New Pitool is available now from Pimax



or if you have shannon doherty eyes. 7 Left & -7 Right.



You know She grew up in Guelph, On. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


My bad thinking Neve Campbel. Lol


yeah but the other guys get it pretty much right. The amount of adjustability we have with Pimax is cool but also a bit absurd.


Yeah, it would be better to hide it behind an ‘advanced’ tab from the casual user.


Not sure. Might be. I think I managed to ADD some with one setting.


And tbf, I guess Steam VR already does have an advanced tab. It’s all hidden away in the VR console. I think you can IPD offset for example by manually altering the value.


ya I did that before but I think the original attempt confused the files. In any case a clean install of 144 resolved the issue.


The Oculus set up is rubbish though. It’s just a hardware IPD dial with a green triangle in the centre. It got me roughly to the point I started at with the Pimax before I got to tinkering.

Don’t get me wrong though, the whole thing wants to be more plug and play. I’ve said so on other threads. Each game wants to work out the box right away. The software wants to not fall over. It wants to be simple and robust.


Why do you keep saying its been out for a year? Its only a month old. The Vive Pro Eye was released in JUNE of 2019. Why do you keep saying it wasn’t?

It being overpriced is obvious, even the Vive Pro was overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend either for people. Which is why we need lower priced options.


It was presented a year ago. Read the article. A 3rdparty made one for reg vive pro as mentioned in feb 2019.

FR is very old. No real adoption for eye tracking is a fact by software support in VR.

Why are you missing these facts? HTC has had it for over a year & nothing for it on Vive Pro Eye release last month.

Index Controllers are even critized for not having more than demos at release. Eye tracking only has menu support as mentioned in Article.


A third party hack that no one has ever heard of vs an actual legitimate product.


The Htc eye tracking module? Lol

Guess all hardware are hacks. Otherwise we’d only have 1 USB chipsets instead of many.

Tobi is only known due to the Desktop version. Of which if you wanted a known & long time VR eyetracking. You would want FoveVR out shortly after og vive & rift. No real adoption.

So until we have lower to med headsets with eye tracking it is a niche market. You need to have a good lure to gain adoption.

Either low to med vr headset adoption or a nice softwate\title to lure devs in.


Well first delete the indexcontroller folder located in steamvr driver. Restart your computer and it should be fixed. If not let me know i know another way.


Ok I’ll try it tonight

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Heads up: I have been using differing vertical offsets: +5.5 and +10. Things line up well for me in VR, but now, after playing for a while…

Things don’t line up in real-life. I’m sure it will pass; it’s already a bit better. The world just looks off-kilter.

I should note that in-game, my sense of 3D space was improved, using these unequal settings.


woah, if real life starts to have distorted edges, you need to dial back those settings or your eyes may stick like that.

Next to go will be your real life stereo overlap.


Hey, about the frame and eye tracker. The company making Pimax’s eye tracker made the aGlass. You can actually put your glasses lenses in the aGlass eye tracker. I can’t remember if it used a frame holder, or if it was designed that way. The Pimax eye tracker is wider, so idk how they’re gonna have it now. Pimax could design it so that the eye tracker can go in front or behind the lens frame.




Gotta say, Awesome job with the update! After deleting the base station folder from the Pitool path, my tracking and connectivity with the latest update is perfect. Before If I touched my headset I’d loose tracking all the time as well as having to constantly restart Pitool/PC to get the base stations to show up. Now all I have to do is turn on the headset and turn on the knuckles controllers and steam starts automatically.No fiddling with Pitool needed.