New Pitool (beta) is available now

Ya, usually a stated Stable version number before the next Alpha.

I find 180 stable despite it’s name. No stutter beyond DCS type overhead.

Have you tried @Douglaster post abour assigning Piservice & steamvr process affinities? Using a tool like I think it was prio?

Please be patient as weekends are not work days.

As a few users have mentioned like @Lillo the darkening is likely caused by the 120hz refresh rate.

The self updating seems to be broken atm as it hasn’t worked in quite some time.

Hey Helio, I haven’t yet, no!

I will likely try it soon. Have been busy with work.

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I was told by support that there would be a fix soon for it and that they just forgot to update it for the brightness settings.

Soon means in the near future. Pimax Day 2 has not past that long ago. They’re not working on the weekend. This issue only is affecting the 120hz mode. You have still many options to use the headset & at a much larger FoV. It’s Monday here.

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Thanks for pointing this out @Fitzy

I mostly play Elite Dangerous and DCS but the stuttering (eg. the picture lags for a fracture of a second now and then when moving your head) happens in these games but also even in the Pimax home planet test screen without loading any SteamVR or games.

As Fitzy pointed out, this problem has been around for a long time, fixed in 132, reintroduced in 180 and reported by many users other than myself by now and needs to be fixed by Pimax. This is not some driver, hardware, Windows etc. issue on the users machines as these have been several NVIDIA driver updates also along the time.

I tested briefly yesterday by playing around with the Piservice CPU affinity settings and denied it the use of core #0 with other Pitool related services and this seemed to help in some cases but after restarting the system, you will again need to set these for it to help and it is not feasible for the end users to have to play with such settings.

Also, how many other 5K+ users also were missing the 120Hz option from the Pitool 197 menus even if you were able to get the headset flashed to the firmware Unfortunately starting to loose hope that these things will ever get fixed properly…

I will again need revert back to Pitool version 144 and flash the headset firmware back to the version that came with it to get rid of this annoying problem :frowning:


I have continued even further down the rabbit hole of testing ways of mitigating these bad frame hangs. I have now used DDU in safe mode to reinstall the display driver. I have cleaned up and reinstalled the new Pitool. I have used process lasso to individually try removing hyperthreading support on all Piservices and SteamVR services (no change) I have tried setting thread affinity of all Piservices and SteamVR services to not be core 0 and have also tried using the second two cores. I have tried killing all processes related to wireless, all processes related to bluetooth, setting performance mode for all VR services etc. No CPU oriented fiddling seems to be having any effect and my CPU is very stable while GPU is all over the place.

The fact that Pimax can’t even acknowledge that there is an issue is also extremely frustrating. Given I have given up now somewhere in the vicinity of 10+ hours of testing time to pretty much just conclude that Pitool is fu#$ed up and the pimax devs need to fix it, meaning we might be stuck on 144 forever at this rate…


The version .180 installer was signed:

The version .197 is not signed:

@Matthew.Xu can you ask the dev team to sign the installers that they release to the public?



I think it actually does mean that you will not get update reminder and can’t install it directly from Pitool. When 132 was new I had notification in Pitool (some small red circle) over Pitool version and clicking there I could update directly. When I was upgrading to 180 (beta) I had no notifications and I had to download installer from internet, could not do it directly from Pitool.

So for me it works as expected. But I agree that which version is labelled beta (or rather stable) seems bit random, as 132 had lot of minor bugs which were never fixed. I think stable version should be bug-fixed until new stable version is released.

As it is we are still in more or less prototyping phase, not ready for general public release (last stable version does not even support Index controllers).


I flashed my HMD manually, while now I can swap between hz modes again which previously were stuck at 90 I still cant get 120hz to show up.


When I installed the Pitool version .197, my 5K+ got stuck in the headset firmware update at around 99,5% and I had to restart the computer and the headset (after waiting for almost a half an hour for the flash to complete which it never did), after which when opening Pitool again the flash started again and was able to go through with the “complete” prompt after a few minutes.

I remember reading such similar thing with the headset firmware update progress bar stopping without completing for a long time at around 99,5% happening to other users also so I’m not a lone with this. Have not tried yet flashing the firmware version that comes with Pitool version .197 manually but doubt that it will make any difference in my case either for the 120Hz option not showing even if changing the headset field of view to small.

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I don’t think it’s 99.5 but 100% flashing and some actions fail in the further procedures that nobody understands because the firmware upgrade does not provide enough feedback about where it stopped. Maybe a write checksum error or something alike that doesn’t get handled…


Yes. In my case I powered off the headset, rebooted and powered it on again and it worked and the firmware flashing had been completed even though it seemed to still be in flashing mode ( LED switching between different colours) before powering it off.


In my case the headset never entered flashing mode (power Led flashing different colors) but the “Updating” dialog appeared on the screen and appeared to get stuck at 100% (but probably never did anything because the HMD was not in flashing mode) I closed the dialog and restarted Pitool and this time the headset entered flashing mode and was updated. (I don’t think that I restarted the headset, just Pitool)

The headset seemed frozen after that (headset would not connect or power down when holding the button) and it took a few times of unplugging the headset power and restarting Pitool and Piservice before it worked. (Didn’t need to unplug the display port cord, just the power) Also didn’t need to restart my PC. The last time when it finally worked I unplugged the headset power for 30 seconds before plugging it in again. Before I was only leaving it unplugged for a couple seconds.

I noticed that my screen seems to flash and windows is making the device connecting sound more often that I remember with this update (around 3-4 times). The first firmware update started before the headset had finished connecting. It started after the 2nd screen blink but before the 3rd and 4th, so it is possible this is why it got stuck the first time. The 3rd blink of the screen may have kicked it out of flashing mode. @Matthew.Xu there may be a bug where the firmware update is starting too soon with this version before the headset is fully connected.

I have 120 hz mode now. I have a 5k+ unit I received after RMA’ing a few months ago, not my original Kickstarter unit so it is probably a more recent model. I also have a 60hz monitor so the people without 120hz is not related to their monitor. I have a RTX 2060 graphics card.


I also see bad stutters occasionally, but I see them on .144 also. Is there a way for you to record these somehow to check whether I have the same?

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so which beta version is best 180 or this one… or the old public release version?

I had no stutter on 180 until today and have used it since release. What changed is my headset which I got a couple of days ago and whatever Steam VR has introduced into their latest stable version in the last 2 weeks 9been using my Rift while 5K was away).
None of my Oculus games stutter in the Pimax.
I own both Steam and Oculus versions of Rush
The Oculus version runs fine in both headsets.
The Steam version runs fine on the Rift
The Steam version stutters on the Pimax

I also played In Rift versions of In Death and Lone Echo on the 5K+ without stutter so it would seem to be open/Steam VR related.

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just take things into your own hands
when updating pitool just don’t let it start after install process, just click no, go to pimax folder (C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime) start dfu.exe, choose firmware that comes with pitool (C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu) and start flashing (you can disable whatever tool you want before flashing, even virus protection if you want)
that way you are in full control over the process