New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Ahh, I get that. It doesn’t work at all? I thought You meant it created weird artifacts… :wink:


it creates weird artifacts with no PP, and it doesn’t do anything with PP on… ^^


OK, that’s exactly what I’m seeing too… :+1:


Oh you meant that FFR isn’t working at all ? I thought it was working ok from your side.


Yes, it doesn’t do anything apparently.

As far as I know there’s a generic bug with FFR and PP enabled, but I’m not 100% certain.


I have installed the 144 and the vertical offset is a nice tweak.

i don’t have any problemas with my pimax 5k+ and my vision but if i modify that option, i feel more 3d depth, on the other hand, i feel mi eyes a little bit forced.

I have to prove that setting more.


What other users had reported is true: FFR unfortunately lets IL-2 crash after several minutes.
Repeatedly, 5 times each then I gave up, in PiTool 132 and 144, large FOV, 2700p vertical. On two different PCs/configurations.

Is there anything we can do to help fix that bug? Get some logs, or anything?


Hello there,how much vertical offset did you set?


I have used until -3 and +3 in both eyes. Perhaps, with -3 i fell more depth, i must try more times and settings.

But, i think, this values depend a lot from the person. You try all values.


Yes, the values certainly do vary a lot from person to person. +10 is a huge improvement over 0 for me (and I was quite happy before). I just saw a post about someone using a -10 offset, so the full range is in use. I carefully adjusted each eye and found +5.5 and +10 to look great with an improved 3D effect. Unfortunately, after an hour of play, I discovered real life was skewed (and it stayed that way for over an hour).


Im a sim Racer as well and I mainly use it for iRacing but I’ve tried other titles and the Pimax 5k+ cant keep up with ACC, rF2, PCars2, etc. The only one I got it working decently in is iRacing, AC (which i barely race in), and RaceRoom.

It works great when it works, but this PiTool app being in the way of SteamVR and adding another layer that the coding goes thru is the biggest issue.
Ever since trying the index, I haven’t had these issues with setting up my games (so far), although it has it’s own set of issues (controllers, smaller FOV, etc.).

I dont want to give up my pimax, and I dont want to give up the index either. I may be keeping both. Really tough decision to make…

I really wish PiTool was just wiped out completely and let SteamVR render everything itself, or they need to just Open Source it ASAP


I can’t get a hold of an Index (Australian) so I can’t compare the experience. I just need the GPU usage issue sorted out and I think I’m good to go. Already rF2 removed the need for PP to be enabled in PiTool and clearly this is not a Pimax only issue so we can’t blame PP on them solely. But it also shows that if the devs care enough they can remove the need for the setting altogether which was awesome for rF2.

It’s getting there with every release but at the end of the day, I’m forced to run 64hz with a lower res than I can run on 90hz using the GPU tweak, and that, in any universe, is absolutely unacceptable.


I tried rF2 before my index came and PP was off but in the car’s cockpit it was double vision. Did they fix that also?


Studio 397 have removed the requirement for PP at the actual game level. You just need to edit a value in one of the .json files and you’re good to go with any HMD that needs PP on. You can turn it off and receive the performance boost.


Ok i didnt know that. Thanks.


I don’t think that’s actually feasible, because PiTool does stuff that SteamVR doesn’t handle.


There’s no need to remove PiTool. It doesn’t need to run in the background, it’s very unobtrusive. What I wish didn’t happen were the restarts and reboots when changing certain settings but that’s almost to be expected.

It’s not solely a PiTool issue as this GPU usage thing doesn’t affect everything. There’s something else to it and being able to work around it surely means it’s not a massive task to both hunt down the cause and correct the problem.




Is this still feasible for IL2?


No idea about the GPU utilization dll drop in thing for Il2 but I dived in recently with PiTool and have found it with the 431.36 Nvidia drivers to be very good on Il2.

Points to note, set Il2 Game Settings via the Game setting menu.

Smart Smoothing still gives a little shimmering but it is no way as bad as the last 2 PiTool updates we have had. Instead of one eye warping quite a bit from the vertical, it is more like just a bit of shimmering with not too obtrusive image corruption.

I set my Vertical Screens +2 both eyes and this has made a huge improvement to clarity in depth of view. Wasn’t sure how things would turn out but gave it a try anyway and was quite amazed.

Where I had PiTool HMD brightness on Low setting earlier, I now have it on Normal as Low is much darker than before.

On the whole I am quite impressed and will be spending more time on this PITool when time allows. Now - quite time deprived. :disappointed: