New Pitool is available now from Pimax



I’ll admit live for speed is less stable for me on .180, I don’t keep a stable 11.1 frametime, it will flicker between 11.1 and 22.2 or whatever it is. If I increase settings slightly it gets a bit more stable, but still not good enough for my taste.
On 144 it’s basically rock steady at 11.1
And I’m not really pushing my gpu on lfs.

You’re gonna have a hard time seeing brake lights without PP.
Plus mods like SOL are just immensely better with PP


I haven’t noticed anything about brake lights. What’s the problem?

I don’t use any mods. One of the reasons I play AC (as opposed to other racing games) is because I don’t have to use PP, which triggers a significant drop in framerate.


They’re really dim without PP. Driving behind for example the rx7 the brake lights barely light up, if at all. It’s why a lot of people use PP in assetto despite the high resource cost.


I think by PP neal_white_iii means parallel projection in pi tools, and you mean post processing graphics setting in Asseto Corsa (AC). As if i recall correctly post processing off - means no break lights in AC.


Yes, you are correct. I meant parallel projection in PiTool.

As for post processing, I referred to that as “environmental effects”, which I have indeed turned off. That causes a worse framerate hit than even parallel projection on my system. Yet I still didn’t notice the brake lights issue. Now that I know to look for it, I’ll probably notice it now, but I still don’t think the framerate drop is worth it.


Is anyone using this version of Pitool able to get VR working from a browser page? I’m using Firefox (but tried Chrome as well) and my 5K+ doesn’t seem to be recognized even if I check the Vive compatibility box. This used to work for me a version or two ago.


I haven’t tried running VR in a browser (ever), so unfortunately, I can’t help you. I’ve never even thought about it, since I mostly bought my 8K for Elite D.

Out of curiosity, what sites are you trying to visit?


Seems it actually is affecting other people


There 3 type of firefox. Firefox night(beta) which should work with VR and there a firefox with webvr in it. You must have the mozilla firefox with no webvr. Also you need to turn on PP when using it.


I know that with this version you don’t need to install the ddl for better gpu utilisation but I have found better gpu utilisation with the installation. Pimax still needs to improve this matter.


Any reason why IPD offset in PiTool is limited to +/- 10 ?
If you could just enble a higher range it looks like we could have an option to not use parallel projections in some games (to make the images correctly overlap.

This might not be the correct way to go about it, but it could be a workaround.
Tried it in Redout, and can allmost get it right @ -10 IPD offset.

If possible then add the IPD offset as a gameprofile as well :wink:


I tried this in PC2 by modifying the file with a text editor to override the Pitool limitation. It worked(adjusting the value), but not everything was in focus/aligned(dash/steering wheel was fine but distant objects weren’t).


Thanks for pinchin in with your experience


Uhh - edumacashonal ones :slight_smile:


I use FF nightly (which used to work, as I mentioned) and I also tried Chrome. Neither works right now for me even with Vive mode and PP checked. Could you verify if things work for you, @Toba ?


I get the same stuttering in Skyrim. It’s a bug in v180 as it went away as soon as I returned to v132.


Is there a forum post where people give advice for others on how to use the new colour brightness settings to get better colours? I have tried searching


I’ve seen it mentioned, but I don’t remember seeing a how-to guide. I tried to use it, but wasn’t successful. I didn’t spend much time on it, since the colors seem fine on my 8K.

I assume you have a 5K+, which tends to be blueish, so try reducing the blue or increasing red and green.


Contrast Red/Green +1 this fix the blue tint


Why is it better to increase the red/green instead of reducing the blue out of curiosity?