New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Yep one youtuber in Defection mentioned I believe to use pitool at ×0.5 render & use Oculus & game settinga to juice graphics. This suggests to me that by default pitool render ×1.0 is likely somewhere around other headsets default base 1.5 to 2.0 pixel density modifier.


To clarify my previous comment, swapping out the. Dll file in the system32 folder from the pitool 180 dll to the 144 dll somehow improved the skipping and spiking frames for me in AC but only marginally. I went back and forth and detected an improvement but going back completely to 144 absolutely resolved the frame skipping issue. So what I will be doing personally is staying on Pitool 144 as it is clearly better than 180 in its entirety OR with a swapped DLL


Im using the SteamVR version BTW


this skipping you speak of, did it start recently like within the last two weeks? When I start stram VR its like the screen freezes while rotating my head and i can see the black edges while im on the steamvr dashboard.

GPU usage is high and erratic.

at first I thought it was pimax related but then I was strraming to my quest and it was the same thing. Im on steam vr beta and using the latest nvidia driver. I think one of those two actually broke steam vr a bit.


There are issues with the latest nvidia driver I think. But no myself and several others all have issues with gpu with the 180 beta and all are resolved going back to 144. That’s irrespective of nvidia driver, system updates, graphics card type, processor type.

I think some games are more susceptible to showing it than others. If you are already at half rate reprojection for example it doesn’t seem to be apparent but if you are up in the 80-90 area there are big sort of frame skips or jumps that significantly worsens the experience relative to lower average frame rates in 144 as they stay much more consistent.


Did some sim racing the other night and my performance was terrible. No settings changed. Updated pitools to this version and nothing different in terms of performance. So perhaps an nvidia issue or MS update issue or whatever else. Gets old having to deal with this.


+1 for that.
5 variables to work with which is always fun:

1- Microsoft Windows Updates
2- Nvidia Drivers
3- SteamVR updates
4- New PiTools and drum roll - lastly
5- VR application updates.

Here I used to thing dealing with games and DOS was bad :rofl:


You forgot the headset itself because valve index still got better algorythm than pimax interms of gpu usage


Index yes will have a better algorythm due to reduced FoV.


How about XTAL or Star vr one , how do they deal with that large fov ?


Well StarVR One (unreleased shocker) reduced Res to Vive pro level (how good will that be in Wide FoV?) - Again no release in sight to really compare with.

Xtal only runs was it 70hz refresh & is priced so high not many 3rdparty test to demonstrate how well it fares.


i found swevivers test as good as it can be for gamers
mainly the 6000 euro price tag is a problem, at least for that i’d expect 90Hz but i guess they could easily fix that if they want but for a wider market like gamers with deeper pockets they need to shrink the price to 1999€
i’d expect a newer panel with 90Hz for a xtal gamer edition - if that ever will be announced, but maybe that’s not possible at all to keep the lenses, fov, lighthouse tracking and lower the price that much
pretty much the same goes for the star vr one, if they cant bring the price down it might not be released


@robertr1 Rob have you checked Task Manager to see if your CPU has been hit with that ‘Cortana bug’?

I was having issues that were driving me mad and low and behold, Cortana was chewing up 30% CPU usage at all times. I used a batch file I found on Reddit somwhere (I know, dun dun duhhhhhhh) but it worked perfect and has returned the CPU usage to normal. My VR experience is now as I would expect. This is with the Index obviously but it will affect all headsets. PiTool 180 is also useless so I’d be steering away from that if you have ANY performance woes associated with VR.

I always wondered where that video of Sweviver’s got to, where he said he’d show us how to improve performance of the Pimax by 100% (or thereabouts, I could be remembering wrong but I definitely was excited for it). It never came, and I’ve barely remembered he even exists since. I actually found a way to do it though!

I bought an Index.

I’ll see myself out :slight_smile:


I did a full clean with DDU on the nvidia driver and we’ll see if that helps tonight and then I’ll keep an eye on the CPU usage. I think cortana is disabled but will be good to keep an eye on out on it. However, when I was playing AC, i had render stats up which was showing 99%+ on main thread but when i looked at hwinfo after, no core was close to hitting 100% at peak.


Definitely check it out even sitting in desktop. It stands out badly you can’t miss it. It was giving me spikes everywhere even on the GPU graph and you could definitely feel it. I don’t ever use Cortana either but you never know what services are instructed to run after an update. The only think you can rely on MS for is to break something with Windows updates. That’s pretty much a certainty.


This thread is ancient, where is the “new” PiTool?


New info on next pitool should be in around the 16th. But the Hurricane will likely cause a delay on this announcement (which is understandable).


Thanks. 20 char long


Seems like a driver under utilization issue. Basically my GPU wouldn’t really go past 70% usage. I then oc’d it which meant even at 70% it was getting more raw performance which helped. I then bumped up the scaling to see if I wasn’t pushing the gpu enough but that didn’t help the GPU % usage never scaled up.

The reason I put this on Pimax should is because other games are just fine using up the GPU as intended. I’d be tempted to bring out the OD+ to see if the issue is with VR in general but I doubt it’d get anywhere.


After tested 180 a little bit more, i have detected that the performance is better, and the smart smooth is way better that previous builds, but 180 has some stuutering in some games with the same settings, for example in doom