New Pitool (beta) is available now

Moved your post since there is already a whole thread about this.

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interesting, i can see 120hz but i also have a 144hz monitor.

i noticed since 0.144 that whenever i turn my headset on my monitors turn off and on like i just plugged in a new monitor.

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ha that would be soooo pimax. i was an early backer but got screwed over when they phucked up the surveys so i ended up getting mine much later than people who were after me. looks like that was a blessing in disguise


I have followed this advice with .180, now my Pimax is stuck? The LED is blue and doesn’t go back to yellow/green.

Try to hit the diagnose button in PiTool status tab and press both restart HMD and service.

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where is the backlight brightness fix XDXDXD

I received a new headset with RMA and now this turned into a nightmare for me. First, I could not see any option to change refresh rate in pitool 1.80! Now with 1.197 I can switch between 120/90/65 ! 72hz is gone and was my favorite mode!!! What is going on ?!
I suspect there are many different versions of 5K+ in the hands of Pimax customers…

Another problem!! 1.80 and 1.97 versions all give me micro stutters every few seconds in any VR app!! I have to switch back to 1.44 to get rid of the stutters and this drives me crazy !!


Diagnose says “no DP” “no USB”. I restarted both many times. The chevron is without color, the LED is blue/purple.

Even the dfu.exe finds no headset.
Windows reports: Unknown USB device ( Device Descriptor Request Failed)

I used the process described by SweViver: Started dfu.exe, linked p2, updated. Ran through. Then loads of connection/disconnection noises. But the headset is not waking up anymore.

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Try to disable the PiServiceLauncher service (set it to manual), reboot, start service (set it to automatic), start PiTool.

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Does not change anything :frowning: . Still the light blue constant LED.

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Power off HMD by unplugging power on the “breakout” box, then re-plug it and wait.


No change either… it’s still a white or light blue LED.

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I would try the dfu flasher tool again.

Note: I’m not really sure what the “white/blue” constant LED means. Haven’t seen that on mine, ever.

There are also some troubleshooting steps You might try to follow here.

You might also find something in the Wiki:


Can you post your system config & settings for steam & pitool plz.

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I found out what is going on. 5K+ had an incompatible Firmware (from 180).

I have received one of the new 5K+ headsets from Shanghai last week, they are built differently. Took a look using STSW-STM32080. They seem to come with their own Firmware. That is a Firmware newer than the one coming with 180, but younger than 197. I assume that, because younger than 197 did not work (flashed multiple times to be certain).

I took the latest Firmware from 197, worked.

But, as before, I have the distortions again.

The new 5K+ headsets must have a different distortion profile than the old. Or react differently to the same? May it be, that the 197 only has distortion profiles for the older 5K+ ?

Please release the roll-out Firmware for the new 5K+ revisions @Doman.Chen
Or if the distortion profiles are part of PiTool, please let us try different ones.

Process to get the new 5K+ revision back to life:
Closed PiTool and all PiServices running in Task Manager.
Entered DFU mode manually: (SOLVED)..Led keeps flashing red,green,blue
Started Sjefdeklerk's Pimax Flasher (4k/5k/8k)
Flashed with P2.dfu from October 30th 2019, coming with 197.
Turn all power off, restart, plug all power back on.

P.S. I did flash this 5K+ with older p2.dfu a few times, they don’t work. Only the one coming with 197 works. SN204204494223076


@Matthew.Xu the install procedure over existing previous beta Pitool went through but the new Pitool didn’t show up as a GUI, yet it was started I checked in the task manager. I did a complete deinstall reinstall, same thing. GUI didn’t show up. When restarting I could get a very short glimpse on a dialog box of the Pitool stating my GPU drivers would be outdated. But it was just coincidence, the info box disappeard in a split second. I updated the Radeon drivers from 19.9.1 to 19.10.2.
After rebooting the icon and GUI of the Pitool were just fine. It immediately loaded the new firmware for the HMD ( I hate it when it does so without asking! thank god I was ready without anybody else in close range of the cables).

However, the Pitool still claims that this very latest Radeon graphics driver is outdated.
The firmware update upgrading seams to be frozen atm. Just the very same as here from @MrAhlefeld New Pitool (beta) is available now

I stopped the thing after many minutes and did a reboot, switch off of the HMD. It was in a blu light status frozen not detected anymore. Surprisingly the pulling of the USB cable let the HMD get recognized again and the firmware upgrade started again. Ended with successfull HMD detection info box. But the Upgrading dialog box with full blu bar just doesnt go away. The HMD is in green light status.

After closing the box again and trying to reboot I got circling gren-blu-red colors on the HMD. After shutting all down I could repeat the procedure up to including USB replug and firmware upgrade again. However this time without green light result. Occasionally I get systems sound USB devices reconnecting.

I closed the Updating dialog box. Checked the status, just HDMI/DP Port was not found. Reconnected that, no luck. Reconnected USB. Again jumps into firmware upgrade. After a while Success message box. But no HMD in Pitool.

I shut everything down. Cold boot. Fired it up again, this time with DP cables monitor and HMD changed positions. Didn’ work. When in Pitool checking it just claimed again no connection on HDMI/DP, USB seamed to be OK. I finally did swap again DP cables of monitor and HMD as they have been for the last months. HMD is on the very left port, monitor next to it. Device is now connected and Pitool thinks its operating OK. I have a green LED on the headset as well.
Somehow in admin account the PiHome didn’t want to start. I relogged into the std user accout I have steam running in. Some weired blackouts of the main screen. Switching off headset brought back the monitor. Realized the chevron was not changing color to what I set in admin account before. Then the headset came back on too. I can use/see PiHome now.
BTW firmware says its V2.1.255.244 and no update available. Chevron can be set.
I switched off the Motion compensation in admin account. In user account I can’t switch it on again. Somewhat irritating, didn’t find an opiton/combination to select 120Hz yet…

So @PimaxVR whatever you need to fix for Radeon drivers I hope you can fix it soon. It still says the graphics driver is too low, plese upgrade when clicking on the HMD name in the status tab.

I could successfully startup the Elite Dangerous launcher in VR mode of steam. No further tests now, I call it a day.


Sorry… I don’t know what you mean.

Could tell us please why many ppl cant see 120 hz mode in .197 ? most of them are early backers.


Many of us do not have 120hz as an option on our 5k+, I even made a post on reddit about this at:

some indication from you if this is a software error in reading the wrong hmd (for example) or if some 5k+ batches have different display hardware that doesnt support the feature is what we are asking for


Further testing on this version of pitool. I have realised that the new firmware is causing the same stuttering on the 144 pitool (it’s just less noticeable as it is more smoothed out) so you really need to roll back the firmware as well :/.

I went further with my testing to try to declock my 1080ti. I have also used process lasso to check if there is anything in the background contributing to the spikes but it seems to be entirely gpu oriented latency spikes, much worse variability than in the older pitool versions… Here’s hoping that someone on the Pimax team finally listens and does something about it as I don’t want to have spent that kind of money on an 8kx only for it to be completely unusable due to being stuck on this Sh%thouse firmware/software