New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Virtually no Oculus game is playable from PiTool with Vive or Index Controllers due to the button bug.


Nice, I never said there was anything wrong with Beat Saber anywhere, now did I? All I did was suggest that there might be some relation between the hardware failure that I encountered and the PiTool update which I had taken a few minutes prior to said failure. If it happened to you, you’d be connecting those same dots.

As I also mentioned in my original post, and every other subsequent post so far on this thread, the hardware failure could have been (and most likely was) purely coincidental. As of now, I’m not blaming the software update for the hardware failure, however if a multitude of people come in claiming the same thing happened then it might not be such a coincidence.


You know he never said Beat Saber was connected to your hardware failure either. Likely one whom used your mod before to fix lighting issues on pimax.

I still like my Asus boards though have had 2 different boards die with the cpu led fault. Both times it was the mobo & not the cpu. Neither was OC’d that had died. But still among the best Motherboards. My old p4p800-c deluxe is still chugging along. Lol


I had a test in the lone echo use index controllers,it wrok correct. try to Install the pitool again.


Never had a broken CPU, it’s always the mobo.


It is hard to kill CPUs. I have delidded many, I put way too much voltage through them and not one over died. The motherboard on the other side and especially the power regulators can fail if you overdo it or if you are simply out of luck. So far I had none fail on me but I’ve seen them die on other computers.

New updates of drivers often lead to speculations when components die. Somnetimes there is even a connection because a very heavy load on CPU or GPU leads to more powerdraw and more heat wich can kill components if they are on their way out allready.
On the other hand this is exactly what we want: We want the game/driver to use the provided hardware as good as possible.

I am gaming since the Commodore 64 days and while I have read many “hardware killer update” thrreads over the years I only remember one single event where one could actually kill hardware and that was the sudden Northwood syndrome where that special Intel CPU could die when you applied too much voltage. There was a nvidia driver that grilled a couple GPUsd at some point but that were third party cards with subpar cooling too.


Had Smart Smoothing randomly turn on and stay stuck on for about 20 minutes of a 50 minute race on the new Pitool.

It’s definitely disabled, was disabled before and is disabled after.

Smart Smoothing causes iRacing to be almost unplayable (double/blurred vision, stuttering), so I really can’t have this happen again.


You can see here the issue - clearly disabled but ‘active’ anyway.


Try setting up an iRacing profile with Smart Smoothing off. Click Common Setting button and select iRacing from list. Set up settings and click Apply and Save.


Yep I even had a pentium 3 chip thatvthe oc experienced a lightning strike surge. All tge caps were popped but cpu was A OK.


I am happy to go small fov if the game distortion when waling around is Vertigo Inducing. Like with arizona sunshine.


it takes over an hour to download the 125mb beta, could you buy a better server Pimax? :wink:


Did you try this link at the top of the thread


There is also a US server in this thread that maybe faster.


Ok thanks, ill do that.


i now found this one

Link to US server which is faster for europe (and US I guess):

and it took 5 seconds. thanks guys.


Just fixed up first post to have both links. Was just about to post @fennec’s link to US server. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


i guess its more like the “great wall” is throttling traffic to keep up :slight_smile:


Does the Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) needs an RTX card ? I don’t have the option in my pitool 180 Settings menu. I’m using a GTX 1080


Yes… :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately yes. But some programs have FFR built in that don’t require RTX. Oculus has 3 or 4 software dev options for native game support.