New Pitool is available now from Pimax



When I replaced the dll, there was no consensus. For the 2 games I tested (Elite D and Assetto Corsa), it seemed to make things better, not worse.


Blitze - have you done any testing yourself or are you just talking out of your arse?

I tried the stock 180, ran some tests and concluded that while GPU usage is indeed higher, it does not translate to the same FPS as the previous versions did with the DLL hack. The hack didn’t work either, the usage just stays the same.

So I applied the DLL hack to v180 and found that the FPS is back to where it was before. So by applying the DLL hack to v180 I could retain both the new features in Pitool AND the performance increase of the GPU hack.

Which part of my comments were unclear to you?

PS Sorry for the tone, but it really pisses me off when people on forums claim to have all the wisdom despite test results to the contrary.


Me too. The forest I cannot move with index controllers and pimax.


Parallel projections is super bad on performance from every game I’ve ever used on it. Fo4vr according to frame timing nearly doubles performance hit.


I assume that you know that Vive controllers don’t work correctly either when playing an Oculus game from PiTool. In fact the same symptoms as the Index Controllers if you think of A button as trackpad and B button as menu button.


I verified that with PiTool I was seeing there abouts of 95% GPU utilization and given what was written here earlier of others experience and their testing, deduced that the old .dll was not worth the bother.

Talking out my backside as usual and you? Pls stand up as you are a little muffled.

As for your tone - hey no problems, it’s the interwebs - have a spine or follow the exit signs. :joy:


This is where we really need games updated to removed the need of PP. Even the Index has a form of pp setting but due to minor canting (5°?¿) performance hit is not as bad also due to lack of FoV.

But I do suspect maybe not as bad for me as not as sensitive to FPS.

We’ll see similar issues with Oculus Half dome whenever they get back to dev & release.


Well true tone is all perceived when reading text.


Anyone tried this new beta on Iracing?


I 'd tested Motion compensation function today. it was great! nice moves and low latency except the over-reacting on vibration. It is not solved yet. if the issue is solved, it will be perfect. Please, Pimax Devs do more job for us. Then I will be a your royal costumer .


I did, motion compensation is almost perfect now. the world is moved with the tracker perfectly but it still over-react on vibration. It’s hard to use it with vibration units.


After a few races I must say this update is best Pitool for rF2 on my system. There’s a bit of reduction of smoothness, but also framerate and load is a bit higher. Thanks Pimax!


@Sean.Huang, I can think of 2 possible solutions: Smooth (using a running average, in software) the motion compensation input. You should not use a lot of samples, since that will introduce lag. That’s what I would suggest you try first. The second solution would be a special motion tracker (hardware) which has dampening, to reduce high frequency vibration.


Well… I don’t know how to do as your suggestion. Could you tell me that how to archieve this step by step?


I’m sorry; I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t actually replying to you; I am trying to help Pimax implement a solution for the vibration issue you reported.

You could try to secure your motion compensation controller to your rig, using some sort of soft foam padding. The idea is to dampen the vibrations.

Imo, this is best handled in software (in the Pimax drivers), but I’m not sure if that’s actually possible.


I did some testing in Assetto Corsa with the .180 dll. It was great. On my 8K, my framerate rarely dipped to 79 fps. I was playing against 8 NPC cars. I will probably bump up some of the graphics options, to determine the best balance (between quality and framerate). As it is now, my settings are fairly high, as described in my previous post.


what game has this problem


I played Beat Saber with the new update yesterday. No crashing or anything. Works perfectly fine.


But with NoloVR is working unstable


Steve shows the differences very accurately in this timestamp from VR Roundtable (RIP).

edit: I do agree that the Index do NOT have the toilet paper roll fov but it’s still a bit too small for my taste. I don’t think Pimax on small is ok either. Normal fov should be the next gen golden standard imo.