New Pitool (beta) is available now

My Pimax5K+ is suffering from the distortions - Fish-Vision now, basically. In any FOV, at any refreshrate.

I wrote a support ticket, I hope they can help me with a Software solution. Or re-do my Firmware via Teamviewer - no idea how they do it. Got to wait now.

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@PimaxUSA you mentioned you were meeting with the bordlands devs to optimize for pimax last Friday. How did it go?

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Yep same. Glad 144 works fine with the current firmware. Definitely a bummer because the frame rate improvement is awesome. Hopefully they sort this out in the next stable release

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I met with our *own dev’s (pitool) not the borderlands devs. I also posted the next day we would wait for optimizations until a patch or two appeared as that was the general consensus from that particular thread and lots of private messages.

However, it is indeed now on the official testing list as are the rest of the list from the thread provided by scubasteve and other very helpful people.


Hi TonytotheB,

With the X and the + there is a difference in that we’ve been evolving the entire design but it isn’t the completely new design the 8K series was. It’s true the list of fixes over the last year for example is indeed considerable but the new devices get the full benefit of all of that from the start.

Think for example someone buying a 5k+ today vs. 1 year ago. Today they have far better distortion algorithm, software IPD adjustment, far better game compatibility, Motion Smoothing, FFR, RGB color control, Vive forced mode, much better oculus support, Full Index Controller support, backlight control, game profiles and more - for a small team not a bad list for 1 year IMHO.


The previous 5K+ I had had indeed very good distortion -> virtually no warping. The new one I just received however has me looking through fish glasses… well, unfortunately it’s unusable. I’m waiting for tech support to help me there.

@PimaxUSA By the way, please tell me what will be the best route to go, if I was billed 19% VAT (I bought during the Stream, first guy at the hot waffles). Right on the Sales Order screen, there is the option to leave a comment for ecommerce. Is that the right way, or classically by using the helpdesk?



Dear Pimax devs,
Have there been tracking changes in this Beta? I am experiencing strange drift, 2 bases v1.0.

Also, a suggestion on UI - remove close button (or gray it out) during FW update, at some point it is confusing wether user has to close that window or it will go away automatically.

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Does anyone know a way how to safely rollback the Firmware?


Thank you Doc!

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P.S. I will report back whether this solved the issue or not.


I agree with all of that and it’s been great to see that progress - but those are all software related fixes that can be done after the fact. But you cannot fix hardware without RMA’ing. I really, really want an 8KX but I am going to wait


Agreed with a flagship warrenty seemingly to have only a 1 year warrenty is Meh. Unless an official statement says otherwise.


Help !
I upgraded Pitool to and the headset get its update but the process stuck at 100%. I waited for a while then close the window, the hmd power light blink red green blue, so I use the flasher tool and P2.1.255.181.dfu but then the hmd show no light at all and the flasher tool cannot detect it anymore.
I try to search for similar case but can’t find one therefor I ask for help here

@linkp2p Scroll up and read :wink:


Just watched sweviver videos.
Thanks for the hint :grin:


I had an experience.

I upgraded fine to .197, but started having a critical fault. The screen would freeze, anywhere from within the first minute of being in a game to maybe 20 minutes in. Freeze, but in neon colours - yellow, green, pink, usually with some routinely placed squares in rows along the screen. Most of the time Windows would be able to ‘gather data’ then reboot in the background, other times not. I changed any and all clock settings on gpu/cpu and kept an eye on my hardware, which was all running fine, but it kept happening. I rolled back/installed to .180 but the problem persisted so I did a manual rollback of the firmware and that has solved the problem…


i am curious about the jitter issue. how is it that only some people are experiencing this?

what i have found is that in, i would experience jitter even if i was standing still. in, it seems to occur only (or mostly) when i’m rotating my head. had no issues at all with jitter for me.

also, in case the word jitter doesn’t translate to other languages properly, jitter means momentary shaking.

my setup is: Pimax 5K+, 2 x OG Lighthouse, Index Controllers, 2080Ti, i7-6700K, 64gb RAM

are some people not experiencing jitter with the same setup? or is this issue only affecting a small number of us?

if this is affecting a significant number of people, then it seems strange to me that Pimax would take the time to make an adjustable chevron color instead of putting those resources into solving the jitter issue. i couldn’t imagine spending $1,399 on a headset just to receive it and have it constantly shake while i’m trying to play a game.


Anyone seeing a 10% increase in fps in DCS?

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I did not look at the FPS counter, but I have the impression that DCS is now smoother.

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I downloaded piplay v1.0.1.197
why my 5k + does not have 120hz mode?