccommend a console. :beers::smirk::sparkles:


Yeah, I bet you’d suggest a OUYA. :rofl::hot_face::fire::eggplant:


Lol that project didn’t work out even with an Nvidia Ntergra processor. Too bad idea was good but poorly executed.maybe Nvidia sheild with is GoStreaming service? Pc quality without potential headaches.

Dodge a bullet on Ouya lol never bought one


But the Pimax got you :grin:
ok that was nasty


Nah tbh haven’t had half the problems as others. Could be lucky or could be because no LHes & Controllers yet. (Software/hardware side issues anyhow)

Hopefully that doesn’t change once I have them. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles::hatching_chick:


I have mostly had tracking issues (Getting the headset tracked initially. When it works, it works)… :wink:


I don’t have many problems either. People complain about getting the headset tracked … mine is always tracked the moment I turn PiTools / SteamVR on.

Regarding PiTool and bugs though, us who are tinkerers and have been early adopters of Pimax can navigate through it all and deal with the bugs. It is annoying but not a big deal for tinkerers.

However … does Pimax want to sell to a wider audience or not?
How about people who have money but don’t have the time, patience, or technical know how to deal with the bugs and tinkering? People who have a ton of money and want the best VR experience, but prefer the headache free pickup and play experience of Rift S or even Index?

I’m not whining or being picky for myself … I don’t have too much problems with it … just annoyance. I am only making suggestions for Pimax’s sake in the hope that they can reach a wider audience.

Who would recommend Pimax to friends and family if PiTool is always buggy? Even Youtubers and VR websites wouldn’t want to recommend it to their audience.

OK, yeah … so this is Beta version pushed early to support Index controllers so it is still buggy … but that means anyone who wants to use Index controllers has to use this buggy version of PiTools? So Pimax controllers have been delayed for so long and people who want to use Index controllers instead of the Vive wands have to deal with buggy Beta PiTools? (BTW I know it isn’t that buggy … still usable but no Oculus and new profile feature not polished … it is just Beta quality.)

What is even the last stable version? The previous version couldn’t even remember brightness settings and reset them to -5, 0 everytime.

There is such a thing as a Hotfix which is a small update to a stable version of software to fix a specific thing. But currently we don’t even know what the last stable version is.

If they use source control then there would be a “Stable” branch and a “Beta” branch … and features that have been tested to be stable would be merged from the “Beta” to the “Stable”.

Currently instead of fixing known bugs and releasing new Stable versions that just fix the known bugs, they keep releasing new “Betas” with new features that then come with new/more bugs.

I know I’m ranting maybe too much … but it is not really helpful to just be all happy with everything Pimax does cause “we have to understand them” because “this and that”.

Everyone else outside (and many inside) this bubble looks at Pimax HMDs as possibly a headache with lots of unknowns which make them scared to take a chance with it already. So instead of keeping on releasing buggy software “because of reasons that we have to understand” they should start having solid stable versions that incorporate the great features they’ve created in a bug-free version.


Agreed 132 was supposed to be a stable release. Yet no known issues presented & some issues should not have made it into a supposed Stable release.

Very well said & true a beta should have known issues listed & potentially ones to be discovered. A stable release might have a known issue but outside that issues discovered & reported should take sometime/work to discover.


I am not saying that it is the case, but meter is very close, try to move it further. Also, in my experience:

  • 2 bases work better, more reliably even for sim racing.
  • I do not have disconnects, but I noticed tracking issues if there’s not enough CPU power (even with 8700k). So try to minimize background loads as much as you an. I once had BitLocker encryption running, and it was reporting 3% CPU usage in the task manager - yet, tracking was awful. Also, in rF2 there are very CPU intense situations like collision with many cars, or going off track - same story.


mine did that, until I moved the basestation back 9 feet and 8ft off the floor at 90 degrees to the headset.


That’s been my current experience too. It’s improved a lot in the last few months, so Pimax is working to make the drivers better.


Definitely… :wink::+1:


My thoughts on the save profile per game

First a disclaimer: I did not install the latest pitool beta version and I’m still on the x.129 one.
Since I do not understand exactly how the save profile works, here is how I thought about it with relation to the current pitool interface (x.129).

  1. Each game in “My Games” tab should have a “save settings” and “apply settings” button (it can be an icon).
  2. The settings tab shows the current HMD settings we will use (same as global settings).

How to set specific game profile:

  1. Set your HMD settings
  2. Pick a game from My Games
  3. Press the [save settings] button.
    You can save the same settings in multiple games easily.

How to load specific game profile:

  1. Pick the game from “My Games” tab.
  2. Press the [load settings] button (specific settings won’t be automatically apply while starting a game from “My Games” tab. It should be manual action).
    HMD will go any internal changes needed.
    If some settings are known to be picky - need HMD reboot, service reboot or SteamVR reboot, but PiTool team prefer not to do it automatically then a message should suggest the actions to be done (or something similar).

I think that this will allow PiTool to keep the current UI with minimal interface modifications.

My suggestion might be already implemented by Pimax team, but since I have no idea how it works this is how I envisioned it with the current UI.



Yes tracking has improved it was a pain to detect the hmd in the beginning, but with this version of pitool when i put my headset away between games within the view of the basestations, the tracking gets lost and the headset uses the gyroscope only.
The steamvr hmd icon starts blinking that i have to move the headset because it’s in standby mode, when i do that nothing happens.So i think it has to do something with that.
When i start a game the tracking recovers, but not in the steamvr…
@Dallas.Hao maybe something to look into?
It seams to be solved by unchecking “Pause rendering when idle” in Settings-Developer in Steamvr