New Pitool (beta) is available now

So i tried the new .197 again last night and initally got the same stutters as i did with .180. I made some changes to the core affinity for all of the pimax services and the stutters went away. All i did was steer them away from core 0 and 4 + 5 hope that helps someone struggling with stutters.


Very interesting. I’m tempted to try it out.

Oh - I should note that the 120hz option never presented itself when I had .197 installed. I rebooted the PC and restarted Pitool many times while trying to fix the below problem, and I checked in Pitool for the 120hz option a bunch of times but it just didn’t show, for me. Before it would crash, I do feel like things may have been running better/more Frames

how exactly did you set it ? what cpu do you have ?

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I5 9600k

For each service i de-selected core 0, 1 and 5 affinity. Basically the cores that iracing seems to use.


Mine doesn’t seem to save the frequency setting either. I change to 72Hz, play a game then when I come back the next day and start it up it always says 90Hz again and I have to change it.

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Try killing PiTool after your start SteamVR. I had stutters and it turned out to be some interaction of PiTool and my WiFi card. If I wire the network it works fine, only wifi. I have another computer with a different wifi card and it works fine. If I ping continuously you can see the pauses of 2s+ regularly until I stop PiTool and they immediately go away.

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Thats interesting… I have terrible stutters but I too have the wifi issue with my USB wifi card. Gonna try this tonight

Will be testing this, I am running a 7700k at 4.9 with a 1080ti. The thing I would be wondering though is that my CPU graphs are all very stable and it’s my gpu graph which is all over the place. Did you have a corresponding CPU blip on yours when the frame jumps are occurring or same thing?

I don’t have WiFi enabled on my computer, only a wired connection so I don’t think that will be the issue but another area to investigate…

5K+ user here also with no option to select 120Hz even thou Pitool shows its updated to version and headset firmware shows version Have tried removing whole Pimax software and reinstalling it fresh, rebooting both PC and headset etc. but the 120Hz option is not available.

Also since all newer versions than Pitool have also experienced the jitter which a few other users have also reported. Also now with the newest version with one 1.0 light house this is visible in the Pimax home planet test scene by moving your head around.

Diagnose shows everything is pass. With Pitool version and lower no jitter is observable anymore. Its a shame this is still a problem as would really like to take the benefit of the new speed and picture optimizations.

Tbh i never looked whilst it was happening

I still get the 180 jitters :confused:
Very sad that I cannot use these updates.

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Please post your system setup.

Win Version & Update info
Motherboard Brand & model
Gpu/driver version.

@Heliosurge Intel i9-9900K (with stock clocks), Gigabyte AORUS MASTER Z390 (with bios F9), 32GB (2x16GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz, Asus RTX 2080Ti Strix (stock clocks) with NVIDIA drivers version 441.08, Pitool version, 5K+ firmware, Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1809 build 17763.805 with latest updates.

As stated, there is no problem with Pitool version or lower but every newer version have had these jitters and now the latest version even with the latest 5K+ firmware have this and the advertised 120Hz option is missing. I have zero problems with this setup otherwise so it is not about any system stability or NVIDIA drivers etc.

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Cool haven’t had time to do testing myself lately. Need to revisit the 5k+. But up to pitool 180 no real issues on og 8k.

Running r9 2700x 16g corsair 3200 with 1080ti.

Your system definitely stronger than mine.

Which games are you running?

@sweviver @yanfeng @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV

Might have ideas

I’m running a gtx 1080 with latest nvidia drivers, ryzen 5 1600, 16 gb ram and latest version of w10.

Also have the stuttering problem… for me it’s far worse in certain games than others for some reason. I can run fallout 4 with hardly any stuttering, yet gorn is unplayably stuttery. Karnage Chronicles is terribly stuttery as well. Beat saber runs without a hitch mostly, as does zero caliber VR. It’s very strange.

Overall, i need to downgrade the firmware and pitool to .144 or it’s immersion breaking. When your whole vision tweaks it just ruins immersion. I’m very confused as to how this only happens to some people and not everyone. I hardly have any bloatware installed on my pc, though I am using wifi (which pitool seems to mess with)

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We were supposed to get an update days ago. I think I might give up on Pimax. Emailed support and they told me that a patch was coming for backlight issues in 120hz mode in a day or two. It’s been almost a week. Just done.

I don’t know about stable but my Pitool hasn’t updated to 180 which means it’s still beta.

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I believe the last PiTool not marked “beta” is the one I am running v1.0.1.132. But I do not think the beta label actually means anything (or alpha, or stable). Pimax just releases a new version and calls it beta (or alpha if it is unfinished). I believe they forget to do it with v1.0.1.132, but it is not stable either. The HMD settings change randomly, the brightness changes randomly, so every time I start it I have to check everything is as it was, etc. So I would not read much into it.


My system is i7 8700K, 16gb Ram 3200, 1080ti.

Stuttering (hard frame hangs) combined with graphics card usage spikes in 180.

I think its really important that I point out this problem has been present in an old Pitool and has been previously fixed in 132, then reintroduced in 180 when they attempted to increase GPU usage inline with Sweviver’s video on unlocking higher graphics card utilisation.

The issue looks exactly the same in the headset as that issue that was resolved: This is a direct quote from pitool 132 release:

“** Issue Fixed **:Fix the occasional ghosting problem caused by the high GPU occupancy

Please see this link.

Pimax know what is causing this issue.