New Pitool is available now from Pimax



I can’t really use my HMD for game as it has a faulty right screen with graphical glitches but as far as the vertical offset goes I found that by looking at the Pimax logo and switching eyes the logo would move up or down.
I found that changing the right eye to 0.5 solved this so perhaps people should check this first and then change the vertical offset settings from there as not having your screens even across your eyes might be cause of some eye strain.


i get better 3d depht when i do 0.5 vertical offset difference between eyes. -4 and -4.5 works for me


We had to get software IPD in there (vertical and horizontal) as a stepping stone for useful eye tracking. This way you can adjust the physical IPD as close as possible and the eye tracking can take over from there to “fine tune” for the best possible experience.


I figured this would allow the eye tracking to modify the values set up in the software adjustments. Hopefully “fine tune” allows for more precise adjustment steps(+/- .1?).


Does that means we’ll have news about eye tracking soon?


No specific announcements on eye tracking at the moment.

There are a lot of road map items going into Pitool that tie into other things. The overarching goal is to decently cover each system so as we open up the process the baseline for each fundamental piece is in there and provides a productive place to begin.


Any news on the open-sourcing then? :smiley:


Very interesting - I need to test that :slight_smile: Thanks!

Last thing I heard from the devs is that they are preparing the code for OS. I guess we shouldnt need to wait much longer, but I will double check and let you know once I have any news to share!


Does is make your web browsing very slow (like +10sec to load a page) ?


Does it mean 1xxx wouldn’t get foveal rending neither if it was coming one day with the eye tracking module (= not fixed like FFR) ?


10series cards & Amd already have Foveate Rendering. See Fove VR. It’s FFR that is im RTX 20series cards built in support.

Just means FFR has to be implemented on Headset Driver side as it would need to be on WMR, HTC, Oculus etc for non RTX cards.


I have found more CTD’s or lock ups with 144 when loading fpsVR, in my limited testing, in SkyrimVR especially. Anyone else finding this?

Also found it killed Lone Echo’s ability to launch. The performance seems about the same as 129 except that Smart Smoothing seems to work a little better (in some games but not DCS) and things look a little sharper probably because of the new vertical offset settings.

Sorry Dan hit the wrong reply button. This was a generic post.


Hey no worries have found some odd things including Nvidia driver crash. But not sure if issue is due to 1 of the 3 or a windows update.

Only crashed once like that though.


I found my best vertical offsets were quite different: +5.5 and +10.

I got a better sense of 3D and played for an hour or so. When I left VR, I found it took over an hour, before things “looked right again” (not skewed).

Next time, I’ll try +9.5 and +10 and try decreasing the left, until I find the right balance. My right eye is dominant, so it stays at +10, which is way better than 0 for me, possibly because I’ve tilted my headset slightly upwards, to relieve pressure on my nose.


Just setting mine to -0.5, 0 was enough for me. I’d always messed around in loading screens with alternating one eye closed and then the other, and been vaguely aware that the image seemed higher in one eye than the other (this has been a constant since DK2). Making that minor adjustment seems to have considerably reduced eye strain. Good feature that I never knew I needed.


FFR is really buggy on Project cars 2 (it seems to be incompatible with MSAA…) and doesn’t improve framerate that much, so I don’t see the point to bring it to GTX cards if it’s already not satisfying on RTX ones…

I think their efforts would be more rewarding if focused on SmartSmoothing and GPU optimisations.


That’s really weird because I haven’t noticed anything in PC2 (also using MSAA (medium) and MFAA in Nvidia Control panel on top of that)? 72Hz with Smart Smoothing on a 2080 Ti.

How is it buggy?

BTW - There’s a new driver out:


There is a lot of glitches… it’s hard to describe precisly but it’s really disturbing. I use MSAA high, that may be the cause… I will try with medium


Try with medium MSAA in-game and then enable MFAA (which “builds” on top of MSAA) for Project Cars 2 in Nvidia Control Panel.

Looks pretty nice :wink:


I tried your settings, they gives good visual quality/framerate ratio, thanks !

Otherwise, I can’t have FFR working with pcars and PP on… only if PP off…