New Pitool is available now from Pimax



I’m using the Windows Insider build that was linked in here somewhere. 435.27


My driver was a few versions old and I also upgraded to latest nvidia driver with no difference in result on the hitches/gpu latency spikes


I say sell the Nolo but keep the Pimax and get knuckles and base stations. I own both 5k+ and Index and after a month of use my choice of the two is without a doubt the 5k+.

My 5k+ is customized with Vive Pro headstrap, Bose qc35 and Vive Pro 16mm VRCover facefoam, but it’s the bad things about the Index that settles it.
The fov is too small (no way near Pimax on normal mode) and the “floating” audio solution is severely flawed. The adjustable speaker arms are only ok if you move like a sloth. If you move faster the arms will get out of position. I’ve danced in WaveVR, dodged arrows in Skyrim and getting in and out of cover in Pavlov and Contractors and the muthafuckin’ arms moves all the time so I have to re-position them. Super fail, Valve.
AND! If you’re sneaking around the wastelands of Commonwealth (radio/music off) and a big part of the experience is silence then you will hear -everything- from the real life around you such as the fans revving to deal with the demanding Fallout. Horrible. Only when sound is constantly blasting and you’re moving like a sloth the thing works nice.

Valve Index user reviews

Exact same issue here.

I’ve got a Vive tracker (puck 2.0) attached to the top of my race seat. However when I select the tracker in PiTool, the view orientation, both in SteamVR and in-game, is upside down and way off-centre. And recentering the VR view in-game doesn’t fix things either.

If I reset the Tracker option to ‘None’ in PiTool and just let SteamVR see and manage the tracking puck only, then all is good and the position of the tracking device and my view is correct. However without tracking enabled in PiTool there’s no motion comp of course!

So we either need the tracker to be picked up correctly when it is selected in PiTool, as it is in SteamVR and / or a way of resetting and re-centering the view.



ok a bit late to the topic “” WHATS MOTION COMPENSATION"" and why does it sound so good ? is there a topic someone could point me to


It’s an option for motion simulator, if your cockpit is moving the base station will track the movement of your head+the rig motion. So you want to substract the rig motion in order to keep just head motion in your simulator.


Oculus Support was working but then I updated the Oculus Software to and now its stuttering like hell.


Thanks for your thoughts on the Index. I just placed an order for the headset and controllers yesterday to compare with my 5k+. I honestly don’t think I’m going to prefer it over my 5k+ but I want to give it a try for myself since the opinions of which one people prefer have been on both sides of the fence.

I already know that the FOV isn’t going to come anywhere near the normal FOV on Pimax but I hope that it is at least close to the small FOV.

You raise good points about potential issues with the audio solution although all I’ve heard is pretty universal praise about that part of the Index. I don’t tend to move around a lot in my VR play so I don’t think I’ll have the issue with the speakers moving around but I can see where hearing outside sounds during quiet areas in a VR game could be annoying and immersion breaking.

Looking forward to doing my own comparison tests.


Yeah, this is annoying, just had that AGAIN with 144, downloading 180 now, hope it will fix it.


Did You see the response right below the one You responded to? There’s Your solution:



    1. Optimize the usage rate of GPU, which will improve the performance. There were situations where the GPU would not be fully utilized and this fix should allow the GPU to be fully utilized.

I have tested the new build on a few different racing sims and the best I got was 65% on Project Cars 2
I am using a 2080Ti. with a I-7 9700K and 32gb of ram. I am using Nvidia driver-430.86. I think I should be getting better performance than this. Do I have a setting wrong? Please help!


Same for me in DCS… 64Hz turned on. Smoothing off. With selected details I have 58 fps ang GPU is on 70% max…
In il2 I can see GPU at 90% nice.
Is this game engine dependable?


I have the valve index and the pimax 5k too with the DAS.
At the moment I use the valve index more…
I do like the sound and for me the headphones keep in place I run also a lot around with games like contractors…
Games also runs better and look sharper for me with better colors…(contractors on 120hz is a blast on high settings)
The only downside is the glare and ofcourse the field of view…


Yes, different games will probably have differing values for CPU and GPU utilization. Not only that, but different areas in a game will likely have differences too. This is because areas vary in terms of complexity.


Your system should be configured in such a way, that no software is able to perform hardware damaging procedures like “drawing more power than it was supposed to”. For example, if you run your graphic cards without frame rate limiter (which in some cases could stress the card too much), it’s your fault, not a game that is using the full power of the hardware.


Still cant play any oculus games, and 2.0 LH one of them kept disconnecting and i changed the channel to 7 on one and 8 on another and they are good now, without launching pitool and launching steam and steamvr with revive to play oculus games the game launches and i can hear background startup audio but no video, tried various settings and no luck.


Just one more data point for the GPU optimizations: despite having 85% GPU usage, my fps wont go above 60 in the exact same scenarion in DCS where the GPU trick gave me a nice steady 64fps (in 64Hz mode, of course).

I’ll probably go back to the previous version :frowning:

UPDATE: Just out of curiousity, I tried the LibPVRClient64.dll trick from SweViver with the latest Pitool (180) and I’m happy to report it worked! After applying the trick, my fps is back to super smooth 64fps at something like 90-95%. Sometimes it drops back to 68%, I apply the trick (it’s now bound to a button on my HOTAS) and it goes back to 95% and 64fps.


Ugh. Now the refresh rate resets (and I’m thinking is also near-impossible to change).
Edit: Okay, it can be changed, but sometimes takes multiple attempts.

Just when they got the tool to REMEMBER all it’s settings in 144. Can’t wait for this to go open source…


Open source is not a panacea. How many programmers will be interested in working on something which is such a niche product? I’d prefer Pimax to fix their software, rather than depending on outside assistance.


I can confirm higher GPU usage and slightly higher FPS in rF2 - great stuff! In GPU bound scenarios (no visible vehicles) I get ~95%. However, not 100% sure if framerate is as smooth as before, will pay attention to that next week.