New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Edited my post didnt mean to write ffr


Just did a search. Only programs showing up for eye tracking is desktop Tobi Eye tracker.

Still no real hit on vr supported eye tracking. Which is unfortunated. But suspect both HTC & Pimax with partner likely have dev kits out to try & drum up adoption.


Its only been out for a month I dont doubt nothing is available for it…


Net says HTC vive pro eye tracking debut in 2018.

FoveVR has been out since shortly after og vive & og rift.

Just no traction yet. Need some bigger games to help adoption.


Skyrim running fine for me from a mod manager on 144. Smart smoothing is also still there, it’s just changed tab.


Had to install it twice as the first attempt had trouble with replacing files, so maybe some file corruption. Will try a clean install later.


It may of have been debuted in 2018 but the headset was only released in June. Just like Pimax debuted their eye tracking but never released it.

The more headsets that actually have a product on the market will give bigger games the push to actually develop for said market. Fove failed because it was a niche inside a niche inside a niche. Most people haven’t even heard of it, now that Vive released an official product with eye tracking more people will start asking about eye tracking support. Pimax would bring ion even more people. To use the excuse no games support eye tracking so were not releasing anything is beyond stupid. If you didnt have the production up and running just say so, dont make up some contrived excuse about why you are holding back on releasing. No game will support eye tracking until more headsets start including them.


I have pitool but no matter what I do I cant get steam to recognize my index controllers.
my steam is up to date. it just shows just generic ‘C’ icon and I always see the stupid vive wands in games and only trigger works! need help.


I got this on every update… Just click retry…


or even better, pimax becomes officially supported in steam and stop this hacky shiz


whew i thought you were going to say redout wasn’t working.


Yes Leap Motion had that hope as well. Foveate Rendering Eye tracking is not new.

HTC Vive Pro eye tracking now a year old. While FoveVR near shortly after og vive.

This article even points out clear good things but adoption is slow & no real adoption where it needs to be.

Vive pro eye just released at an even more inflated price & is targeted for Enterprise market. Meaning no real consumer penetration.

3rdparty add on for reg vive pro. Released feb 2019 or earlier.

Adoption isn’t there yet. Releasing it to just tell folks their ipd & offsets. With maybe menu selection is not going to attract reg consumers. Otherwise FoveVR would have been better adopted & we’d have content.

Your right when low priced headsets support eye tracking it will have better traction in adoption. It needs low end adoption.


can you explain how you use it? do you manually choose the profile and then go to steam and launch the game?
do you just launch it from pitool and it uses your settings.
Because any game i launch from pitool either crashes immediately or doesnt actually display in the headset.


I see the eye tracking hardware with pitool support for user calibration as an absolute must have. To have confidence that no matter the user the experience will be consistent must surely be at the top of the Pimax wish list. As the number of display variables keeps climbing the importance of such a tool for user calibration gains significance. This not only will enhance user satisfaction but will allow an owner to ‘show off’ the headset with confidence in what will be experienced by the recipient. All positives for Pimax future sales. When developers start supporting eye tracking Pimax will already be camped out at the sharp edge ready to go.
With that said I don’t think this functionality will surface anytime soon. One gets the feeling that the KS ‘liability’ on the balance sheets needs to be put in check before a release. Hopefully this hasn’t/doesn’t also influence the 8KX specs.


well dark grey at least.


It is supported just like a WMR headset with it’s own driver.

Steam has only been upgraded to support Canted displays & wide fov.

Yes if Valve or HTC had released a wide fov headset better support framework would be there.


you know how most headsets have a vr tutorial to help calibrate the headset. Pimax should make one. But they aren’t up to the task.


do you think adjusting VO could help with peripheral distortion?


ill try with my vive later to see if this performance is vive related. I only played it on my rift originally.


That is a miss that @SweViver has been trying to fill gap with videos. And you are an early adopter.

We even have a Get starting wiki that most haven’t added anything to. Community growth in helping pimax evolve is there.

Folks have created guides that @Davebobman even created a wiki to organise them.

EDiT: I would prefer at least some basic description on new features & use. Instead of it being a mystery. Lol