New Pitool is available now from Pimax



Okay, this version is causing lag spikes and ghosting frames that I used to get but were remedied in previous releases. I’m going to roll back to the last release for now.


That sounds alarming… Glad I haven’t updated to this beta. Thanks mate!


thats pointing to PSU or CPU (modern cpu usually throttle down when overheating, so more likely the psu)
it that case strip down the system to bare minimum and also try if you get post /beep code when removing gpu or ram
if you have spare psu try with that one


its no rocket sience to downgrade pitool, i’d suggest to make your own experience and judge from that


I’d test the cpu in another board


I used to get the problem when my GPU usage went above 95%. I think in trying to ‘unlock’ the ‘performance trick’ of max GPU usage, they’ve inadvertently reintroduced the problem as someone mentioned above.


It does seem milder than it was mind, but definitely there. Mileage may of course vary!


I wonder how much overhead the GPU needs to retain for Vsync etc.


@IG88 I understand, but my Pimax has been lying bone idle for the past couple of weeks or perhaps more. Can’t help but feel like being drafted as a beta tester for free by Pimax after trying out so many iterations of Pitool. I’m no tool, so I went back to Vive and haven’t found a reason to go back to Pimax yet. This latest beta did pique my interest, but after reading 167 posts here, my conclusion is to stick with Vive for the time being.


it sounds very much like how my machine have behaved when the pump didn’t start which have happened a few times. I only have my gpus under water though and it came up again nicely once the loop was running again. Not sure if the cpu is more vulnerable but if you haven’t already, check that your loop is flowing before putting load on your new hw.


Most computer users are Beta testers these days. Just disquise things with scheduled updates. Todays releases are yesterdays betas.

Which is a bane of being on the Internet. Sloppy software releases as they can roll out day 1 fixes.


Good point. But being a heavy smoker makes me a senile at a much younger ago apparently, so I couldn’t be bothered to go along with the whole thing.


True enough. But even consoles are not as safe anymore. I have been quite fortunate on updates not giving me much heachaches but my W10 pc is mainly games only & no LH & controllers yet. (Single v1.0 LH inbound should be here by Aug 14th). But still need controllers of which likely just grab a couple tracking pucks.


what would you do with said tracking pucks?


Use them as part of cheaper controllers in the meantime.


The Feel Three has the ability to give a much more significant feeling constant force compared to the SFX-100. It’d likely feel much more realistic when accelerating and decelerating.


Tbh the main thing you want the SFX100 for is Heave and the feel three doesn’t have any whatsoever. You can feel the undulations of the surface you are driving on, bump over kerbs etc.

But yes surge and sustained g the feel three will be better.

Btw just as an update to my previous posts. I have reverted to 144 and my nominal FPS are lower but the spikes are gone. Looks like I will be leaving 188 alone for now as more smooth and consistent 80fps is far better than 90ish with constant stutters and spikes… AC and Rf2 are both back to normal and feeling much better.


Is it just me, or did they remove the ability to set refresh rate at a per game level?


First, many thanks to Pimax to try to add motion compensation to the headset.
But setting the motion compensation to a controller locks the world to that controller (and its good) but we need to be able to reset the seat position (which we can’t, it does nothing).
Resetting the seat position should move the world to the right position for the headset and use that change of matrices to calculate the offset of the controller.
The controller is fixed on the rig, if we can’t adjust its offset to the world (or being calculated during a seat reset), we can’t use it.
So sad.


May I ask a simple question that no one seems to have thought about ?:

What is the suggested version of Nvidia driver to use with this new PiTool beta version ? Just to make sure we’re all getting comparable results and behaviour.