New Pitool (beta) is available now

I upgraded to a 2080ti quite a while ago :slight_smile:


Ah did you use the 1080 in 180 or was the upgrade long ago.

long ago, well before 180. I’ve also not actually used 180 or beyond yet with the ongoing RMA issues.

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I agree and would have put up some specs if I believe my rig is the problem.
The only changes in the last month are replacement headset and whatever Steam updated. The stutter only happens on Steam titles in the Pimax.

My rig
I5 6600K @4.5, Gigabyte GA-Z170XP mobo, Corsair H80i Liquid Cooler, MSI GTX 1080 ti Gaming X gpu (factory OC), SoundBlaster X-F1 sound card, 16 gig Corsair Vengeance ddr4 ram @ 3200 , 4 ssd hds, EVGA 650 Gold Power supply.

My gpu driver is as before 436.48 is same as it was with org 5K+ and installed a month ago (no stutter). because Rift titles are fine through Pitool, I feel the issue is Steam VR changes Pimax hasn’t caught up with yet or some such.
I haven’t got to DCS and Il2 which are independent launchers as it Elite Dangerous but will try today.

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Hmm I will try uninstalling my anyway unused creative soundcard drivers…
That seems tobe the only thing in common, but I doubt results especially since your problem presents differently.

Can’t hurt, if there not in use. The sound stuff they are working on in Steam VR is buggy right now.
Sound is just one of many issues in the latest SVR patch notes.

There is enough in the notes to consider stutter a result of the bugs being worked on. The appear to be messing with sound and headset tracking position and reprojection issues. Sound like a recipe for stutter?

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How many times must this be said? The stuttering is visible even in the Pimax home planet scene without any SteamVR running anywhere. How is this then in any way related to SteamVR?

You don’t have to say it any times, but you could at least allow for the fact that things will be repeated in forums this length.

Pimax Home Does Not have stutter in my headset so what you reply to me is moot. It certainly sounds like you think everyone is manifesting the exact same symptoms as you.

Some complained the stutter from 180 was still there in 197. Until 2 days ago I NEVER had the stutter describe in 180 so the differences in what and where and when are such I figure that info has value to someone.

Your stuttering in PH is new info to me and I’m here everyday but can’t read everything (either). So please repeat yourself as often as you can stand it as I’m sure others will also find it interesting.

Thx for the reply

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So I just gave FFR a go again (agressive mode) in various games, with and without “Compatible with parallel projections” enabled, and as others have mentioned it’s gotten better in later versions and I’m impressed! :wink: :+1:

So much that I think I’ll just leave it enabled in the Common Setting along with Smart Smoothing.

In Overload (non-PP) I gained ~ 25% lower GPU frametime (20 -> 15ms) and though I could see artifacts clearly in the menu it wasn’t noticeable when gaming i.e. I wasn’t bothered by it.

Tried other games too (sadly it doesn’t seem to work in Project Cars 2) like RedOut where it also does a huge difference without noticeable (to me) artifacts while gaming.

EDIT: It works in Fallout4VR too and though it’s more noticeable then in say RedOut or Overload (probably because Your brain notices something is “off” in the periphery of Your vision as the scenery resembles what Your used to seeing (buildings etc.)), I think I can get used to it if it means I’ll gain 25% performance! :open_mouth: :wink:

Great work guys! @Doman.Chen, @Alan.sun & Co.! :+1::clap::sunglasses::+1:


I’d never heard of Aircar, this is amazing thanks. Complete Blade Runner hovercar / future city in the rain fantasy, and free on Steam to boot :+1::+1::+1:


PiHome shouldn’t be used very buggy & likely has memory leaks. Turn this off & test.


It’s the 7th now no update.

I tested a few things about the stutter.

unplugging screens
Disabling aurora lightning
updating graphics drivers
changing various graphics globals settings
uninstalling creative soundcard drivers
uninstalling mixed reality drivers

All unfortunately without success.
For people reading this could you maybe state what your sticker on the bottom says and if you experience the issue? From reading this thread this stutter only seems to affect 5k+ models. The different 5k+ models seem to have different stickers.

Mine says P2 and 5000P (very small after the assembled in china) and was bought from a local retailer

I am not able to see the stutter when going back to 144 I wouldn’t even know how to downgrade the firmware again (please inform me). It says right now. I do not get a 120fps option with update 197. I do not see usage spikes in my task manager.

A statement from Pimax about the issue would be nice, but I understand that it’s sometimes better for companies to stay quiet about an issue for a while…


Everytime I install 197 windows warns me about a Wacatac Tojan. Could somebody verify?fgsjrztj

No issues with BitDefender.

Have been lots of false positives in past with Pimax


Could be, but still alarming. Pimax should look into it. I uploaded a VirusTotal screen shot in my original post about it.

It happens all the time with other unsigned software, as you can see no one else is detecting it, it is a false positive.


Okay, so some interesting findings here from testing 197 on a new 5k+.

First of all, I think the stuttering bug is at least part affected by the headset version you have. I damaged my last 5k+ and recently got a replacement on insurance. The stuttering bug is still there, but it is much milder for me on this new one. I do think it is to do with graphics card headroom as well. As discussed in previous pitool releases that resolved it. It doesn’t occur for me in games where there is loads of headroom spare, like beatsaber, that sets the render resolution in the app.

Secondly, the 120hz mode is neat! Works really nicely in Beatsaber and Pavlov Vr. Feels great. Well done guys in getting this implemented, even if it is only Beta atm.

Next, performance is much improved for me with this release across the board which is a good bonus.

I also think the connection to the headset is more solid. I use a 5 meter extension cable and it can get pretty temperamental normally.

I’m looking forward to finally getting my old Vive wands set up as trackers for Natlo. I’m tempted to stick with this slightly glitchy release for the time being for all the new goodies. I’ve been waiting ages for proper tracker support! Will be great when the stuttering over graphics card usage bug is resolved.


What does the sticker of this new headset say about the version?

Did you try disabling FPSVr in case you are using it. Almost everyone does. I got no more stutters since disabling that tool.

Sadly I got no 120FPS mode on my 5K+ for some reason.