New Pitool is available now from Pimax



When I first got a Vive HMD, it gave me a pretty serious bout of mal de debarquement syndrome that lasted for nearly a month. It did eventually go away, never to return, but it sucked.


Had the chance to test FFR on an RTX 2070 three weeks ago.
Just borrowed it from a friend and tested some games with FFV on (I don’t recall the exact name of the setting but it was the moderate one) and off. I was quite impressed since it got me at least 10-25% more supersampling headroom depending on the game. Always increased/decreased supersampling till I hit a stable 80 on my 8k. I can’t opt out errors in testing though because the chain of restarting Pitool/HMD/Steam/Game sometimes has a life of its own. Unfortunately, the 2070 is still inferior to my OCed 1080ti so it was overall no better experience of course, but interesting to have checked anyway.

But with Pimax being a beast every performance boost counts. (Still no fan of SM though since it introduces weird artifacts that throw me off too much, so I never use it. I try it though with every new Driver/Firmware version, but still… it feels odd. The newer ASW2 on Oculus though is working great. Just tried it on a friend’s Rift before/after)

@PimaxUSA @SweViver is there a roadmap or any news for FFR being implemented for 1xxx cards?
Even with the recent news about the more affordable RTX super cards I don’t see a reason for any RTX to replace my 1080ti for now since I’d only need more performance for the Pimax. I don’t struggle any performance issues with any other application, so the boost through FFR would be very welcome.
Any update is appreciated :slight_smile:


Has anyone got Skyrim running on 144? It has so bad performance now and its unplayable for me even with smartsmoothing…?


having strange issues with internet packet loss since installing this update, uninstalled 1.29 pitool and deleted everything in appdata and installed this version and bang i am having packet loss, was able to confirm using winmtr tool with pitool on and off, dont know why this software version is causing it as previous versions did not, please fix it. @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


running 144 beta and Skyrim is good for me on latest nvidia driver.


Yeah, this release is a lot more solid. I used to always have to kill the pitool services, used to always lose the controllers, now it is totally solid.


Running SkyrimVR with several graphics mods and SteamVR at 140%. Runs as well as 129 did for me. Maybe better as the new offset seems to give a little more 3d feeling.


I am also experience this. At first I thought it was the .DLL file swap that @SweViver provided, but after reverting to the original, I am still getting @12fps. I’ve never had framerate this low, and this is the only game(I’ve tested) that I am getting this kind of performance.


I haven’t installed the 144 ones yet, but i recommend always uninstall before the previous pitool and then, erase the pimax folder at programs files folders


Hmm I just install straight over the top.


FFR is a Nvidia feature/solution and I guess 1XXX GPU support cant be added by Pimax unless Nvidia makes it possible. I havent heard about any progress through so I wouldnt hold my breath, to be honest.


Pretty poor that they announced it would be coming at a later date and then just drop it like a sack of spuds. So sick of the corporate BS by everyone these days. It’s disgusting.


Who said that? 20 characters


To be fair I think they only said they would look into the possibility of making FFR available on the 1XXX cards, not that it would definitely be coming.


If they could make 1XXX cards run with RTX, I guess they should be able to add FFR as well. Its just a matter if they really care about it (or get enough demand for it), I guess.


They had mentioned looking into ffr for both 10series & Amd cards.

But I think folks need to realize & agree some things need to wait for other things first.

Now Nvidia did add raytracing to 10series so who knows.


Instead of adding things that actually matter, like FFR and SMP at the DRIVER level, they add useless features even the current gen cards can’t run.

Because corporate logic.


Not really. Adding ffr on RTX is easier as the card already has built in support for it. So there simply utilizing what is available.

Now what features are you refering to? Imho more gpu open features should be implemented & Amd & pimax should have strong focus on evening up compatability between green & red camps.

My r9 390 runs better than some of the reports on Vega. And ran better completely last year when headaets first released.

I have a 1080 ti & yes some RTX features would be nice other than Ray tracing. So if Nvidia also adds FFR to 10series then yes we will likely see it sooner on older nvidia cards.


So I’m afraid that FR, in general, is a feature that strongly relies on NVIDIA’s cooperation/implementation?

Just contacted NVIDIA support, they clearly stated (it’s NVIDIA though, their web-support is usually garbage) that “FFR WON’T BE IMPLEMENTED INTO GTX-SERIES, THERE ARE NO PLANS TO DO SO IN THE FUTURE”
Admitted, shyly that it’s on driver level.

If yes, longing for the eye tracker got a new sour taste if it means that it will only do some good on RTX (at least for performance). And considering the potential of FR (even FFR) that’s some sad news.

Are there any info how the Vive Pro Eyetracker works? Were all tests so far done with an RTX?
Or is there a hope that FR is gonna be something that works outside of NVIDIAs box?


FFR is an RTX feature. FR using Eye tracking on the other hand has been out on FoveVR headset. So FR does work outside of RTX; FoveVR started 2014 Kickstarter(?) & started shipping in 2017.

It just means any FFR on earlier cards & Amd cards out at present would need to be implemented on pimax’s & other hmd’s driver.

Nvidia likely only added Ray Tracing to 10series cards so they can show how much better RTX is at it. If they added all RTX supposed features to 10series cards would hurt potential RTX sales.