New Pitool is available now from Pimax



You are the best! Much thanks for your effort, will try this later at home!


@NRGizzer thanks man :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes!

Note that the “tweak” resets itself to low GPU usage again, as soon as we enter menus or a new level/map/track/etc. Not always, but mostly. So its far from a perfect solution. Im showing this in the video clip above.


Oh… puh, didn´t know that, thanks for pointing that out. Maybe there is way to activate the default mode ingame via some sort of hotkey, because putting the HMD away every time you have to click the button is a real immersion breaker, i think. Nevertheless: Thank you!!!


Hello SweViver,
first off thanks for your efforts!
I made a short test in DCS with the changed file. Performance tweak is working with about 25% - 30% gain in performance.
BUT! With the tweak enabled I get heavy warping/double pictures. With or without smart smoothing enabled. That makes DCS unplayable.


Hmm warping? As far as I have seen, in many cases, when full frame rate is not achieved using this “fix”, you get a screen flicker in the right eye, that could be described as a double image flickering. When full fps is achieved (72fps on 72Hz, 90fps on 90Hz etc) though, then the flicker is gone. It happens sometimes, but not always. But I havent seen any warping tbh…


@PimaxUSA did say this update was pushed out due to Index Controllers.

Ie this release is an Even number which is normally a ‘Stable’ release instead of Odd number beta.

So this version would not have had a full test run, due to folks pressing for more or less day 1 index support after Steam update broke compatibility.

Awesom @CMM for figuring out quick workaround fix this soon! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Please add an icon to lock both eyes for the Screen vertical offset adjustment feature (so both eyes can be adjusted simultaneously, like it can be done for contrast/brightness already).


Don’t blame the victim just to cover your butts. Don’t conflate a fix for Knuckles compatibility (which everyone kept repeating was such a simple fix) with buggy software releases.

Here’s a couple of novel ideas for your team:

  1. If you don’t have time to test new features, don’t release them.
  2. If you have a fix for a single feature, there’s something called a “hotfix.”

So what, we have to wait another month for this other crap to get fixed now?

I can hear it now, "People were freaking out about Oculus support not working (definitely not Pimax’s fault!) so we had to push out yet another update without testing it, so now XYZ are broken (definitely backer’s fault!).

Take some responsibility. Please.


Edit: And yes, people expected Day 1 support for Knuckles. Not Day 30, or however long a “full test run” would have taken for features unrelated to Knuckles support.


Yeah, I think they did well to get the close to day one Index support. I’m happy to offer them some leeway on other issues this time around.


And as its native platform the Pimax really has to work with SteamVR as minimum functionality. The Oculus support is a bonus. You dont see Xbox support hacked in to your Playstation by Sony.


Your right with Knuckles previously working no one should “blame” pimax as the victim of an update breaking compatability. Neither backer or pimax are victims. Just over hype of wanting it to work out of the box like a console.

Much like you shouldn’t blame “a program dev of choice”: when Windows or GPU manufacturer releases an update that causes a program not to work. Why so often folks delay big MS updates.

But your right in spite of folks threatening to bail; perhaps they should have waited & tested this release fully. Even with folks freaking out.

This is where hopefully pimax can implement more patch fixes like the one @SweViver posted.

I recall gamers pressing for a game to be released before it was ready. Which the dev (will ask my one buddy which game) due to pressure said alright you want it here it is unready. Folks bought it & complained it was not as expected.


The big thing folks need to realize Index Controller is a big leap & hiccuops are to be expected. Say vs Logitech’s Steamvr Pen controller which is still within confines of a Steamvr regular tracked controller/vive puck/wand.


… but the Knuckles prototypes were out in the wild for how long now ?? If you are a headset provider in the Steam VR eco system with no own controllers (available in the near to mid term), you have to rely on other vendor’s VR controllers to make your offering complete - and where that is the case you don’t wait until they are commercially released and get a pair in the shop next door to start your implementation efforts, do you ?
But alas, we are talking Pimax here, probably that is exactly what they are doing…


I am pretty sure you’re hitting the max GPU usage and still not hitting the maximum hz selected. If you cannot hit the target refresh rate, you get the ghosting, image doubling, flickering, whatever you want to call it. It’s one reason why I think this might be in place in the first place, Could be wrong but yes this happens to me as well and it just means you need to not let the GPU usage get up around 95% and above.


And knuckles were reported to work until an update in June broke compatability. Much like how many things broke with Windows 10 major updates like last one or Fall creators update & such. These are tested in the wild. W10 home users generally forced to accept these updates while pro & up can defer for 6 months?

So should all program devs be said to have their programs ready for OS update & be critized because day 1 public release programs break & not work?

Simply put it didn’t break Vive wands only a new not Reskinned Vive Wand. Steamcontroller had issues on release. I am sure Logitech’s steamvr pen will work fine.


There you go victim blaming again.

Here’s what I think happened:

I think Pimax saw how agitated people were getting about the absence of Knuckles support so close to the launch date and knew they weren’t going to release a fix in time, so they thought they’d throw the community a bone and release the changelog early instead.

Seriously, who releases a change log before the actual changes are made? In America, we call that counting your chickens before your eggs have hatched.

So rather than only releasing the features that had been fully vetted, I think Pimax knowingly and deliberately released buggy software because they had already promised that it would contain all the features cited in the changelog.

Just speculating, of course, but sounds to me like this is yet another Pimax self-inflicted wound.

That’s not what I said. Pimax guaranteed that their headset would work with all SteamVR accessories. Turns out that’s only 90% true. Guess what, 90% of a guarantee isn’t a guarantee, so they shouldn’t have made it in the first place. So yes, I do blame Pimax, and that, coupled with a litany of other issues is why I am jumping ship as soon as I can get some hands-on time with an Index HMD.

Tired of this babytown BS.


Can we have the “Magnetic calibration” button in next version of pitool which can be found in the current Piplay program ?


There you go theorizing. Simply put Valve made changes & an update was needed to fix to work again.

So yes hype of needing a fix rolled out caused folks to overreact. Or is pimax the only one that needs to take responsibility?

Do you blame programs for not being updated for a Windows major update? Not being pre prepared for major OS update?

Knuckles did work until Valve made name & structure changes. It haplens. Much like Steamcontroller profiles were only available when you were online until Valve fixed & added abilitity to store profiles on the controller.


So it’s Valve’s fault that Pimax released a buggy PiTool 144. Is that Pimax’s official stance? @PimaxUSA


It was said this BETA was pushed out early. It’s a beta so will just on my side. Happy that majority of folks are happy even with beta hiccups. Btw @CMM has delivered a fix workaround for this beta bug.

If you want wait for the next so to speak stable release to have less beta related issues.