New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Do agree settings need an advance Hide function. But likely in the works.

Agreed the eye tracker plus some minor goodies sent out would help. But with the Eye Tracking module might have some hold back from the 3rdparty as to why it’s not released as yet.


MRTV CES - Confirming the module is “finished”(of course there is still mass production), then pointing out that “they want more content first
Of course this is all open to interpretation, and things change as time goes on. However, the need is there, I just tried adjusting ‘vertical offset’, and feel that eye strain doesn’t immediately go away when you get things ‘just right’, so you may not notice how much better a -3 to +3 change is.


They being possibly both pimax & 3rdparty supplier. So yes still possible 1 or both


EDIT: Custom binding / buttons remap works after firmware updates in steamVR
(Index Controller (Knuckles) - Easy Working Solution!)


So I just experimented with these new settings. I first adjusted my right (dominant) eye and found that +10 was best (perhaps because my headset is slightly tilted upwards). I then lined up my left eye until it looked “even” with the right and found myself at +5.5, so I’m using +5.5 and +10, at least for some initial tests.

I played Assetto Corsa for an hour or so. I think the eyestrain might have been a little worse, but the game looked really good, although it makes me wish for the higher res of an 8KX.


But it’s getting more complex because we are given the opportunity to improve it. With another company like Valve or Oculus you just get given what you are given, alrightish for most, bad for some, and if it’s off you are stuck with it.

Of course it’s challenging with different face shapes, eye positions/shapes, brains processing slightly differently.

I think the entire industry needs to come up with ways to automate this, not just Pimax. The difference between a ‘good enough’ configuration and ‘just right’ is extremely significant to sense of presence and comfort. It feels a full generation different. XTAL manufacturer acknowledges this and i’ve heard them discuss the importance of getting it right per user.


And yeah a hide function for none advanced users would probably be good in the meantime.


The download speed is slow!!! Anyone have other link?


Here quickly :sunglasses:


“They” was clearly referring to Pimax. As I stated before, developers aren’t going to add eye tracking if nobody can use it, and if people(backers) have the tech, they will be looking for/buying content that implements it(just check the Index subreddit).

I’m not disagreeing, just stating that the process is too cumbersome. An application/test images would be a good stop gap until we get this automated.


Yeah, I agree, need to find a way to make it easier.


They is Both. Pimax is not themselves the Developer if the Eye Trackering module. Besides that how many games have added support with Vive Pro’s eye tracker.

So your interpetation is admiral but the truth we don’t have any complete info. Save that it’s not out.


Did you even watch the part of the video I linked?

Why would the eye tracking developer withhold selling units to Pimax? “We have all these devices, but we don’t want to make a profit on them until there is content”. :thinking::rofl:

As I said, this is open to interpretation, but Sebastion didn’t talk to 7Invensun, he talked to Pimax, so when he says ‘they’ he is quoting Pimax/Kevin.


Easy the Eye tracker has not setup manufacturing line. It will be both not being aligned. Plus pimax will need to purchase the 3rdparty module.

As well pimax & them are likely still tuning how to make tracker & vr frame work together. As it was first said you could use one or the other. Now there working out how to have both.

Granted they should have at least released a 3dprintable temporary vr frame in the meantime. I saw the press release mrtv did.

It doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have complete info.

Or that Even with FoveVR & HTC Vive Pro eye tracking has not made a change in Devs adding eye tracking features. It may help with having more headsets with this feature being out.

Either way we will wait no matter the actual reasons. Program Devs will wait til they either take a real interest as a small few did with Tobi’s Desktop eye tracking (not enough to make adoption) or there is a real demand in the market.

FoveVR fizzled & are now trying to get other vr headser mfgrs to pair with (a bit late). Htc Vive Pro hasn’t made a dent though there is hope with influence with soft devs.

There is no profit on KS eye tracking. That will be on Sales after to perhaps pre orders; but there is the chicken & the egg argument. Who is going to buy eye tracking if there is minimal use for it?


Doesn’t the development of FFR suggest that FR can be achieved with the eye tracking. Surely that would be a differentiator for Pimax if it reduced system requirements?


The Vive Pro Eye already has FR-

It makes no sense that Pimax is just ignoring eye tracking because they don’t think its important.


Finally got around to trying 144. First thing I noticed was Smart Smoothing was missing in the Pitool. 2nd was running Skyrim (using mod manager didn’t try native launch) the game would lock or ctd after main menu when loading saved position.
The vertical offset looked like it offered slightly more depth at +2 but Skyrim was the deal breaker so returned to 129.

Also Pitool 144 had much more trouble finding hmd, bases and wands


Sure can but of fr requires Dev support to fully implement.

I am sure that while pimax & eyetracker company has released it in the wild so to speak. It is likely released under NDAs to Developers to have real content available.

Us backers are not sales. The 3rdparty is going to want to be able to sell manufactured goods beyond backer order. Pre Orders are unlikely to buy if it’s main limited use is just ipd & a demo or two.


Fixed Foveate Rendering vs Eye Tracking Foveate Rendering.

Htc is released but no real content bring utilized. Like FoveVR too limited adoption.


Needless to say, eye tracking is an exciting new technology. It allows for enhanced gameplay interactivity and simplified input and navigation—with our SDKs, you can make hand controllers entirely optional. Plus, eye tracking enables foveated rendering, which empowers developers to improve performance and enhance visual fidelity in virtual and extended reality experiences

Exciting new technology that has been available since shortly after Og Vive & OG rift presented by FoveVR & fizzled.

Tobi Eye(?) Tracker for desktop could be used & was supported in games like Sons Of Noir(promising game that failed).

Nothing new just being marketed as new & still not really adopted in terms of content.

As a backer would love to have it now; especially if a driver side FR implemented(vs waiting for ig support). But I think you’d agree we need stable pitools instead of more beta features.